One the the greatest innovations in cabinet phone technology is the ability to use a cell phone together a gps tracking device. Mobile manufacturers began putting gps receivers in every cell phones a few years ago so the 911 operators can see the precise location of who calling because that help. If you speak to 911 from her cell phone, your precise location will instantly popular music up top top the operator's computer system screen.

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This an innovation also works for people who want to track other people with cell phones. The Sprint household Locator service allows you to track anyone you have included to her cell phone call network, as lengthy as they have actually their phone with them, it is turned on, and they're in the cell phone coverage area.

Features You require to understand About

There space some necessary things the you must know about the Sprint family members Locator mobile tracking service prior to signing up.

This is the only cell phone tracking business that doesn't need you come download or install any kind of special software on her phone. This renders it the perfect mobile tracker if you don't have a modern-day programmable smartphoneSprint has actually some privacy features built into the service. The main one is this: when you very first sign up, the phones the you have put ~ above the regimen will get a text message that says that the phone call is now a part of the tracking network.From time to time, acceleration may likewise send out message messages recall the user the the phone the it have the right to be tracked.The human being doing the tracking must have a username and password to track any details phone. Sprint does this to safeguard the privacy of the user and also so the not simply anyone deserve to track any old sprint phone.


Advantages that the Service

One the the nicest functions is the you don't must go out and also buy a new cell phone call to usage the service. That will job-related with any kind of Sprint or Nextel cabinet phone.One of mine favorite features is the ability to set automated text messages. You have the right to tell the mechanism to send friend a text post at a specific time that day through the precise location of anyone in the network. If your companion is traveling, you have the right to program the business to let you understand when they arrive at your destination. This is likewise a great way come make certain that your youngsters made it house from school safely every day.Many cell phone tracker services only job-related with brand-new smartphones that room programmable and require the you download and install software program onto the phone. This is not important to through the acceleration tracking service.If friend do have one the a programmable smartphone, Sprint has actually a complimentary app that permits you to monitor others in her cell phone tracking network straight from her smartphone. If friend don't have a programmable phone, girlfriend will need a computer with the Internet. Get in your password top top the business website, and also you will instantly check out the location of the people in your network, if their phones are on.Most mobile locator services need that you subscribe to a data plan, however there space no hidden fees when you authorize up because that the Sprint cell phone tracking service.When friend log into the service, you will enter a password. This stays clear of other civilization from gift able to monitor or locate world in your network.


Know the laws before you use this service and also don't use this technology to invade anyone's privacy!

Disadvantages that the Service

Some individuals report that the organization does not update tracked call locations conveniently enough to be useful.Sprint is forced by legislation to send a text to phone individuals to allow them know that they room being tracked. Sprint additionally sends a monthly message to remind these users. For people using the company to track someone without that person knowing, this feature is a major disadvantage.There are workarounds for human being with phones that are being tracked. They deserve to simply rotate the call off, not carry the phone with them, switch your phone to plane mode, or set their phone come "GPS location only because that 911."

Sprint family Locator Poll

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What room your thoughts about the Sprint household Locator?

Brianna ~ above January 12, 2020:

For every one of you in reality tracking your children, this is horrible and also incredibly toxic. You're questioning for them to lose all respect and also trust for you, thus creating a hostile atmosphere where you're maintaining them in a cage as a rat and you as pet owner, only to control them. If any of girlfriend knew around trust probably you must reconsider how you're acting prior to you actually go through with this.

Gail top top December 11, 2019:

I use to have actually it and also had to change to Safe and also Found and It was much easier tracking people with the locator then Safe and Found. I would love to acquire it back.

Floyd Walser on march 26, 2019:

Your vehicle & bike is yours, yet we room responsible because that the security of your vehicle. Our gps Tracker BD / gps Security Tracker provides a real-time GPS auto tracking solution. Our gps tracking software enables you come accurately locate your fleet and also your vehicles. Get the place of the vehicles live via a mobile app or website. To buy the best quality gps tracker for car & bike. Mstore bd administer the best car tracking mechanism in dhaka, Bangladesh with real time tracking.

