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Editor’s note: This short article has to be updated with new information.

There is one certainty as soon as it pertains to Disneyland travel: Ticket prices constantly go up and never walk down. Design template park ticket are often the largest part of the price of a Disneyland vacation. It’s an important to understand all the alternatives as you plan a pilgrimage to the “happiest place on Earth.”

Do girlfriend really require add-ons prefer “park hoppers” (meaning you deserve to visit much more than one park per day)? space there methods to save on tickets that are safe and legitimate? just how do tickets occupational in 2021 with the brand-new Disneyland bookings system?

After visiting Disneyland regularly for the last pair of decades, I’ve purchased practically every ticket type there is, including an yearly pass prior to Disneyland APs to be canceled earlier this year. Continue to be tuned, together Disneyland is replacing yearly passes with an all-new membership regimen (slated come launch later on this year) simply for superfans.

Here are all the essentials you need to know around Disneyland ticket to make the right purchase for her trip.

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Disneyland ticket basics

Single-day tickets

Let’s begin with the most simple option: one-day tickets right into a solitary park in ~ Disneyland. There are two parks at Disneyland (Disneyland park and Disney California Adventure) and also these ticket will only permit admission into one the the two.

One-day ticket at the Disneyland Resort have variable pricing, with five price tiers depending on the work you space planning to visit. There is no price difference in between the two parks. Prices because that single-day, one-park-per-day tickets room as follows:

Tier 1: $104 adult, $98 child.Tier 2: $114 adult, $108 child.Tier 3: $124 adult, $117 child.Tier 4: $139 adult, $132 child.Tier 5: $154 adult, $146 child.

Adults are anyone age 10 and over, kid tickets are for ages 3-9, and anyone under age 3 is admitted free.

Disneyland only designates the days into tiers a couple of months in advance. For example, as of the day of publishing of this article, Disneyland has actually only made one-day ticket pricing accessible until the finish of June.

(Screenshot courtesy of Disneyland)

As you can expect, peak demand periods (like but on the weekend or the an initial several weeks around Disneyland’s reopening top top April 30) space Tier 5 days. Historically, Tier 1 days often tended to be midweek in lower demand months, however the existing calendar has no Tier 1 work available. Over there are simply six Tier 2 work on the calendar best now: all Tuesdays and Wednesdays prior to the California college year ends.

Multiday tickets

If you room visiting because that a much longer vacation come Disneyland, multiday ticket are obtainable as well. Per-day price on this tickets start to decrease the longer you stay. The most basic multiday ticket also allows admission into one park per day. So, guests v a three-day one-park-per-day ticket could spend two days in Disneyland park and also one day in ~ Disney California Adventure, however would not be able to go to both parks in a single day.

Unlike in ~ Walt Disney world where multiday tickets have variable pricing based top top the date of her visit, Disneyland’s multiday ticket prices room thankfully static. There room no tiers or blockout calendars like one-day ticket holders have to navigate.

Regular prices because that multiday one-park-per-day ticket in 2021 are:

Two days: $235 adult, $220 child.Three days: $310 adult, $290 child.Four days: $340 adult, $320 child.Five days: $360 adult, $340 child.

Multiday tickets are just valid for 13 additional days after they are very first used. This provides them a an excellent option come reduce cost for out-of-towners coming for a pilgrimage of number of days. But that method they are not-so-ideal because that locals spring to an are multiple visits the end over a longer period of time.

Disneyland ticket options and add-ons

There are, of course, added options that increase the price of park tickets for Disneyland guests. Ones come consider adding to her tickets include:

Park Hopper

The most basic tickets at Disneyland allow entry into a solitary park per day, yet it’s also possible to purchase tickets with a Park Hopper option for second charge. As the surname suggests, Park Hopper tickets allow guests to hop in between Disneyland park and also Disney California Adventure an unlimited number of times ~ above a single day. Since the parks space located just steps apart from one another, park-hopping is much simpler to carry out than it can be in ~ Walt Disney World.

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How lot does the Park Hopper attribute increase ticket prices? even if it is you space buying a one-day ticket or a five-day ticket or anything in between, the Park Hopper option right now costs a level rate the $55 for both adult and also child tickets. On a per-day basis, this renders the price of park-hopping quite expensive for much shorter trips ($55 a day for just a single day vacation), but really reasonable for longer ones ($11 a day because that a five-day trip).

