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An Amazon prime subscription provides its members numerous benefits (more than 25, in fact), yet one that the best and most popular perks is cost-free two-day shipping. The convenience of purchases delivered straight to her door, periodically only within hrs of ordering, is well worth the yearly cost of prime alone.

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Non-Prime members need to order at least $25 of default items come get complimentary shipping, and orders aren"t guarantee to come within two days. If girlfriend order much less than $25, you"ll be charged a shipping fee, which varies on the delivery weight and selected shipping speed.

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For example, ordering an Anker Powerline+ II USB-C Cable, our choose for the ideal smartphone charging cable, would generally cost $15 with cost-free two-day shipping for Amazon prime members. Because the order amount is much less than $25, non-Prime members would need to pay $6 extra for typical shipping, $10 because that two-day shipping, and $13 because that one-day shipping. That course, that expense may vary relying on location, distribution weight, and Amazon seller.

Assuming $10 is the average expense of tw0-day shipping, if friend opt for two-day shipping on 2 under-$25 orders every month, an annual subscription to Amazon Prime would still be cheaper ($119 v.s. $144 every year).

This doesn"t also account for all of the perks and benefits had with Prime, like accessibility to Prime video and deals during the upcoming sales event, Amazon element Day 2021. Amazon"s annual event kicks turn off at midnight PDT top top June 21 and ends top top June 22.

If you"re in the Contiguous US and willing to pay the yearly fee, you"ll have actually a handful of different shipping alternatives at your disposal, year-round:

No matter how countless benefits element membership offers, it"s inevitably as much as you to determine if it"s precious the price to join. Whether it"s since you"re not lot of an online shopper or you just don"t feel choose the $119 membership is for you, you can still qualify for totally free shipping that"s fast sufficient if you"re maybe to spend over $25 per order.

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