Over 18 years due to the fact that his retirement, Michael Jordan remains as popular as ever. In January, a pair that mint-condition Jordan 1986 Fleer rookie cards marketed at auction for $738,000 apiece. The Goldin Auctions sale marked a 269 percent price boost from specifically a month prior when a similar card sold for $200,000 on eBay.

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Despite the expensive price tag, the Jordan collectible is no as rare as various other cards that have sold at a similar price. PSA Authentication and also Grading Services, the industry"s top card-grading outlet, has handled 19,567 Jordan rookie Fleers, with 317 coming ago as perfect 10s. In comparison, a 2018 Panini Prizm yellow Luka Doncic marketed for $799,500 with just five full cards in existence.

PSA labeling the "86 Fleer Jordan, "The most recognizable basketball card and the many important contemporary card from any type of sport in the whole hobby."

Jordan"s 1986 Fleer rookie card (Photo: (REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni))Chris Ivy, director of sports sales in ~ Heritage Auctions, to trust the Jordan Fleer"s boost in value was due, in part, come the famous docuseries "The critical Dance," spurring attention in the six-time NBA Champion.

"If you"re looking in ~ what a PSA 10 Jordan is offering for now versus what it offered for 12 or 13 month ago, it"s at 10 times the price," Ivy told Yahoo Sports. "It"s been a wild ride to say the least."

However, due to the fact that the three-quarters the a million dollars sales, the Jordan Fleer has dipped significantly in price. Two similar mint-condition cards offered for $344,400 and $288,000 last week. Ivy admitted the though the cards room still wildly popular, the January price peak was inflated.

"I think the run-up of prices did acquire a tiny too high," Ivy said. "They jumped unnaturally there because that a little bit. They were doing some expensive numbers. But there"s quiet a market there, quiet a desire to have those cards in particular."

Tracking the price the the Jordan "86 Fleer rookie map (Photo: (Michael Wagstaffe/Yahoo Sports))Sportscard analyst kris Steuber suspects the the Jordan rookie card can have another revival in price as result of the short probability any type of newly uncovered cards would certainly yield a perfect grade.

"I seriously doubt the there will be many, many much more that obtain 10s," Steuber said. "Maybe PSA has some quiet at their facility. But you look at the populace rate now, and also let"s watch where it"s at in two years. Could it raise come 500 by then? It"s possible. But I don"t think it"s going come get everywhere close to a thousand."

Including the 2 "86 Fleers that offered in January, Jordan has actually had five cards in his likeness offer for much more than $700,000. Of every athletes, only LeBron James has had as countless cards market within that price variety (five).

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In February, a 1997-98 upper Deck video game Jersey Jordan autograph card marketed for $1.44 million. It to be the most a Jordan map has ever before fetched in ~ auction and the tenth-most expensive sports card in history.