Whether you require the Park Hopper option depends on your touring habits. Personally, my family likes the adaptability of being able come hop between parks if we find one park too crowded top top a given day. In fact, park-hopping has been a huge part of ours line-avoidance strategy at Disneyland over the years. I generally recommend Park Hopper ticket to many friends as well, probably with the exception of guest on a two-day pilgrimage who setup to invest a solitary day in each park.

In 2021 when the parks reopen in ~ a minimal capacity, park-hopping comes with one additional limitation the didn’t before: a time restriction. Guests won’t have the ability to park-hop until 1 p.m. Or later, subject to capacity limitations of course. With shorter park hours and also some ride and also restaurant closures, the Park Hopper option might not be as valuable in the short term as it once was.

Ticket add-ons discontinued because that now: MaxPass, Magic Morning

Several various other ticket choices that to be mainstays the the last several years have actually been discontinued for the 2021 reopening. Those include Disney MaxPass and Magic Morning.

Disney MaxPass to be a digital variation of Disneyland’s FastPass device that allowed guests to publication FastPass appointments on your smartphones. The service cost $20 every ticket every day back in march 2020. Over there is no indigenous whether and also when MaxPass or its cost-free FastPass indistinguishable will return, or whether modifications to MaxPass and FastPass space under consideration.

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Magic Morning was an additional ticket advantage that came at no extra price with every park tickets of three days or longer that were purchased in advance. Magic Morning afforded guest a solitary day of beforehand entry into Disneyland park on a Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday. Disneyland has at this time suspended Magic Morning, together with another early entry alternative for on-property hotel guests: Extra Magic Hour. Extra Magic Hour to be previously readily available in both Disneyland and also Disney California Adventure on pick days.

Tickets and Disneyland’s 2021 reservation system

There is a brand-new wrinkle in 2021 when it pertains to Disneyland tickets. Having a ticket to the parks is necessary, however not sufficient, to obtain park entry. Due to the fact that of volume restrictions, Disneyland now also requires guest to make breakthrough daily bookings for the template park they will certainly enter an initial for each day. This is a 2nd separate step that guests finish after purchase a ticket.

This way that prior to purchasing ticket in 2021, guests should always check Disneyland’s reservation ease of access calendar. It’s necessary to make certain that the parks you want to visit are obtainable for new reservations top top the days you desire to visit!

Note that there room two different calendars with various reservation availability: one for one-park-per-day tickets and also another for Park Hopper tickets. Be certain to click the tab the matches the ticket kind you arrangement to purchase.

(Screenshot courtesy the Disneyland)

To it is in sure, the Disneyland reservation device adds a brand-new layer the complexity and also is currently causing confusion for numerous guests. Examine out TPG’s guide to Disneyland appointments so girlfriend don’t run afoul of any kind of of the brand-new requirements. Keep in mind too that Disneyland at this time has an in-state residency necessity to have the ability to visit together of the date this short article is being published.

Disneyland ticket discounts and also the finest times to buy

Tickets are one of the most expensive components of a Disneyland vacation, therefore naturally, guests are looking to save money any way they can. Unfortunately, supervisor deep ticket discounts simply aren’t realistic (and if you watch them, lock are probably fraudulent so command clear).

Single and also multiday Disneyland ticket discounts

It is feasible to conserve some money on tickets at Disneyland, however, there is no too lot effort. The easiest way to save is by to buy multiday ticket through one of the legitimate ticket brokers that companion with Disneyland like acquire Away Today, Undercover traveler or aRes Travel.

These brokers regularly list ticket at least a few dollars every person below official Disney prices, and also their tickets come with all of the same benefits and also ease the use. Some sometimes will run added specials choose fifth-day free that alleviate the price even more. Be certain to shop roughly because prices fluctuate regularly, and sometimes brokers have various pricing easily accessible to choose partners.

Disneyland nearly never discounts that one-day ticket (except because that specialty ticket that would not be accessible to the vast majority of visitors). So, if girlfriend are just going for a solitary day, don’t waste her time trying to find deals. The easiest means to conserve on single-day ticket at Disneyland is instead by purchase discounted Disney gift cards and paying because that the ticket purchases direct from Disney v the gift cards. If girlfriend can acquire a deep enough discount top top gift cards, occasionally using gift cards will additionally beat the ticket broker multiday pricing too.

