Invoicing client or marketing to customers and also need to know just how much sales tax to charge? usage our simple sales taxes calculator to occupational out how much sales taxes you need to charge her clients. Intake the amount and the sales taxation rate, pick whether to incorporate or exclude, sales tax, and also the calculator will execute the rest. If friend don’t recognize the rate, download the complimentary lookup device on this page to discover the right linked San Francisco rate.

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The minimum linked sales tax rate for mountain Francisco, California is 8.5%. This is the complete of state, county and city sales taxes rates. The California sales tax price is at this time 6%. The county sales tax rate is 0.25%. The mountain Francisco sales tax price is 0%.


To calculation the quantity of sales tax to charge in mountain Francisco, use this basic formula:

Sales taxation = complete amount of revenue x sales tax price (in this instance 8.5%).

Or to make things even easier, input the mountain Francisco minimum an unified sales taxes rate into the calculator at the top of the page, in addition to the total sale amount, to acquire all the detail you need.


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Find out exactly how San Francisco sales tax prices compare to various other cities in the US.


Find out just how San Francisco sales tax prices compare to various other cities in the US.



Las Vegas

Los Angeles

New York City


San Francisco sales taxes FAQs.

When perform I fee sales taxes in mountain Francisco?
You need to charge sales tax in san Francisco if you have a sales taxes nexus in the state that California. A sales taxation nexus method different points in different states, it have the right to mean having actually a physical location (e.g. A brick and mortar store), a human working because that you or having an ‘affiliate’ or click with sales taxation nexus, which uses to digital sellers.

To know for specific if you need to be charging sales taxes in mountain Francisco, inspect the California federal government sales tax website.

Which goods are exempt from sales taxes in mountain Francisco?
Some products are exempt from sales taxes in mountain Francisco for instance groceries and prescription drugs. You" also find mountain Francisco sales tax exemptions which deserve to be used because the seller or purchaser meets details criteria.

For a complete list that exemptions, inspect the California federal government tax website.

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