One of this days, Joe Biden is going to announce his evil president. The latest rotate of the rumor mill has actually Susan Rice as a favourite for the position. Whether or not she’s preferred as Biden’s second-in-command ultimately may not issue much; her mere consideration ensures that she’ll have actually a major role in the administration.

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Rice differs from the various other members the Congress and governors on the brief list. Because that one, she’s never ever held elected office. Elevating she to the second-highest executive post in the country, and also making her (like it or not) the most most likely post-Biden presidential candidate, sends a strange post for that reason alone. If the autonomous Party is in the business of to win elections, and can pick anyone native its supposedly deep talent pool to placed on the fast track, why is who who’s never won a race its ideal bet?

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Here’s what us know around Rice: she’s the former U.S. Ambassador come the united Nations and also national security adviser under Barack Obama. In the Clinton administration, she offered at the national Security Council and as the assistant secretary that state for African affairs. In ~ 55 year old, it is the entirety of she political career.

Her résumé from the corporate and government-adjacent world, however, is much lengthier. In the praiseworthy indigenous of The wall Street Journal, Rice “has more corporate endure than others on Biden to run mate list.” Indeed, she at this time sits ~ above the plank of director of Netflix, where she’s racked up stock alternatives on an ext than 5,200 shares of the company, right now worth $2 million alone (according come an august 5 filing, she’s divested around one-quarter that those holdings, netting some $300,000). That, along with a stint at American college as a visiting research fellow, makes up the bulk of she post-Obama skilled activity.

Much less is known about her pre-Obama career, beginning with her time at the notorious consultancy McKinsey & Company. After ~ earning she doctorate at the age of 25, Rice offered as a administration consultant at the firm from 1990 to 1992, functioning out that the Toronto office. It is the very same corporate consultancy that gained presidential optimistic Pete Buttigieg in hot water throughout the primary, and also his initial refuse to disclose the work he did because that them assisted stymie his rise. Political rival Elizabeth Warren demanded that Buttigieg carry out a list of previous clients and what he did because that them, ultimately resulting in him asking for a relax from his nondisclosure agreement with the firm.

When he lastly published the information, Buttigieg’s work-related for the Canadian supermarket chain Loblaws, i m sorry was recognized to be involved in price fixing throughout that exact same time, gave way to a cook exchange with New York Times editorial plank member Binyamin Appelbaum over whether or no he was involved in solving bread prices, a famous clip that might have eventually hastened his demise. McKinsey has actually been connected in a number of significant scandals in current years past just bread prices: help elevate authoritarianism in locations like Russia and also China; advising OxyContin producer Purdue Pharma on how to “turbocharge” opioid sales; even hosting a summit in Kashgar, where countless Uighur minorities are right now locked up. If Buttigieg had actually to disclose his work-related at McKinsey to be thought about for democratic president, so, too, need to Rice.

While Rice’s stint with McKinsey might not have been focused specifically on authoritarian governments, she’s been no stranger to strongmen at other points in she career. After her time in the Clinton White House, Rice got in private consulting, spending 2001 and 2002 as a controlling director and principal in ~ Intellibridge, a geopolitical strategy shop, which eventually became Eurasia Group. Again, we recognize next come nothing about who Rice was working for throughout that time, because she has largely covert who she clients were. But, created Akbar Shahid Ahmed in HuffPost, “her closeness to one customer whose identification is publicly known―Rwandan strongman Paul Kagame, the country’s president since 2000―has previously raised concerns amongst human rights groups and also fellow officials.”

The lack of transparency in Rice’s occupational at Intellibridge might be conventional for that details foreign-consulting industry, yet that’s not a adequate explanation for someone striving to be vice president. And also given the the one customer of hair from the time the we know is someone widely referred to as a “benevolent dictator” and also “darling tyrant” who’s been in power because the mid-1990s, there’s plenty of cause for alarm. If Rice was indeed trading off her proximity come policymakers after she White house stint with open opponents of democracy, that would make her an uncomfortable fit together a leader of the autonomous Party. That incumbent ~ above her, now, come disclose those relationships.

