Are friend concerned about private college tuition costs? despite the cost of tuition may seem daunting, us advise family members to keep an open up mind when looking for a exclusive or independent school. Right here we resolve common concerns about school affordability and also the financial aid application process.

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Are private and independent institutions affordable?

When looking for the finest school for your kid or children, us encourage everyone to consider independent schools, regardless of any preconceived ideas around affordability. Every live independence school across the joined States and around the globe has a distinctive mission, philosophy, and also culture. This has day, boarding, one-of-a-kind needs, faith-based, gifted and talented, traditional; and also others through a particular academic mission, such as (but not minimal to) Montessori and Waldorf education. Possibilities are, yes sir one or an ext independent institution in your neighborhood and we expect you will certainly take a second look.

Financial aid is necessary for schools and families.

Independent institutions exist to provide options because that families, recognizing that every family and also child’s academic expectations and also needs space uniquely different. The application process, which deserve to sometimes it is in a resource of tension for the applicant household is in place for a good reason. Administrators and faculty want to certain that embraced students align through the school’s mission and also will flourish in their brand-new environment socially, academically, and also emotionally. Admissions staff functioning in every school understand their program best, and therefore, recognize the concerns to ask that will aid students achieve success. Transparency is strongly encouraged throughout the application process and Parents organization of brand-new York is below to support you.


Independent schools in the 21st century are not the colleges of the past.

It’s no uncommon, nevertheless of income level, to look in ~ the tuition range for live independence schools and also experience part variation of sticker shock. Nothing let that avoid you! the worth taking a look at the independent schools of today. They are evolving through the times and also this includes schools with years of history. Affordability might be much more attainable than you think. The national Association of Independent schools (NAIS) offers some feasible options for households considering live independence schools:

Monthly tuition payment plansNeed-based gaue won aidContributions from grandparents or other family members membersTax-advantaged Coverdell education savings programsSibling discountsTuition loansScholarships and also merit awards

Independent institutions are working harder than ever before to broaden these options. Socioeconomic diversity is as crucial as all various other diversity initiatives and also most watch this as an integral part of the school’s culture.

Why is exclusive school tuition so high?

Many parents question the price of independent schools, specifically residents of brand-new York City, whereby tuitions are higher than in other parts the the country. The typical independent school has a reasonably straightforward gaue won model, with a cost structure the is propelled by personnel. Personnel costs (i.e., salaries and benefits) room the top expenditure in practically every school’s budget. Here is wherein a considerable and also important differential exists between a new York City school and the usual NAIS school: new York City’s independent schools have much more teachers living in a competitive and costly environment and most, if not all host graduate degrees. In fact, a graduate level is often required for countless independent institution faculty location in the higher NYC urban area. This is a key driver in lot of the price differential.

Who deserve to I speak to around the financial aid application process?

Parents League has actually a unique and close working relationship with end 300 elevation day and also boarding schools, allowing us to administer families through up-to-date information around schools and also admissions policies.Our institution Advisors can carry out information like:

Financial aid access at every schoolWhich great level the school starts its financial assist fundingList of schools that operate on a sliding tuition scale

If you arrangement to use for jae won aid, please let united state know. Our family membership fee deserve to be purchased in ~ a decreased rate because that qualifying families. As a member, you"ll have limitless advisory support throughout the admission process.

Want come know much more about financial assist for exclusive school? concerned our Financial help Virtual Panel conversation on Thursday, October 14, 2021 at 7pm.

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Learn around Parents league Membership or contact united state at to obtain started. Friend can likewise apply for the financial help membership discount online today.