Get constantly up-to-date Office apps–like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote–that girlfriend know and also trust.

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Install 365 on your Mac, PC, tablets, and phones. With complete versions mounted on your computer or Mac, yes no need for one internet connection to accessibility documents.


Collaborate, coauthor, and also share with 1 TB that OneDrive cloud storage every user. Access all her docs, photos, and also videos whenever—and wherever—you need them.

Get IT-level internet support and also phone support about the clock. Solve vital issues and get the answers girlfriend need.





Office 2019 has apps such together Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

See device requirements because that compatible execution of Windows and also macOS, and for other feature requirements.

girlfriend don’t should be connected to the net to use Office apps, such together Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, because the apps are fully installed on your computer.

However, internet accessibility is forced to install and activate every the recent releases of Office suites and all 365 subscription plans. 365 plans additionally require internet accessibility to manage your subscription account (for instance to install Office on various other PCs or to readjust billing options) and to access documents save on computer on OneDrive, uneven you install the OneDrive desktop app.

You should also connect to the internet regularly to store your variation of Office approximately date and benefit from automatic upgrades. If girlfriend don’t attach to the internet at least every 31 days, your apps will certainly go into decreased functionality mode, which method you deserve to view or publish documents however can’t edit them or create brand-new ones. Come reactivate her Office apps, reconnect to the internet.

will I quiet have regulate of my records with 365?

Yes. Papers you’ve created completely belong to you. You can store them virtual on OneDrive or in your ar on your pc or Mac.

If you cancel your subscription or that expires, you deserve to still accessibility and download every your records by signing in come OneDrive straight using the account you offered to collection up 365. Girlfriend do lose the additional storage the comes through your subscription, for this reason you should save your documents elsewhere or buy much more OneDrive storage if your OneDrive account exceeds the complimentary storage quota.

when would mine subscription start?

If you acquisition an autorenew subscription, your subscription starts once you finish your purchase. You have the right to purchase autorenew subscriptions from,, and also select retailers. If you acquisition a prepaid subscription, your subscription starts once you activate her subscription and also land on your My Account page. You have the right to purchase pre-paid subscriptions native a retailer or reseller, or a assistance agent.

just how do ns share 365 v the rest of mine household?

To add someone to your subscription, visit the my Account page and follow the onscreen instructions to include a user. Each person you include will receive an e-mail with the procedures they need to follow. As soon as they have accepted and completed the steps, their information, including the set up appsthey"re using, will show up on her My Account page. You deserve to stop sharing your subscription through someone or remove a maker they"re utilizing on the mine Account page.

What is “the cloud”?

“The cloud” is a friendly means of describing web-based computing services that space hosted outside of your residence or organization. When you use cloud-based services, her IT framework resides off your home (off-premises) and is maintained by a third party (hosted), rather of residing on a server in ~ your home or organization (on-premises) the you maintain. Through 365, because that example, information storage, computation, and also software room located and managed remotely ~ above servers own by Many services you use every day space a part of the cloud—everything native web-based email to cell phone banking and online picture storage. Since this facilities is located online or “in the cloud,” girlfriend can accessibility it essentially anywhere, from a PC, tablet, smartphone, or other device with an web connection. Office resources

Office 2021 support

Find account support, application training, and usage tips.

Learn much more

Other execution of Office

Learn around other versions of Office and also how you deserve to upgrade come the new 365.

Office 2007
Office 2010
Office 2013
Office 2016

Download Office 2019

To download and install Office 2019 for a single PC or Mac go toMyAccount.

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