Of course, there room a number of other areas to find discounts (Costco, AAA, grocery store stores), however they seldom beat the discount ticket brokers or using discounted Disney gift cards.

Seasonal specials

If girlfriend can plan your Disneyland vacation a little much more last minute, there are sometimes seasonal deals and specials the arise throughout the year worth considering. In 2020, because that example, Disneyland offered two spring ticket deals prior to the parks shut down in mid-March. One to be a discount on youngsters tickets that decreased trip expenses for families with number of younger kids reasonably significantly. The second was a southern California resident sell on three-day tickets. These tickets to be priced well listed below normal three-day ticket price ($199 for one park per day and also $254 for the Park Hopper version). They additionally could be supplied over a several-month period, fairly than in ~ 13 work after an initial use.

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Other deals throughout times of short attendance frequently will pop up unexpectedly as well. In the summer of 2019 (when the expected record attendance because that Star Wars: Galaxy’s edge didn’t materialize), Disneyland readily available a bring-a-friend transaction where yearly pass holders can purchase a single-day Park Hopper ticket for number of companions for simply $99.

With annual passes at this time discontinued and the Disneyland bookings calendar still reflecting a lot of availability, similar summer 2021 discounts or special passes are definitely possible, especially for southern California residents.

Speciality discounts

There are a couple of other ticket discounts come be conscious of if you room within the default groups. These are not easily accessible yet because that 2021, however be sure to continue to look for them if they use to you.

Historically, the ideal of these discounts room the ones available to members that the military and their spouses. Prior to the closure critical March, this tickets could be purchased in ~ the Disneyland ticket booths and also on participating military bases. Army ID is required and details eligibility requirements need to be met. Military ticket price at Disneyland because that 2020 were:

Three-day Park Hopper ticket: $184.Four-day Park Hopper ticket: $204.

In 2020, tourists from other countries, an especially Canada and Australia, could additionally find additional discounts and also offers not available elsewhere. There to be a regular Canadian deal available at the very least annually, and also Australians to be eligible to purchase a 10-day Park Hopper, a ticket size not easily accessible to American guests. When global visitors can again start to return to Disneyland, this offerings may well come earlier too.

Price increases

Finally, once it involves tickets, watch out for the dreaded annual ticket price increase. It more than likely goes without speak the best time to buy Disneyland ticket is right before that price rise hits. In the last numerous years, Disneyland has actually increased prices annually sometime in between late January and also early March, but the exact day is never known in advance.

Luckily, even when a price rise happens, the discount ticket brokers are enabled to offer tickets valid through year’s finish at the ahead year’s prices because that a brief time (usually around a week or two after the announcement). I as such highly recommend doing some Disneyland vacation planning ideal after the new year so that you deserve to be prepared to jump on the vault year’s price for take trip for the rest of the year.

Disneyland annual passes discontinued, new membership routine coming later on in 2021

(Photo through Leslie Harvey)

Last but certainly no least, annual passes were one more option because that discounted layout park admission right into Disneyland for numerous years. Guests that planned to travel to Disneyland resort for a couple of trips a year usually found them a much better value compared to 2 or more multiday tickets. Annual passes were certainly more valuable to plenty of local southerly California occupants as well.

Although annual passes have been totally canceled for now, Disneyland has just announced the a membership routine is coming sometime in 2021, designed simply for superfans. While we don’t have the details yet, we’ll be sure to report on what this regimen will look prefer as soon as we discover out.

When this membership program launches, the crucial will be to carry out the math and read the fine print to find out whether the membership has actually restrictions or blockout dates that conflict with your vacationing patterns. Friend should also consider added dining and also shopping discounts to consider that can include up to an ext savings as well.

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Bottom line

Tickets are undoubtedly a significant expense once it concerns Disneyland travel. V a little preplanning and also an analysis of the extras you in reality need and knowledge of available discounts, it’s definitely still feasible to conserve a decent amount of dough.

If you’re plan a Disneyland vacation, inspect out these money- and also time-saving tips: