Cuban cigars are around to become legal in the united States; here are seven facts you may not have known around them.

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New York (MainStreet) -- critical week the Obama administration loosened the U.S.-Cuba embargo. Now qualified travellers to the island are permitted to come home with as much as $100 precious of alcohol and tobacco products each.

Around here that way just one thing: cigars. Soon people will be able to start moving these extremely sought, semi-legendary smokes back throughout the border one handful at a time. Right here are a few things come know before they do the round at your next bachelor party:

Retailers can’t get them… yet

The income ban has only been lifted for an individual consumption. Shops can’t import Cubans onto their shelves also in little amounts, no yet at any kind of rate. V an embassy opened in Havana and travel restrictions gradually loosening, tobacco lovers have actually reason come hope the it’s simply a matter of time before the last obstacles fall.

They’re expensive

$100 per person isn’t a lot, not once it concerns a great Cuban cigar at any kind of rate. This "habanos" can price as lot as $25 or more depending ~ above size and also quality, with specifically elite brands climbing to over $50 apiece.

Unfortunately, this will put a pretty hard cap on how countless of these cigars can leak into the unified States. V each traveler only able to lug home an median of four, it’ll take an ext than arriving with a 6 pack if you want your friend to share.

Americans can obtain them anyway

But remember, it’s your home attend to that keeps you from smoking cigarettes a Cuban, no your passport. Americans can still get and also buy the cigars external of the joined States.

Take a expedition up to Canada, Mexico or just about anywhere rather in the world and also what is one elusive, sought after commodity i do not care just one more item in the tobacco store. Shops in Paris and also London stock the things regularly, sufficient to do rolled tobacco Cuba’s number three export on the entire island.

Want come see exactly how one of these cigars tastes? Live in Michigan? simply pop approximately Toronto because that the weekend. Certainly don’t smuggle any type of in the gloves compartment for the drive residence though. That would certainly be wrong.

Yes, they are normally better

Iconic brands To existing Recent Corporate revolution And Entry into The Adult Freezer Pop sector At The 2021 Dawson James small Cap growth Conference

Number four in the world according come Cigar Aficionado and number one in the civilization according to Ask Men. The praise for Cuban cigars is effusive and consistent.

Is it since of your mystique? due to the fact that they’re doing something right? It’s difficult to say because that sure. The just thing we deserve to know is that yes, people generally perform like Cubans better.

Kennedy to buy 1,200 of castle right prior to the embargo.

In defense that the theory that Cuban cigars really are better, one U.S. President even delayed foreign policy just so he might get his hands on a couple of more that them.

According to one story, President john F. Kennedy inquiry his head of push Pierre Salinger to obtain him 1,000 Petit Upmann brand cigars before purchasing them became illegal. Once Salinger changed with 1,200 in hand the next morning Kennedy thanked him, pulled a sheet of record from his desk and also signed the embargo into law.

How countless other cigars deserve to say that the people waited for them?

Each one comes through a stamp of authenticity

Telling a actual Cuban indigenous a fake is difficult, at least up front. That’s why the government, i m sorry controls all cigar manufacturing on the island, produced the cigar guarantee stamp. This brand of authenticity go on every solitary Cuban cigar, assuring buyers the they’re not smoking an imitation.

As an added piece that trivia, every guarantee stamp comes with not only the Cuban flag on it but additionally a snapshot of a tobacco plantation.

It takes over 100 steps to make just one

Cuban cigars space still hand rolled the old fashioned way: through hand on a factory floor. In some places the reader still even practice their trade, reading the newspaper or famous fiction to employees from a chair in the middle of the room. This isn’t straightforward process, and also it takes much more than 100 procedures to do a solitary cigar.

Is it precious it? hopefully you’ll obtain a possibility to answer the yourself soon enough.

--Written because that MainStreet through Eric Reed, a freelance journalist who writes frequently on the topics of career and travel. You have the right to read much more of his work-related at his website A wandering Lawyer.

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