Even despite the pair has scored encounters Netflix and also Spotify worth tens of millions of dollars, getting appropriate protection comes at a high price.

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During Prince Harry and also Meghan Markle’s bombshell interview v Oprah Winfrey, Harry claimed that the couple never taken into consideration going into business with streamers favor Netflix and Spotify till a friend argued it: “I just needed sufficient money to pay for protection to save my family members safe.”

It looks favor they will require it, also with deals worth a report $100 million and also $25 million, respectively. Protecting people like the Duke and also Duchess the Sussex have the right to cost more than eight figures per year, specialists say.

According to public filings, facebook paid $10,463,717 in 2019 and $9,956,847 in 2018 for security for the co-founder mark Zuckerberg and also his family. It’s a hefty price tag but one the the company revealed was attached with “specific threats,” which have the right to spike not only the number of security operatives under employ yet the scope of protection. By comparison, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos experienced his firm shell out $1.6 million in 2019 because that out-of-office security.

When The Hollywood Reporter got to out to Soteria security Agency, the firm’s work officer, Jon Conroy, a 10-year veteran the the business, claimed that in stimulate to safeguard a pair like Harry and also Meghan, the would need 24/7 staffing with a two-person residential defense team, a two-person individual security team for each, and advance guards come prep and also prepare because that arrival and also movements in the case of any travel. Estimated costs for together a team might run upwards that $4,600 every day.

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“So much is dictated through what their lifestyle is, for this reason there have the right to be fluctuating costs,” Conroy says, including that the pair gift a distinctive scenario native a security standpoint in that they room still regarded to be nobles or diplomats in spite of splitting indigenous the royal family. Because of that, they fall into the category most similar to the .01 percent: “When people think about security in the sense of high-net-worth people, it’s difficult to encapsulate exactly how they space constantly surrounding by people. And also to provide them the level of comfort and also protection, it deserve to be precious every penny.”

Another reason security might have been optimal of mind for the pair is that stepping out into the spotlight for the couple’s first in-depth interview while discussing weighty an individual and politics issues about the royal household can lug about new threats. They also revealed details around their home and recreational activities. “It would be an elevated risk, in mine opinion,” Conroy states of security needs after the Winfrey chat. “Also, some space conflicted around the interview, for this reason that can pose part security risks as well.”


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