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Driving away from a rental car firm in a shiny brand-new vehicle feels choose the begin of one adventure.

With non-essential travel paused because of the pandemic, countless of those adventures will need to wait. Yet for those tho in need of a temporary vehicle — or planning a future holidays — it pays to know exactly how rental car costs work.

How much Does It cost To rent a Car?

Rental automobile agencies i charged all species of charges. Part you can avoid, and others you merely must pay. Countless of them won’t be included in online quotes, the Federal trade Commission warns. One-of-a-kind features and perks might make driving an ext enjoyable or manageable, however they can additionally take a chunk the end of her wallet.
That’s why finding a an excellent car rental deal involves much more than detect an affordable work rate. You require to understand the ins and also outs that rental vehicle shopping, recognize the fine publish of a rental automobile contract, and also avoid typical mistakes that can jack up the last price.

Factors That influence Car Rental Rates

Vehicle size: Rental car agencies regularly price vehicles according to size or make. They use terms such as “large sedan” or “small SUV” to help you easily pick the size car you need. A selection may also include verbiage such as “five-passenger SUV” or “extra capacity large SUV” to show how plenty of passengers or the quantity of cargo you have the right to transport.Make, model, and also special features: A vehicle’s brand can affect its rental cost. Luxury automobiles, four-wheel-drive vehicles, and also convertibles typically rent for higher rates. For instance, renting a Cadillac XTS commonly costs an ext than a Chevrolet Malibu, also though lock are around the exact same size.Location: basic rates have the right to vary through location, also when renting the exact same make and model the the car from the same national agency. Fees and tax rates also vary by city and state.Fees: vehicle rental agencies charge a variety of fees. Because that example, an agency may charge a concession restore fee, i beg your pardon offsets the company’s prices for operating in an plane or hotel. Other usual charges encompass airport security, client transportation, and also security fees. Countless rental agencies administer definitions of charges on your websites.Taxes: Rental auto transactions room subject come local and state sales taxes. However in part locations, friend must likewise pay a highway use taxation or tourism tax levied by regional or state laws.Insurance: throughout the virtual reservation process or at the rental office, the agency will sell you assorted insurance options similar to a standard auto insurance money policy. Some coverages covering the vehicle, when others administer medical expense and also liability protection. The coverages, which girlfriend can pick to acquisition or decline, room charged at a day-to-day rate.Extras: Agencies market a wide range of optional features for her rental car, i m sorry may encompass a child safety and security seat, fuel refill waiver, mobile GPS, roadside assistance, a road toll plan, or satellite radio.

Pro Tip

Book early or last minute, depending on when you’re traveling. You deserve to find better deals if you book early for optimal season take trip dates and also last minute for off-peak glossesweb.coms.

Average price Examples

On February 22, 2021, the prices below were quoted because that rental dates of in march 3 with March 8, 2021. We sought each company’s lowest-priced vehicle for a large sedan or full-size car.

New York City (pickup and drop turn off at john F. Kennedy Airport)

Car Rental CompanyHertzEnterpriseBudget
Base price for five-day rental$362.15* $364.20 $320.99*
Airport concession restore fee$42.26$40.46$35.66
Concession recovery fee surcharge$2.50$2.50$2.50
Transportation fee$12.50N/A$12.50
Total costs$494.90$492.16$449.23
*The Pay currently base rate for this automobile was $271.60, a to save of $90.55. *Budget offered us the choice to pay when making the reservation for a base rate of $283.99, a $37 savings. 

Chicago (pickup and drop turn off at Chicago Midway Airport)

Car Rental CompanyHertzEnterpriseBudget
Base price for five-day rental$399.17*$326.47 (one main rate)$314.99*
Airport concession restore fee$45.45$36.91$36.58
Vehicle patent recovery fee and also customer basic charge:$9.90$29.50$38
Total costs$573.72$473.15469.14
*The Pay currently base rate for this auto was $284.50, a to save of $114.67. *The agency offered us an even much better base price of $251.99, a $63 savings if us paid online when making the reservation.

Los Angeles (pickup and also drop turn off at Los Angeles international Airport)

Car Rental CompanyHertzEnterpriseBudget
Base price for five-day rental$306.24*$375$271.99
Airport concession restore fee$34.78$42.57$31.16
Vehicle license recovery fee and also customer basic charge:$51.85$53.15$53.50
State travel assessment$10.72$13.13$9.51
Total costs$436.63$523.52$395.77
*The quoted Pay now price for this vehicle reduced the base price by more than $16 per day, which would mitigate the price of a five-day rental through $80.

How to acquire the finest Deal on Your vehicle Rental

Shop Around

As the above comparison shows, prices deserve to vary high solution by rental agency. Likewise, your preferred rental car company may not constantly offer the best prices in every location.

