by Max Blau The Georgia nursing dwellings hardest hit by COVID-19 are scattered across the state, indigenous the southwestern farm belt to the Blue...

The Georgia national Guard gathers exterior of PruittHealth’s Brookhaven facility.

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In mid-July, one more complaint alleged that at a PruittHealth nursing house in Valdosta, “employees who have actually tested confident for COVID space not wearing challenge coverings and are permitted to work with others who have actually not contracted the virus.” at a 2nd Valdosta facility, a complaint alleged that employees who tested optimistic were permitted to return to occupational “without self-quarantining per the Centers for condition Control & avoidance guidelines.”

When asked around these allegations, Pruitt said he to be unaware that the OSHA complaints and would look right into them. A spokeswoman because that PruittHealth later included that the agency “consistently reviews any kind of survey and report concerned patient and also caregiver health, safety, and also quality that care” and follows the indict of public wellness officials.

Late critical week, PruittHealth announced the it has actually spent more than $4 million to rental a full time infection regulate nurse for every nursing house with an ext than 100 beds. Yet the company also has grappled v its staffers acquiring sick in disproportionately high numbers.

State data show that close come 16 percent of all long-term care facility staffers in Georgia who have actually tested confident for COVID-19 are employed by PruittHealth – a higher rate 보다 the portion of patients that the company serves.

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Pruitt believes the number is one indication of just how strongly PruittHealth is focused on experimentation its workforce.

“Our typical is trial and error every employee every week,” Pruitt said. “We may have a greater rate due to the fact that we’re testing and able to isolation those employees. We’re further ahead in trial and error than others.”