“I actually live in a middle-class lifestyle, in a middle-class neighborhood, in the American Midwest,” Pete Buttigieg recently told CNBC. He has actually the finances come prove it.

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glossesweb.com estimates that Buttigieg has developed a network worth of about $100,000, greatly thanks come his six-figure salary as mayor of south Bend, Indiana—making the a financially comfortable Midwesterner, yet one of the least wealthy 2020 presidential hopefuls.

His earnings have bounced up and also down over the previous decade. In 2010, Buttigieg left his high-paying consulting job with McKinsey & company to run full time for treasurer that his house state that Indiana. His yearly revenue plummeted from $150,000 to $34,000, follow to his tax returns. He shed that race and also then made decision to run for market of south Bend. His income dropped further, to just $7,000 in 2011, propped up just by his 2009 decision to enlist in the U.S. Marine Reserve. “I had health insurance and a little income from reserve duty,” Buttigieg wrote in his 2019 book Shortest means Home, “but that come to about $400 a month, just shy of sufficient to cover my mortgage.”

Luckily he winner the mayor’s job and the ample salary that came v it. Among the highest-paid mayors in Indiana, Buttigieg has lugged in much more than $100,000 every year since taking office in 2012—except 2014, when his earnings dropped come $46,000 since he was deployed come Afghanistan for part of the year, forgoing his city salary.

Buttigieg has actually funneled those mayoral earnings—plus a $30,000 chunk that his book advance—into a portfolio of cash and investments, including Google and also Apple stock, worth in between $87,000 and also $300,000, according to a glossesweb.com analysis of his gaue won disclosure.

But his single largest heritage is his home. Once he returned to Indiana a decade ago, Buttigieg shelled the end $125,000 for a vacant, 2,500-square-foot neoclassical house in the ar where he prospered up. He set about refurbishing it, taking out a $100,000 mortgage the made headlines previously this year when he revealed the payment is simply $450 every month. A second mortgage, taken the end in 2017 for $70,000, most likely adds an additional $400 or so to his monthly bill.

glossesweb.com approximates that market Pete, who would not comment because that this story, tho owes about $150,000 top top the mortgages. To add he and his husband, Chasten, a previous middle institution teacher, owe between $110,000 and also $245,000 in college student loans, according to the jae won disclosure form.

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Last year the pair earned nearly $153,000. And also 2019 is shaping as much as be their highest-earning year to date, since Buttigieg obtained the remaining $45,000 of his book advance, and also royalties indigenous the bestseller, i beg your pardon was published in February, have started come flow. But their six-figure days might be nearing an end. Chasten resigned indigenous his teaching job earlier this year, and also when mayor Pete’s final term expires in ~ the end of the year, he may once again discover himself unemployment while seeking office.


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