When Salma Hayek married French billionaire François-Henri Pinault in 2009, rumors immediately began swirling that the sexy celebrity was securing her retirement v The Kering CEO, that the Daily Mail has reported to have an approximated net precious of $33.2 billion.

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After celebrating their 12th anniversary ~ above Valentine"s Day, the Frida actress join Dax Shepherd ~ above his Armchair Expert podcast to officially placed those rumors to rest, informing the world, "Fifteen year together, and we are solid in love."

Shepherd broached the vulnerable topic, admitting the he as well was confused around the pair as soon as they first got together explaining, "I was like, "Oh, okay, she married a wealthy guy, perhaps that"s why she married him, i don"t know."" Adding, "I accomplish him and I"m like, this male is so foxy — oh my God, the confidence, his eyes, he"s so good-looking and also charming and I was like, "Oh, this motherf–ker could"ve been broke. He"s a bombshell"" (via Armchair Expert). The 54-year-old Hayek wasn"t awkward in defending her relationship, telling Shepherd, "When ns married him, anyone said, "Oh, it"s an i ordered it marriage, she married him because that the money." I"m like, "Yeah, whatever, b****. Think what friend want.""

She went on come agree v Shepherd and also endearingly revealed, "You understand the point is the in photos you cannot begin to assumption: v the magic in him." Candidly sharing, "He"s made me come to be a much far better person, and also grow in such a good, healthy way."

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Salma Hayek strongly believes, v her very own experience, that there is a sort of discrimination or misconception concerning extremely wealthy males being unable to give or experience moral love. She explained, "Immediately you think since somebody"s rich, could not it is in a an excellent person. Can be somebody materialistic, might be somebody that doesn"t have actually values, could be somebody that is also stupid or the doesn"t worthy it." also going for this reason far regarding say, "In stimulate to have actually a the majority of money, you did it the wrong way, over there is all this preconception."

The Oscar winner/producer even admitted that she had actually a comparable notion upon first meeting her now husband. "And I had that through the way. It to be the last thing I want — it was not my kind at all. And also I come in through the preconceptions and also he them every away."

While it certainly sounds favor Hayek and Pinault have uncovered love and happiness, the "Woe is me, I"m yes, really rich and people think the worst the me prior to getting to know me" dispute is a little hard come swallow. With a network worth approximated at $200 million herself (per Celebrity net Worth), Hayek is traveling in circles and living a high-end most that us have the right to only imagine. And also while money can"t purchase true love, it"s an ext than most likely Pinault through no money would have had actually a much harder time obtaining to know and also eventually marrying Salma Hayek than Pinault with money did.