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The Powerball lottery jackpot has grown significantly and also it’s now at $545 million for Monday, September 27. The drawing is at 10:59 p.m. Eastern every Monday, Wednesday, and also Saturday. If you complement one, two, or 3 Powerball numbers, exactly how much perform you win? below is every little thing you have to know about the rules.

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If You enhance One Number, Here’s What you Win

Unfortunately, you don’t win much if girlfriend only complement one Powerball number, and also whether you success anything at all depends on which shade you match.

If you just matched one white number, then you haven’t winner anything.

If you matched only the red ball (the Powerball, i m sorry is the last number drawn), climate you’ll win $4. You have the right to put the money right into buying two much more Powerball tickets! It’s precious noting the you winmorematching one red ball in Powerball 보다 you do corresponding one yellow round in Mega Millions (which only wins girlfriend $2 in that scenario.)

If You enhance Two Numbers, Here’s What you Win

If you enhance two white Powerball numbers, then unfortunately you won’t walk away with any kind of money,according come Powerball’s rules.

If you match a white ballandthe red Powerball, then you’ll to walk away through $4, which is the exact same amount you success if you match just one red ball (so that extra white ball you matched doesn’t really count for anything.)

If You enhance Three Numbers, Here’s What friend Win

If you match two white balls and also the red Powerball, then you’ll victory $7. This is the very same amount you’ll success if you match two white balls and the red Powerball ($7). For this reason the rules aren’t necessarily intuitive. For 2 numbers, the red Powerball it s okay you much more money. However if you’re equivalent three numbers, whether you complement the red Powerball or no doesn’t make a difference in your last earnings.

Other methods to Win

If you match four numbers, you’ll win $100 no matter what. Therefore if you enhance four white balls or 3 white balls and also one red Powerball, you’ll still victory $100.

What if you match five numbers? If you enhance four white balls and also a red Powerball, climate you’ll win $50,000. If you enhance five white balls, climate you’ll victory $1 million. Once again, the rule aren’t at sight intuitive here and having a red Powerball as among your five corresponding numbers actually leaves you to win less.

If you match all 5 white balls and also the red ball, climate you’ll win the big jackpot.

How the power Play Works

If friend bought a ticket v the strength Play alternative (in says where this is available), then it will rise some non-jackpot prizes by as much as ten times together much, relying on what the power Play drawing is and also how numerous numbers you matched. Keep in mind that this is a small more complicated than the Megaplier, follow to Powerball’s rules, due to the fact that not every win is a directly multiplier. Here’s exactly how it works.

If you match anywhere from one red Powerball up to four numbers add to the red Powerball, then her winnings will certainly be multiplied by the strength Play. For this reason if you were supposed to victory $100 from equivalent four numbers, and your power Play is 10X, you’ll win $1,000 (which is 10 time $100.) This uses to any win native $50,000 (which is equivalent four white balls and the Powerball) ~ above down.

It changes above that for the last 2 sets that prizes. Therefore if you enhance five white numbers and also used the strength Play, your win increases from $1 million come $2 million no issue which strength Play is drawn.

If you win the jackpot, you win the jackpot and also the power Play walk not influence that.

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The odds of win the Powerball are 1 in 292 million, slightly better than the odds of to win Mega Millions which are 1 in 302 million.