“I generally will shop around,” states Emily Laubach, a corporate occasion planner in the san Francisco just Area. Laubach leas cars consistently for her organization trips and likewise arranges rentals for conference and convention guests. “I’ll go straight to the automobile rental agency, then I’ll walk to a website through a name-your-price tool, favor Priceline. You may finish up with the very same Hertz rental car, but you might save $20 a day by shopping roughly on different sites.”

Association members (like AARP), people who have credit cards, people enrolled in constant flyer programs, and warehouse club members (like Costco) can regularly find an excellent deals through shopping for rental dare on the AutoSlash website. We asked for an AutoSlash quote for a five-day Los Angeles trip and also received far better rates top top Enterprise and Budget auto rentals. AutoSlash’s quotes likewise include regional agencies, which may offer even lower rates than national companies favor Hertz, Budget, and Enterprise.

Skip the Extras

Extra biology comforts make driving an ext enjoyable, but they can include up. For example, in Los Angeles, Hertz dues $35.93 every week for optional SiriusXM service and $84.95 for mobile GPS. Many rental car are fairly new. If the vehicle’s sound mechanism is equipped with bluetooth, you can stream music, news programs, or podcasts from your Android smartphone or iphone instead. Apps such as Waze carry out detailed maps and audible, turn-by-turn steering instructions utilizing your phone’s integrated GPS.
If you really need an add-on, arrange the in advance. “If you need a vehicle seat or something prefer that, constantly reserve that ahead of glossesweb.com due to the fact that they don’t have actually them in ~ all automobile rental agencies,” claims Laubach. “They could have castle at another office in the area, but not in every locations.” If you nothing reserve the tools you need, you may need to buy the at her destination, adding costs to her trip.

Decline particular Insurance Coverages (but recognize the Risks)

Declining coverage in ~ the car rental office deserve to save money. But “there are huge risks,” claims Elaine Morton, vice president of Morton Insurance agency in Bartlett, Tennessee.
Someglossesweb.coms collision and an extensive coverage is transferable from your an individual car insurance money to your rental, yet you would still have to pay a deductible in the event of a claim. And without purchasing added coverage native the rental agency, you could be forced to pay for your loss the use, claims Morton. Loss of usage is the dollar amount the rental firm will shed by no renting the end the vehicle while it is acquiring repaired.

Bottom line, you have the right to save on costs here, yet at your very own risk.

Rental agencies also offer a collision/loss damages waiver, an agreement that prohibits them indigenous suing girlfriend for loss or ns while you’re making use of the car. “If you acquisition the collision damages waiver indigenous the rental car company, it includes collision and comprehensive, through no deductible,” claims Morton. For much more information on automobile rental insurance, this overview will rest it all under for you.

Charge the Rental to Your credit Card

Many credit transaction cards function rental collision waiver services for their cardholders. This perk have the right to save girlfriend from having to pay the rental car firm extra to stay protected on the road. When a collision/loss damages waiver isn’t technically insurance, it’s an commitment that prohibits the rental car company from suing you for loss or loss to the rental auto while you to be driving it.
To take advantage, you’ll must charge the rental to the card, decrease the waiver at the rental counter, and make certain to inspect with your credit transaction card issuer very first before choosing this option, as specific conditions will apply.

Book early on — or critical Minute

When to publication can be tricky. “If you recognize you need a rental car in 4 months, publication it now due to the fact that someglossesweb.coms they’ll give you a better deal,” says Laubach. “Someglossesweb.coms, if over there are only a few cars left, they’ll jack increase the price. ‘

The price can also depend on even if it is you’re travel on height or off-peak. If you arrangement to travel throughout peak season, it’s finest to reserve a vehicle as much in development as you can. Yet if the off-peak, you deserve to someglossesweb.coms acquire bargains in ~ the last minute, claims Laubach.

Avoid Unnecessary Fees

When you do a rental auto reservation, review the fine print in the confirmation email and the agency’s faqs on its website. If girlfriend arrive early to pick up her rental or return it after the booked glossesweb.com, the company could impose an early arrival or so late return fee. Countless companies use a late fee when returning a auto less than 30 minute overdue.

Look because that rentals that include unlimited mileage to avoid mileage fees. If you plan to drive the vehicle across state lines, questioning the company if you will certainly incur out-of-state charges. Typically, rental automobile agencies call for you to refill the fuel tank prior to returning the vehicle. Otherwise, you will do it pay fuel charges. Some agencies offer an optional fuel plan, which enables you come return the automobile unfilled, but you have the right to usually get a far better fuel price in ~ the pump.

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Pay Upfront, no at the Counter

Some rental suppliers will fee you a lesser rate if girlfriend pay in ~ reservation, either virtual or over the phone, instead of paying as soon as you choose up the car.

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