real name / birth name Plaxico Antonio BurressOccupation previous American football player; coachSource of wealth sportsCountry of riches USADate of birth August 12, 1977Age 44Zodiac authorize LeoBirth place Norfolk, Virginia, united States
Sources2018$6 million$6 million

$6 million


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How lot is Plaxico Burress Worth?

American football is a facility team game, whereby each player has actually its very own task. Wide receiver (WR) is one of the most necessary positions in this kind of sports as that must record the pass and then run downfield, avoiding attacks of competitor team players. Not each player can end up being WR, and only the ideal of them can end up being really effective WR.

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That’s why you shouldn’t be surprised by the reality that talented receivers are really high-paid athletes. Plaxico Burress, the brand-new York Giants wide receiver, saved $6 million net worth during 13 year of his career.


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He started to play in 2000, having been drafted by Pittsburgh Steelers. Plaxico placed lots of initiatives to do the pat of his team better. He to be Pittsburgh Steelers member throughout 5 years. Burress play to be so talented, the it caught attention that MTV producers and they made that the hero that their show “True Life”.

The following stage in Plaxico Burress career remained in 2005. The deal lugged the renowned American soccer player additional $25 million. Yet several years later Plaxico transferred to an additional team, as he was not satisfied through his payments. His transaction with new York Jets brought the athlete extra $3 million for one season only.

At the end of his career Plaxico Burress went back to Steelers. In 2013 he decided to retire.

For plenty of fans of the talented player, who led Giants come Super Bowl success in 2007, the quantity of his net worth appears too small. That’s due to the fact that the player was associated into court procedures 9 times throughout his NFL career. And also each time he lost money. For example, he lost $15, 000 for slapping the referee top top his face and also $20, 000 for verbal abuse. In enhancement the mainly player invested 20 month in jail because that participating in shooting accident in the night club.

Probably, Plaxico Burress network worth might be enlarge in situation he was not so hot-tempered.

Currently Burress earns his living together a coach the talented young American football players, who are all set for the play at Arizona Cardinals.

How walk Plaxico start his way on top?

Plaxico Burress Bio and also Career

Born Plaxico Antonio Burress spent his early years in Norfolk, VA. Still being a high college pupil, Plaxico had already made his mental to become a skilled American football player. The young played for the school team, and also his talent to sports was obvious. The Parade magazine marked him together the brand-new hope the American football.

After school, Plaxico Burress continued his education at Michigan State University. Over there he continued to pat AF and also even caught a record number of passes within a solitary season – 65.

The talent of the young player was obvious, it is why in ~ the period of 23 he got an opportunity to start playing American soccer on a skilled level. In 2000 he to be drafted by Pittsburgh Steelers.

In spite of the fact, that Burress lost lots of money in the court, tho he uncovered enough cash to buy the home of his dream.


Every person, who has already earned a pair of millions, thinks around getting a huge house what in the suburb. Plaxico Burress is no exclusion. He bought the luxurious mansion, which resembles a castle, in 2000 just after signing his very first deal. He payment $290, 000 for a beautiful residence, located in Lighthouse Point, FL.

The multi-layer mansion is covert from strangers behind a tall black color fence. The building is do of white brick and wood. The house is entered through a vast door, decorated through arcs.

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Plaxico missed his house so much throughout long 20 months he spent in prison. He to be so happy to come back home, wherein his kids Giovanna and also Elijah had been waiting for him.