Nicole Curtis is mostly recognized as the hold of HGTV’s ‘Rehab Addict.’ However, she has many an ext professional personas that define her success not only in the world of showbiz but likewise in actual estate. Nicole is an interior designer, home restoration expert and also an author. The HGTV display premiered in 2010 and also had a successful run it spins its conclusion in 2018. She is a fan favorite mostly due to her spectacular skills and her sharp eye for properties that have the potential to it is in turned into attractive real estate assets.

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Born in 1976 in Lake Orion, Michigan, to parental Rod Curtis and Joan Curtis, Nicole prospered up finding out to love history and quickly developed an attention in standard architecture. She to visit Lake Orion High School and also reportedly began studying law in a college in Michigan. Switching gears, she changed her course and also shifted come a Florida college to attain an education major. However, a pregnancy brought the TV star’s education to a temporary halt.

Compelled by her circumstances, Nicole decided to start working. Rather of acquisition up a corporate job, she began her very own business. Since then, the renovation expert has refused to look earlier and is right now as successful as one can hope come be. Nicole is also a wonderful mom to her boy Ethan. She has an additional son, Harper, through her previous partner, Shane Maguire. Wondering just how Nicole developed in she career and made she wealth? look at no additional for answers.

How did Nicole Curtis do Her Money?

Before ending up being a TV star, Nicole spent around 12 year cleaning houses and also 5 years bartending at Hooters. Adhering to that, she stepped right into the real estate business and also became a licensed realtor and also real estate agent. She has been a genuine estate agent because that Edina Realty in the past. Among her at an early stage renovation projects compelled her to restore old dwellings in Minneapolis, and also she at the same time ran an antique business. Nicole soon emerged an inclination in the direction of working top top houses constructed during world War II and restoring them come their former glory.

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Her work-related was noticed by the media that assisted her show up on the DIY show ‘Sweat Equity.’ after ~ that, Nicole was handed the reigns to her own display ‘Rehab Addict,’ which concluded in 2018. The present rose to the ranks of popularity, contributing majorly come her network worth. In the show, the audience is presented Nicole’s functions as a actual estate investor, inner designer, and mom. Fan to the show’s popularity, HGTV announced a 2021 reboot titled ‘Rehab Addict Rescue.’


Nicole was the president of her own firm Nicole Curtis architecture Company, indigenous 2000 come 2012. As well as being the host of she show, she has been working as a actual estate agent with Keller Williams verity Realty due to the fact that 2012. The firm is based in higher Minneapolis-St. Paul Area. She is also the writer of a new York Times and also USA this day bestseller book, ‘Better than New: great I’ve Learned from saving Old residences (and how They saved Me).’

Nicole Curtis’ net Worth

Nicole’s company is successful and also blooming. Together with the income from her show, Nicole Curtis’ net worth together of January 2021 is approximated to be roughly a chuck $7 million.