After Intellibridge, Rice moved on come the Brookings Institution, serving together a an elderly fellow, wherein “she focused on U.S. International policy, weak and also failing states, the effects of an international poverty, and also transnational dangers to security,” prior to moving on come the Obama White House, whereby she to be dogged by succeeding disclosure problems, this time owing no to her work, however her finances.

The lack of transparency in Rice’s work at Intellibridge might be typical for that certain foreign-consulting industry, yet that’s not a sufficient explanation for someone striving to it is in vice president.

At 44 year old, Rice was the wealthiest human being in the entire Obama room upon her appointment in 2009. Her net worth clocked in between $23.5 million and also $43.5 million, follow to the nonpartisan facility for Responsive Politics. The made she richer even than Secretary the State Hillary Clinton.

Two year at McKinsey and also two years at Intellibridge wouldn’t net that kind of cash. Rice shows up to be the beneficiary of substantial family money. While her parents to be scholars (her mother helped style the Pell approve system and her father was the 2nd African American ~ above the commonwealth Reserve plank of Governors), she husband Ian Cameron, a former producer because that ABC’s This Week, is the scion that a Canadian timber company.

In 2012, as soon as Rice, then considered a increasing star and also Obama favorite, was up to change Clinton as secretary the state, her an individual finances showed controversial. Rice to be a significant stockholder in TransCanada, the agency behind the newly shut down Keystone XL pipeline, which transported an especially dirty oil indigenous tar sands in Canada come refineries in the unified States. In fact, according to jae won disclosures at the time, about a 3rd of Rice’s network worth to be tied up in oil producers, pipeline operators, and also energy sector affiliates. She and also her husband were additionally invested in Enbridge, the agency behind the discharge of more than a million gallons of toxicity tar sands oil right into Michigan’s Kalamazoo flow in 2010 , the largest inland oil spill in American history, and BP, that 2010’s Deepwater Horizon spill, the biggest offshore oil spill in history, period.

Coziness in between TransCanada and the State Department, which was elucidated in a cable obtained by WikiLeaks, and also then by leaked emails, and finally by a New York Times report that revealed that the State department contractor tasked with creating an ecological assessment that Keystone XL had close ties the pipeline’s developer, added to outrage from environmental groups. Eventually, Rice was passed over because that the job, and became a national-security torture instead.

This no lead she to rethink those invest choices, however. A 2015 disclosure report derived by TMI, our critical look into even some percent of her holdings, mirrors a ongoing stake in TransCanada of between $50,000 and also $100,000, and also over $1 million in Enbridge. In between $1 million and $2 million in additional investments are split in between three other Canadian fossil fuel companies emerging the tar sands in Alberta. Overall, the 2015 disclosure mirrors holdings of in between $15 million and $32.5 million in investments alone. And that’s prior to the Netflix plank seat and whatever other income has been acquired in the trump years.

Rice is almost certainly richer currently than she was in 2009, though us don’t know where that wealth is coming from.

Rice is practically certainly richer now than she was in 2009, though we don’t recognize where that wealth is comes from. But if that money was sufficient to functionally disqualify she from secretary the state in 2012, the should definitely have an impact upon deciding she fitness because that a higher role. Democratic voters have a best to understand who’s being put on your ticket. Certainly, a lack of transparency, financial and also otherwise, has been among the most regular indictments that Donald Trump from the democratic side of the aisle.

The financial-disclosure issue has little to do with Rice’s record on international policy, which very much merits its own consideration. Rice has actually coasted on steady proximity, however has been hawkish enough throughout her career—in particular her document on the battles in Iraq, Libya, and Yemen—to merit objections indigenous the DNC Muslim Delegates and Allies and also other components of the party. She elevation would certainly also allow Republicans come dust off your Benghazi hysteria for the following 12 weeks.

Some blaspheme of Karen Bass, the California representative who was floated together a VP favourite last week, have declared she’s too much of a legal responsibility after not having been completely vetted by a nationwide election cycle. The logic likewise applies come Susan Rice, who has actually never been vetted in any type of election cycle. If she’s going to it is in Biden’s number two, she demands to start with a transparency campaign quickly: not just her taxes returns yet her customer list, as well.

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