Parking in ~ Disney civilization in Orlando is no joking matter – girlfriend can end up payment $25+ every day. To optimal it off, Disney freshly started charging for parking at all of their resorts. Because that those planning on driving to Disney civilization or renting a automobile for your trip, this absolutely adds up.

Luckily, there space a few hacks and also tips you deserve to use to conserve money on parking (as well together a pair that save money on Disney resorts)! 

How lot is Parking in ~ Disney world (2019)?

Standard Parking$25 per day
Preferred Parking$45–$50 per day
Oversized Vehicles$30 every day

These prices use only to the template parks. If you’re remaining at any Disney Resort, standard parking for the design template parks is consisted of for the expression of her stay. Over there are also convenient, free, and fun transportation solutions to and also from the will (such as boats and monorails)! 

However, parking is no longer cost-free at the Disney will themselves. 

Parking expense At Disney civilization Resorts (2019–2020)

Value Resorts$13 per night
Moderate Resorts$19 every night
Deluxe & deluxe Villa Resorts$24 per night

These prices are for bookings made prior to June 18, 2019 (for arrivals in 2019 or 2020). Resort parking prices will be a little higher if her reservation is do on or after June 18, 2019 for arrivals in 2020:


Tips because that Parking in ~ Disney World

Thankfully, this fees aren’t collection in stone. Part exclusions apply and can be functioned around. The being said, there are a few parking tips and also strategies that we’d like to divulge. 

Tip #1: purchase an annual Pass

If you visit Disney people enough, an annual pass might aid you conserve money top top tickets and also parking. Annual Passholders, Premium Passholders, and Disney Premier Passholders receive cost-free parking at every one of the Disney parks! 

This is the only way to obtain a year-long Disney world parking pass. 

Tip #2: enjoy a will Dining suffer (and totally free Parking)

Disney will offer totally free parking as soon as you have dining reservations. Due to the fact that there are totally free transportation solution from the Disney resorts, you have the right to park at the resort and also take one of these to the park. Stealthily book your breakfast and also dinner appointments here, then spend time in ~ the park in-between! 

They state there is a 3-hour limit, but we’ve never ever experienced issues. However, just do this in ~ your own risk – nobody wants parking tickets! It’s rare, however some civilization have reported being towed at few of the resorts. 

This is our favorite Magic Kingdom complimentary parking trick due to the fact that even paid parking is a hassle.

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Tip #3: Park in ~ Disney Springs or Water Parks because that Free

The Disney Springs shopping area offers complimentary parking. To acquire to your wanted park, you can take a bus come a Disney resort and also then use their complimentary shuttle service to the layout parks. Unfortunately, this will take quite a bit that walking and also time invested waiting for buses. It might be worthwhile to pay the fee – time is money!

You could also take an inexpensive Uber or Lyft indigenous Disney Springs come the park or a closer resort, climate hop top top their cost-free shuttle service. Disneyworld parking is free at the water parks as well (Typhoon Lagoon and also Blizzard Beach).

Tip #4: continue to be at a nearby Hotel With cost-free Parking

If she not collection on a fun Disney resort, many adjacent hotels room cheaper and also offer free shuttles to the Disney civilization parks. 

Tip #5: book a DVC luxurious Villa

If you a DSV Member, among the finest Disney civilization parking tips is to book a deluxe Villa. Nevertheless of whether you usage points or an additional payment, you won’t be fee for traditional overnight parking in ~ the resort. 

For non-members, ask who you understand who’s a member and also have them book it v your card!

Tip #6: rent Disney Vacation club (DSV) points

This reminder fits much more in the classification of every Disney savings, yet it’s among the ideal Disney human being parking keys as well. Resort parking is complimentary when you publication a qualified stay using Disney Vacation society points!

The society is a timeshare regimen that’s high value to sign up for, however many people “rent” points from existing members. This simply means you usage a member’s point out to book a deluxe Villa room in ~ a qualified resort. DSV members gain a set variety of points every year, and also some don’t use them all, for this reason they’re looking come sell. 

This expand far past how to protect against parking fees in ~ Disney World. You deserve to save a ton by renting points! there are showed DVC allude rental suppliers you can go through, or girlfriend can resource people v forums and word-of-mouth come skip the agency.

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What form of savings would certainly this be? To provide an example, a 3-night remain at the Disney animal Kingdom in September 2019 would expense 42 points. In ~ $17 every point, the complete would price just $714 and also include totally free resort parking. Not just do you gain completely totally free parking at Disney World, but this is a significant saving top top the will price (and deluxe rooms are much nicer). 

Other resorts price anywhere indigenous 11–100 points per night, depending on the season. Prices room also higher during the weekends. You can also find comparable DVC clues charts because that every eligible resort! 

Tip #7: continue to be at the Campsites in ~ Disney’s ft Wilderness Resort 


One of our final Disney people parking secrets entails the only will that doesn’t charge for parking. The Campsites in ~ Disney’s ft Wilderness Resort offers a full camping experience! If she comfortable safety hundreds ~ above camping 5 miles away from the resort, then continue to be here.

Tip #8: always Check the Disney deals Page!

The Disney human being special offers page lists every one of their existing deals. Some of these are a quite surprise. Because that example, we’ve checked out a cost-free Disney dining package through resort continues to be on details dates. This has 2 meals and 2 snacks every night – a pretty wonderful deal.

Is there complimentary parking at Disney people with AAA? 

Deals have the right to be found on the AAA website. However, Disney human being no longer offers free parking for every AAA members choose they did previously. 

What’s the difference in between Standard and Preferred parking?

To placed it quick – don’t suppose to be close to the park if you pick standard parking. However, trams are easily accessible for conventional parking. 

Where can I park for cost-free at Disney World? 

Typhoon Lagoon, Blizzard Beach, and Disney Springs all offer cost-free parking. An Uber or Lyft from this destinations deserve to be cheaper than parking in ~ the design template parks (depending on the time of day). In addition, you can park in ~ the resorts for cost-free with valid dining reservations.

Bottom Line

Overall, parking at Disney human being can be expensive through the recent price increases and new resort fees. However, there space a couple of ways come get about them. In ~ Parking Access, we make certain to continue to be up-to-date with hacks and tricks for parking in optimal areas. Us hope girlfriend found brand-new ways to conserve on Disney human being parking, and also perhaps also the resorts themselves!