Handymanmd top top December 22, 2018:

I keep getting messages describe the Sprint family Locator app is shutting down yet I haven't found anything ~ above Sprints website around it. Room others gaining this article or know anything around this.

david79 on might 14, 2018:

I'd used SpyToApp Software. It's a an excellent app. I like that just how i can regulate the features and toggle castle on/off at my choice. My favorite monitoring attribute is geofencing. Currently my boy doesnt sneak the end like prior to at night

mislead on December 27, 2017:

For years we used Sprint family Locator. It's awful. The Radius is come wide. On the other hand there are cost-free apps out there that can lead come the "EXACT" location. For real.

Now, having said that. If one unruly teenager/other turns off their Location, the complimentary app is out, and somehow the acceleration Locator still manages to present something. However, still that crazy large radius.

Baker ~ above December 18, 2017:

Not an excellent it don’t present exactly whereby my child just shows the area no the street

I love it

Terry Mulverhill ~ above September 10, 2017:

It gives me a 3 come 5 mile radius of wherein the call is which is no help.

brittny ~ above July 18, 2017:

so my locator told my significant other that ns left my house last night in the middle of the night and also went over 10 miles far from my home when ns was for certain in mine bed asleep at the time that it says i left. Wth is wrong v this thing

Ben on might 08, 2017:

If I revolve off my ar in mine phones setups will the tracker tho work?

Lori on in march 16, 2017:

So in terms of the text messages it sends out, many newer phones, well mobile phones anyway, have actually the option to block calls and also texts from specific numbers and people. Therefore if you want to track your children without them knowing, tell them you have to do an upgrade on your phone and also while you have it monitor it so when the number come up you can immedietly block and also delete it, and they will never ever know

Al ~ above February 21, 2017:

Does everyone know exactly how long Sprint had actually the "child locator" I thought it was twenty years ago. Do the efforts to clear up a bet.

Nothing on their website.


Tommyboy top top December 26, 2016:

Look we room all in various situation, who's paying the bill, is the far better question! if your paying the bill and it's under her name, it's your phones, do what friend want, if they, (the other person) isn't payment bills and also dosent favor it, they need to go pay there very own bill get another phone...correct

Anonymous Wife ~ above October 27, 2016:

I can see using this perhaps on your kids up to a specific age, however it sends out messages to the human being tracked. For this reason if you simply even try it for like an hour, you then can't rotate it off!! ns tried it for 1 hour on mine husband. That isn't very accurate of wherein they are. Ns tried to uninstalled it, an hour later. Believed it was uninstalled, yet it is still tracking him or me & a third spare phone we have, sending me text messages all the time!! The "FORCESTOP" icon button DOES not work, as argued online!! I desire this application to STOP!! do I need to wait because that the 15 day trial come pass, prior to it stops sending out me updates?? i agree with the over opinions, the it shouldn't be used on a spouse. World need to to trust each other. It would certainly be handy, if youremember call was lost or stolen, though. Myself, i do not know wait for it to prevent sending me updates.

ipayitrack top top October 15, 2016:

Here's the way I look in ~ it. I have 5 phones in our family (2 iphones and 3 android). We room all losing them from time to time therefore tracking is a necessity. Iphones have uncover my iphone duty for cost-free and have the right to make that ring loudly so friend can find it or situate it ~ above a sat map. Android you have to download and also install 3rd party app which doesn't always work and also is easily disabled. We tell our kids, you don't desire your phones tracked climate pay for your own phones and monthly phone bills! enough said sheesh!

jgraff on respectable 21, 2015:


I to be a boy (13 year old) and also I love come study politics especially instances with rights. My father forced to download this app on my phone, i beg your pardon has limited space left, and also then authorize up because that it. I fiercely opposed and also he said now he can check on me whenever he wants. Ns realized this to be wrong on turn off location for this application because i felt uneasy learning I was being watched every possible second. I feel choose this is a violation of my rights. If world can respond to this, establish this is native a child's perspective, I would certainly love come hear it. Say thanks to You.

Johng385 ~ above September 09, 2014:

What's continue i'm brand-new to this, i stumbled top top this i have found It positive helpful and also it has aided me the end loads. Ns hope to contribute & help other users choose its assisted me. Good job. Bgaedgacgbfb

amy top top November 03, 2013:

I think its fully rediculous. Go anybody really need to track there boyfriend or girlfriend? What happened to the appropriate to have actually privacy? Why not placed the note of the beast in your hand or forehead. Because everybody is ok through stuff prefer this, it provides our federal government think that it is ok come spy on us. Us are now a surveilance state. If people tought their children right native wrong they wouldn't be spying on their kids. Anyone is cheering over all of our rights being taken away. Wake up up. It us wrong to give up our rights under the guise that safety. Hopefully once everyone wakes up it won't be also late. An excellent luck come you all

ANONYMOUS top top October 20, 2012:

Wow, nobody knows this one small trick....

