Who can have guessed that when we gathered because that the Super bowl on February 2, 2020, that us were just a few weeks far from the entire world turning upside down? Obviously, the continuous COVID-19 pandemic has readjusted everything in our world in one means or another. We can say through certainty the the Super key LV, which is scheduled for February 21, 2021, in ~ Raymond James stadium in Tampa will certainly be like no various other Super bowl in contemporary times. Frankly, we’re quiet hoping the the game is played at all.

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Assuming the game will go ahead, also the commercials for the super Bowl could be different this year. Due to the fact that the pandemic has ruined the economy, the economics being the acquisition of Super bowl ads has changed as well. Let’s take a closer look at the prices because that this year’s Super key commercials? have they gone up, gone down, or remained the same compared to critical year?

2020 Super bowl Commercials

The expense for a commercial in ~ Super key LIV between the Kansas City Chiefs and also San Francisco 49ers was $5.6 million, which to be up from $5.3 million the ahead year. Of course, that’s just the average price of over 40 ads the Fox aired throughout the game. Each agency that desires a supervisor Bowl ad must negotiate a address the network that’s broadcast the game. Some providers get better deals 보다 others based upon several factors, consisting of their history of advertising throughout the at sight Bowl.

Nevertheless, service providers paid about $5.6 million because that a 30-second commercial during the last Super Bowl. Ultimately, over there was just one firm that paid less than $5 million because that a 30-second spot. Yet that $5.6 million value much more or less set the bar for the 2021 supervisor Bowl because the expense of Super key ads typically increases native one year to the next.

2021 Super bowl Commercials

According come reports, the cost of a 30-second advertisement for Super key LV is holding steady at roughly $5.6 million. Of course, the video game aired on Fox last year and will be broadcast by CBS this year, placing Viacom in fee of offering advertisements. However, CBS isn’t to plan a price hike for Super bowl LV. The average cost is most likely to be roughly $5.6 million, plus second $200,000 come air the commercial on the game’s virtual stream.

The pandemic is without inquiry the best reason why the expense for a Super key commercial is staying stagnant. Viacom understands the fact that marketers are reducing the quantity they’re maybe to invest on advertising because of the pandemic. This is an especially true in the sleeve industry, the travel industry, and also movie studios. Retailers have been crushed by the pandemic, when movie studios have been cynical to develop or relax blockbuster movies. We’ll most likely see fewer commercials for retail stores, anything pertained to travel, and also upcoming movie releases during the upcoming supervisor Bowl.


The wait Game

Another aspect that might end up impacting the mean price the Super key commercials this year is the reality that much more companies are waiting to buy 30-second spots. Over there is still some level of skepticism that the NFL will be able to finish the season and also get come the super Bowl. After all, the coronavirus is heading into the holiday season, and also it will likely be lengthy after February 7 when any kind of vaccines room widely obtainable to the American public.

At the moment, some marketers space keen come wait until the last couple of weeks before the game prior to committing come an ad. By then, executives need to have more confidence that the video game will go ahead and also that the economic climate will bounce ago by the second or third quarter of 2021 once vaccines are an ext readily available. This is in sharp contrast to previous Super Bowls once a bulk of the 30-second spots were offered months ahead of the game.

Meanwhile, some companies that have currently purchased advertising time throughout the Super bowl have likewise negotiated clauses that allow them to acquire a refund if the video game is canceled. Again, each agency that wants a at sight Bowl advertisement will negotiate its own contract through the game’s broadcaster. However, the upcoming Super key is the an initial one in which clauses to ago out of the contract have been included.

In the meantime, while us wait to find out if the upcoming supervisor Bowl will go ahead, right here are the top 10 funniest Super key ads:

History the Super bowl Ads

While it’s unusual for the price of Super bowl commercials to continue to be stagnant, it’s no without precedent. There have actually been 6 instances as soon as the average price of a Super key commercial was less than the previous at sight Bowl. There have likewise been numerous years as soon as the expense remained the same. Of course, the price the a Super key commercial hasn’t dropped since the 2009 price that $3 million was diminished to $2.96 million in 2010.

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In a way, it’s not surprising to view the cost of a Super bowl commercial continue to be the same. With the group likely limited and large gatherings unwise, there is most likely to be more TVs tuned into the game. However, the economic downturn has reduced the number of companies that are financially secure sufficient to spend $5.6 million ~ above a 30-second ad. Ultimately, those two factors are likely to cancel each other out, maintaining the price of a at sight Bowl ad the same in 2021 together it remained in 2020.