Patrick Dempsey, renowned for his duty in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ together neurosurgeon Derek Shepherd is one American actor. His net worth is estimated to it is in $75 million.

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During his time top top Grey’s Anatomy, he functioned his method up come earning $400,000 USD an episode.

He also owns Dempsey Racing, featured in the Indycar League.

The beginning Story

Patrick Dempsey was born in January 1966 to parental Amanda and William.

Amanda Dempsey worked as a secretary whilst his father was an insurance salesman.

He thrived up in Maine, moving between two towns throughout his youth.

Both that his parents are Pennsylvania natives. As a dyslexic (he should memorize his scripts), Patrick Dempsey to visit St. Dominic regional High School, however he to reduce out before graduating.


Patrick Dempsey has been a performer since a young age, participating in juggling competitions throughout his teens.


GettyFink filed for divorce in 2015, however they reconciled and also called turn off the divorce in 2016.


He has actually three children with Jillian Fink.

They share one daughter, Talula, and also then pair sons Sullivan and Darby.

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Patrick Dempsey – net Worth

In the decade because season 1 that “Grey’s Anatomy” premiered in 2005, Dempsey has been a fixture ~ above the show.

Dempsey worked his way up come $80 million in complete net precious over the period.

It is estimated that Dempsey make $400,000 per illustration on Grey’s Anatomy.

This meant he was pulling in over $10 million a season.

A fan favorite, that was consistently booked because that conventions and meet and greets.

He offered autographs to fans for profit and also has done many features because that magazines.

He additionally runs a rewarding business and a racing vehicle empire.

He is the operator of effective Seattle coffee chain Tully’s Coffee under his business, which has actually over 47 stores.

Dempsey has amassed a huge following on social media and likely renders money from his Instagram posts.

He it s okay paid to encourage his upcoming projects.

He is likewise paid to function in commercials and also advertising campaigns.

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Due come his hefty success, it have the right to be assumed that charges a premium for his appearances.