Airplane mode, all creates of internet, gps, and radio/cell service signals space disabled without transforming the maker off.

Maria on October 06, 2012:

It's cool! simply hoping castle will work still also the phone call is off.

Carol on respectable 27, 2012:

The sfl have the right to really gain you in trouble. Jealous husband tracked me and just so occurred the street ns was situated on had a hotel. I don't understand the street! I've never ever been there. Ns don't cheat, don't have time. He desires a divorce!

Sandra on might 24, 2012:

I love it I'm a large worrier and the wife of a van driver and also would need to wait till my husband would speak to to find out he to be ok. Now I situate him in the morning when I wake up and also if that is on the freeway I contact him if the is parked/unloading i won't stroked nerves him and wake him up. I don't usage it unless he is ~ above the road. If someone desires to cheat on friend they will no issue if you have the right to locate castle or not, you need to trust your partner. If your spouse is a cheater let them understand that when the cat away the mouse have the right to play....if they wanted to!

Gina on might 13, 2012:

I didn't check out the answer come the question about memory, if someone is at the save at 4 and also the general practitioners isn't accessed until 6 can you look earlier to 4 to check out if they to be at the store

Laura ~ above April 28, 2012:

If my teenage nephew is driving with friends who live ~ above a farm somewhere about Lodi CA. And also they malfunction or have an emergency..when 911 is called, will they recognize the place of the kids, or at the very least to 100 to 300 feet of the location?

Patty Hahne (author) from Oregon top top April 06, 2012:

Verizon has a similar cell call tracking service called "Family Locator".

Annette top top April 05, 2012:

I tell everyone through children around this service. It's sad Verizon doesn't sell claiming privacy rights.

Sara on in march 31, 2012:

Is there a family members tracking software program that deserve to be downloaded on the iphone 4S?


pldro on in march 29, 2012:

I believe with the satellite the isn't correct, the did the exact same thing come me. To add in the map it verified cars in the parking lot of the studio ns teach in ~ and clearly there are no cars there at 3 am. I think the satelitte images they show are old.

TrustisKey on march 10, 2012:

I 100% agree v the above comment. If you need to track you spouse then you shouldn't it is in in the partnership in the first place...and your connection is sham. You are either in it for the right reasons or you shouldn't be at all. If you need to spy top top someone then you don't really have a relationship!!

thinkb4uact on in march 02, 2012:

Fact u want to monitor someone shows there's no trust between either party. Rather of both of girlfriend going behind one another' back. Work-related on building a genuine relationship. Spying on who will only make points worse. Its choose picking in ~ a scab, eventually.... It pipeline a scare. C'mon "parents" don't take it the shortcuts in parenting. Placed in the time and also reap the benefits. Ps. I'm a parental of 3 and also my youngsters tell me everything bc ns don't referee them. That all about unconditional love and also helping them find out from there mistakes. Real TALK.

Mike8395 top top February 24, 2012:

This stupid crap keeps informing my mom that I'm not residence in the center of the night once I'm 100000000000% optimistic I'm asleep in mine bed. What the hell is walking on??

Lg top top February 10, 2012:

I have had the tracker for a pair of years and also works great, yet the last month the variety of ar is within a 1.2 mile radius rather of 30 yards. Is everyone else having this issue? Or is over there anything I have the right to do to resolve it?

tryingtoforgive top top February 03, 2012:

I great I had this when my husband was with the "manhole" that tried to destructive my family. Currently I use it come a assist build the trust. Anyone v divorced blonde, named Kim, 3 children, life in Monroe, GA, breast cancer and drives a cadillac, beware...

Zannah Wyatt on February 01, 2012:

I'm 18,and my dad just started tracking mine phone. I turn my call off and also turn the gps off. I'm quite pissed off about it.

lil me on January 31, 2012:


Patty Hahne (author) from Oregon on January 27, 2012:

Honest? I'm not certain I follow what you expected by the comment?

