Michael Jackson"s "Thriller" jacket offered for $1.8 million in ~ this weekend"s Julien"s auction in Beverly Hills, California.

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NEW: one of Jackson"s crystal-covered gloves sells because that $330,000, 10 time the estimateA bidder pays $1.8 million because that the red and black jacket the he made famous in "Thriller"Other item auctioned this weekend to be from Bob Dylan, open minded Sinatra and also ElvisThe cape the the Beatles" Ringo Starr wore in "Help!" sold for $37,500

(glossesweb.com) -- In an auction special memorabilia indigenous the Beatles, Madonna and Elvis Presley, it to be Michael Jackson who verified to it is in king.

The red and also black jacket, winged shoulders and also all, the the late pop star wore during his zombie-ridden "Thriller" video fetched a $1.8 million bid at this weekend"s Julien"s auction in Beverly Hills, California, follow to the auctioneer"s website.

The winning price was exponentially over the approximated bid the $200,000 to $400,000. Component of the proceeds will go towards the Shambala maintain where Jackson"s two Bengal tigers, Thriller and Sabu, have actually been life the past five years.

The jacket had actually been offered to Dennis Tompkins and Michael Bush, the singer"s longtime costume designers, to use as a reference for concert performances that the "Thriller" song. It consists of an inscription to castle on the jacket"s lining, and also the sleeve is signed, "Love Michael Jackson."

Its sale came specifically two year after the then 50-year-old Jackson was killed by a surgical anesthetic called Propofol, i beg your pardon a Los Angeles coroner ruled killed the singer in mix with numerous sedatives found in his blood.

The coat wasn"t the only piece of background from the late King the Pop the was part of the auction. The signature fedora Jackson wore throughout his bad Tour was marketed for $16,250, a handwritten note to girlfriend Elizabeth Taylor went for $5,625 and also a signed pillowcase fetched $3,584. And a bidder paid out $330,000 -- an ext than 10 time what Julien"s had actually expected to acquire -- for one of the famous, shiny, crystal-covered gloves the Jackson wore during the 1980s.

"Michael Jackson has an unbelievable pan base," Darren Julien, the auction house"s president, said glossesweb.com earlier this month.

Other pieces of history, from other members the music royalty, were also featured at the auction. While yellow records and instruments were common items, others were much more practical -- prefer Frank Sinatra"s boots (selling because that $2,500) and his 1986 Jaguar vehicle ($19,000). And also the U.S. Army-issued sewing kit the Elvis Presley"s that went for $1,536.

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The King the Pop"s closest competition at the auction to be the Beatles, which had actually a variety of items because that sale. A signed postcard native Liverpool"s ideal sold for $5,504 and also Paul McCartney"s base guitar fetched $14,080. Yet oft-diminished drummer Ringo may have gained the critical laugh, through the cape the wore in the movie "Help!" marketing for $37,500 -- about five times the estimate.