Minimum wage in new York

New York State’s Minimum fairy in 2021 is $12.50 per hour. However, the federal Minimum wage in new York State is $7.25, i m sorry is lesser than the NYS minimum wage. Therefore employers space entitled to pay the greater state minimum wage to your employees.

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This minimum wage is applicable to many of the employees in NYS, with restricted exceptions consisting of some college student workers, tipped employees, and other freed occupations.

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The new York’s minimum wage is attached to customer price index, i beg your pardon means, the minimum wage rate would increase along with the increase of inflation and also it is re-evaluated yearly based upon these values.

Employees in brand-new York City

Minimum wage in new York City 2021 is $15.00 every hour because that employers with 11 employees or much more (considered together “large” employers). NYC employers through 10 or under employees are taken into consideration as “small” employers and their minimum wage is $15 per hour.

Employees in lengthy Island and Westchester Counties

The minimum wage for employees in long Island and also Westchester Counties is $14.00 per hour. Employees functioning in these regions will check out incremental increase of $1.00 per hour every year until the minimum wage reaches its desired maximum as soon as it becomes $15.00 every hour effective December 31, 2021.

Employees in all other NYS Counties

The minimum wage for employees in counties outside new York City subway area will certainly see various standards as soon as it concerns rate increases. At the end of each complying with year, its employees will watch the minimum wage rise to $11.10, $11.80 and $12.50 in ~ the finish of December 31, 2020. When the projections only display the rate boost to $12.50 per hour, the lawgiver have displayed their intention of increasing the minimum wage price to $15.00 per hour statewide.

Effective DateNYC huge EmployersNYC small EmployersLong Island and also Westchester Counties EmployersEmployees in all various other NYS Counties
31 Dec 2016$11.00$10.50$10.00$9.70
31 Dec 2017$13.00$12.00$11.00$10.40
31 Dec 2018$15.00$13.50$12.00$11.10
31 Dec 2019$15.00$13.00$11.80
31 Dec 2020$14.00$12.50
31 Dec 2021$15.00
Employers of quick food workers

The present minimum wage price per hour because that the rapid food employees in the state of brand-new York is $12.75 per hour and in brand-new York City is $15.00 per hour. There are continuous increase in the state for quick food workers with 2021. The scheduled rise is together follows:

$12.75 top top 31 December 2018$13.75 ~ above 31 December 2019$14.50 ~ above 31 December 2020$15.00 ~ above 31 December 2021

Starting 2021, the yearly minimum wage rates per hour will be published by the commissioner of labor on or prior to October 1, which will certainly be based on the customer price index and based on portion increases established by the director of the department of Budget.


Overtime Minimum fairy in new York State

According to the federal Labor standards Act (FLSA) and also State law (New York Minimum wage Law), job are forced to salary overtime wages for work-related performed after ~ 40 hrs per week. The overtime minimum fairy charges in brand-new York State space incremental and also vary based on where the employee is located along with the number of employees to work by the employer. The following table illustrates the incremental boost in the overtime value of brand-new York State employers in between both big and little companies.

Effective DateNYC huge EmployersNYC little EmployersLong Island and also Westchester Counties EmployersEmployees in all other NYS Counties
31 Dec 2016$825/week$787/week$750/week$727.50/week
31 Dec 2017$975/week$900/week$825/week$780/week
31 Dec 2018$1,125/week$1,012.50/week$900/week$832/week
31 Dec 2019$1,125/week$975/week$885/week
31 Dec 2020$1,050/week$937.50/week
31 Dec 2021$1,125/week
Employers in new York City

Employers in new York City will view their overtime salary threshold boost to $1,125 every week, which is about $58,500 annually with the only difference being in between “large” and “small” employers. For huge employers (11 employees or more), the present overtime value threshold is $1,125 every week. For tiny employers (10 employee or less), the existing overtime value threshold is $1,012.50 every week which is collection to rise to $1,125 per week ~ above December 31, 2019.

Employers in lengthy Island and also Westchester Counties

Similar come the brand-new York City Employers, companies in lengthy Island and also Westchester Counties will additionally see their overtime value threshold rise to $1,125 every week by the end of December 31, 2021. Existing overtime value threshold is $900 every week, i m sorry is set to boost to $975 every week ~ above December 31, 2019 and also $1,050 per week the complying with year prior to it ultimately reaches to $1,125 every week ~ above December 31, 2021.

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Employers in other new York State counties

Businesses in brand-new York State counties outside of brand-new York City subway area will watch gradual, incremental increase in the overtime value threshold i beg your pardon finalizes come $937.50 every week ($48,750 annually) which will certainly take effect on 31st December 2020.

Frequently Asked inquiries on brand-new York State Minimum Wage and also Labor Laws:

What is the minimum wage in brand-new York City?The present minimum wage in NYC is $15.00 for huge employers (more 보다 or equal to 10 employees) and $15 for small employers (less than or same to 10 employees).How lot will ns earn working a minimum wage job in brand-new York State?The new York State minimum wage is $12.50 per hour as on 31st December 2020.What is the new York under 18 minimum wage?