Brandy top top January 26, 2012:

I prefer the app....Although, that does has actually two downfall is every they need to do it revolve the phone turn off & the regimen is unableto find it...also ns have uncovered that after ~ a pair of monthr sprint starts sending out text messages letting them recognize that the call number have the right to be situated through sfl and also the number that have the right to track them.


Debi ~ above January 24, 2012:

How bout being honest. Mine husband and also son both understand I can and will situate them. If hubby has me take it him to work-related I can easily see as soon as hes ~ above his means back come his shop so he doesn't wait because that currently there. My son is 16...enough said.

lva top top January 03, 2012:

So does sprint household locator still work if I turn off mine gps? How exact does it present on a map?

Rhoda ~ above December 28, 2011:

Tim- friend couldn't be much more right. The is my dilemma and it isn't that straightforward "that I deserve to just walk away from the exorbitant relationship".

tom ~ above December 14, 2011:

I think it's sad the sprint offers the guilt parents will feel if they don't spend 5 bucks a month to store their children safer. This have to be a totally free service because that sprint customers.

gloria...what the hell...speak english or find out to spell...I dont understand what yer tryin to say!

none ~ above December 03, 2011:

does the locator have memory? example...if ns was at macdonalds in ~ 400 and also it is 6 now, have the right to someone look earlier to 400 and see where i was? or is it only at the time you are looking?

playonplaya on December 02, 2011:

Yup...cheating wives have the right to also.use sfl to uncover out when.hubby is comes home...and.exactly as soon as to absent Rico suave out prior to it gets ugly! it but it is beware...ur being watched

NotAFool top top November 26, 2011:

FROM 1 that KNOWS....been using SFL for 3 years now. Great service. Correctly they send (periodically) a text to every little thing phone is on her list of gift law they have to notify. can get around this....Added another line for phone....used only for tracking....(I'll let you figure out the rest). Works great!...and you can set up her Sprint account so the the human being being tracked doesn't see the various other line/phone being supplied for tracking purposes....if you space the account holder.

FYI...set the an equipment to silence, strength save, block all calls in and also out add to text and data, and then lock the phone....battery lasts end a week that way.

Epc top top November 25, 2011:

Abused wife is an you are fool for continuing to be with her mam beater husband. Family locator has nothing to do with this. She have to be long gone.

Kathy on November 12, 2011:

When I first got it the map verified satellite photos of wherein they were now it simply shows a continual map

Tim ~ above November 07, 2011:

I think ALOT of human being need to wake up!

Yes, this is a device for parental to keep track of your kids.

HOWEVER, family Locator is also a tool for abusive spouses come trck your partner's actvities! abused mam goes to have coffee with a friend...she comes home and also is accused that cheating by she wife-beater husband and also gets the crap beaten out of her for lying!

Family Locator is also a tool for abusive spouses!

WAKE increase PEOPLE!!!

I have actually the answer. If you room being tracked choose I to be by my shortly to it is in ex.....

To make your location unknown go to (for HTC ) menu



Location setting


Now you room no much longer tracked and only the police (if necessary) recognize where friend are.

Helpful info should it is in passed on. Great luck!

Jen ~ above October 30, 2011:

Sorry, hit send by mistake.

The means around the located phones receiving the once a month text is come bock the quick code (9489) Sprint uses to inform said phones. You deserve to do this from your My acceleration account.

Jen top top October 30, 2011:

First of all, if you suspect someone is cheating on you, they more than likely are. With that said, there is a means around the when a month text that is sent to the phones that can be located

this service is that the an extremely phone the is being tracked obtain a when a month text article that reads " you room being situated by together a number " so now what ???? whereby is the secrecy part at ?

a ~ above October 18, 2011:

How about just gift honest, toni and also bc, or get out the those wonderful relationships that you both seem to it is in in

bc top top October 13, 2011:

how deserve to u call if your phone is quiet on the locator service, he states it to be done in error, don't know just how it was activated, said he eliminated service, how deserve to i phone call if it was done, phone is in his name

KM top top October 11, 2011:

Loved it to monitor a teenager that drives and also thinks institution is an option! She had actually no idea just how I knew.....but then the sprint small print claims that sprint sends out a monthly message to the phone come let them recognize they can be tracked. That defeats the purpose!!!! ns canceled service prior to she got that text. Looking for a new tracker.

Shirly Matthews top top September 21, 2011:

I offered Sprint Locator because that a year to monitor my daughter that is 12. However it would never update conveniently enough to be useful. There space lots of better options the end there now like family members Siren These have actually tons of additional features like free SMS as well.

Howard on September 02, 2011:

I love it. Since my youngsters feel they "must" have actually phones... I've made the a need that they have actually their phones through them, ON and charged at every times once they, or i am out. They happy comply, and I acquire the included peace of mind knowing that I can locate castle pretty much whenever i feel the require to. Ns feel it disclosure honesty...and trust. They trust me to not stalk lock - ns trust the they will certainly not lie to me around their whereabouts. Parental SHOULD have actually the upper hand. I like being able to verify the my young teens are NOT lying come me - and also I can reward them for their honesty - i beg your pardon promotes much more honesty native them. Cool technology.

gloria on respectable 31, 2011:

For youngsters is one thing however when u f ~ above someone's acount and also they usage it come stalk you and if were about a not cool.

Shirley on respectable 30, 2011:

This works an excellent for plenty of reasond but if the gps is not yurned on it will not provide u exact points! Ive had many disagreements over this. I commonly dint think too much around it uneven its best on point, also a fees yards off ns wont pay mind come it. Also tho it means they are in the vicinity..

shannon on respectable 30, 2011:

They can uncover out due to the fact that Sprint sends out their phone call every so regularly that they have actually been located

lisac7775 on august 29, 2011:

I have actually been using a great new family members Locator referred to as Family Siren. I have it installed on my 4 youngsters phones and so much it functions the ideal out of all the locators I have tried. Family members Siren.

Bobbi on august 29, 2011:

I had this when I had Sprint, I believed I hated it, that wasn't always right, however I miss out on it now, I should find another locator that works choose this one.

Sprint household Locator has actually one problem though. That is you need to put up through Sprint negative customer business every month. Publication while girlfriend can, us will find other better apps, there out there somewhere.

loberevek on august 21, 2011:

There is an error that if you have the possession the the phone as soon as you activate the company that you have the right to delete the message telling that human being that girlfriend are complying with his/her moves. Periodically, that human will receive a text blog post reminding them that you are complying with them, that you have recently excellent a that person will understand whether or no you delete the first correspondence or not.

maranda on July 20, 2011:

I think that bs that anyone have the right to just track you without ur permission If I wanted anyone to know where ns was I would certainly answer my phone and also tell them. I mean I obtain tracking ur kids to examine on castle or tracking ur spouse if ur suspicious of foul play, yet to be able to track anyone u know should be labeling stalking. Ns think it need to be versus the law unless ur able come validate proof of being the persons prompt family. That a violation of mine privacy.

Kansas home top top February 02, 2011:

My phone was stolen last weekend, in ~ 4 hours my husband and also police were in prior of the mans house recovering my phone because of the tracking. That is a an excellent option for plenty of reasons.

Andrea top top January 29, 2011:

I have actually this on mine account likewise helps if you lose a phone conveniently to locate! simply wished background doesn't vanish after a couple of days! it's kewl looking
the map w/an actual photo of the location!Wish the mobile check out was the same as the pc view! however having the hTc evo i love being able to zoom in top top the map!

Patty Hahne (author) native Oregon top top January 08, 2011:

tonie on January 07, 2011:

How perform i discover out if I'm gift tracked. Call is in his name

amah top top December 29, 2010:

Great service. Wish it would tell u the exact location and adress..but its still good. I don't prefer spying. Yet when u understand your boy is lying around where they will certainly be, and also were told not to be there, the a an excellent thing to check. Besides, currently I can see where my mom is if she goes right into the ditch. :)

brian mill ~ above December 28, 2010:

The organization is no great if the phone is not turned on

quiethorse - on December 15, 2004 the two companies linked and end up being one.

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quiethorse ~ above November 12, 2010:

I understand that this will job-related on both Sprint and also Nextel cell phones. Does Sprint very own Nextel or does Nextel very own Sprint?

Joe Jamus on November 12, 2010:

I can't wait to gain signed up because that this. I was going to buy new phones therefore we could use mobile tracking yet now i don't have actually to. Thanks for informing me about this!

John B Badd from Saint Louis, MO on respectable 14, 2010:

I think this is a an excellent way to store track the children but it rings of huge brother watching and that constantly makes me a little uneasy.