Serving up well-rounded alternatives at compete prices, metro by T-Mobile is just one of our top picks because that prepaid mobile plans.

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Are you trying to find a prepaid cabinet phone setup that’s juuust right? Well, Goldilocks, us think subway by T-Mobile could fit the bill.

With a low-data plan, a middle-of-the-pack data plan, and two endless options, there’s a plan for practically everyone. Those prices are pretty vain too. Yet we’ll sure miss out on our HD video clip streaming.

You may have actually heard about the upcoming merger between two mobile giants, Sprint and T-Mobile. That going come shake increase the totality industry. But Metro customers may not view any major changes.

Sprint customers will likely be switched come T-Mobile plans, and also Sprint-owned prepaid providers, like Boost, will be marketed off to dish network.7 but it looks like Metro by T-Mobile will emerge from the merger unscathed. So nothing be afraid to dive into a brand-new plan!

You’ve acquired two alternatives for unlimited plans through Metro through T-Mobile. They’re both pretty cheap and have data cap of 35 GB a month. Here are every the details.

Do you recognize what’s refreshing? once companies actually have actually straight-up pricing. The prices you see through Metro by T-Mobile currently include taxes and also regulatory fees. Since Metro is a T-Mobile subsidiary, we’d suppose nothing less. (T-Mobile is recognized for including taxes and also fees in the advertised prices, which us think is awesomesauce).

One potential downside is the weaker coverage.1, 2 If you opt for an unlimited plan, you’ll want a solid connection everywhere you go. Compared to the coverage juggernaut, Verizon, metro by T-Mobile’s coverage isn’t the best. Yet you"ll still acquire a great connection in many urban areas.

Another downside is the danger of deprioritization. This happens once the network owner, in this instance T-Mobile, decides come prioritize the data speed of some customers end others. Throughout times of network congestion, subway customers can end up in ~ the back of the data link line, so come speak.

Data caps and also speed throttling

Not to be confused with deprioritization, data throttling is when your data is slowed down after you reach your high-speed data cap. V Metro, if girlfriend download over 35 GB of data in a solitary month, you could get throttled.

So, let’s see exactly how T-Mobile compares come the vain with countless data plans.

Even despite the prices look similar, you’ll probably pay a tiny less with Metro 보다 you would v another similarly priced company. Why, friend ask? Fees and taxes are already baked right into the price. Points for honesty, subway by T-Mobile.

Another huge thing going because that Metro—5G LTE mobile Hotspot. Since 5G isn"t really a point yet, you deserve to translate this to typical "really fast hotspot speeds." however once metro rolls out its 5G coverage, its for sure to assume that the hotspot speeds will certainly be mind-blowingly fast.

One point to note

While you can purchase most Metro through T-Mobile phones online, you’ll need to visit an actual keep to set up her plan. Subway by T-Mobile stores room pretty common about most of the US, so you shouldn’t have actually much trouble.

Metro through T-Mobile household plans

Everyone should do their absolute darndest to be on a household plan. Subway by T-Mobile go from being cheap to also cheaper.

The main difference you’ll see with your various Metro family plan alternatives revolves about how much Mobile Hotspot data you plan on using.

If you travel a lot for business or school and also need to depend on a mobile hotspot in a pinch, you might want to take into consideration one the the an ext expensive family plan options.

By the way, don’t be fear of the steep up-front prices you see above. You have the right to avoid the price by carrying your old phone end or buying an enlarge phone. But if you want the latest and greatest, mean steep up-front costs for the new phone.

How countless Mbps carry out I need?

Get a quick intro to Mbps and also what speed you need in ours Mbps guide.

Take a look in ~ the family arrangement competition come see just how Metro through T-Mobile stacks up.

We recognize you’re excited around the super cheap subway by T-Mobile, however remember the it doesn’t have actually quite the exact same coverage or streaming quality as say, Verizon. But hey, if the price is what problem most, remainder assured you’ll gain a great deal with Metro.

Again, the upfront prices are based upon purchasing brand brand-new phones v your plan. You have the right to avoid dropping all the money if you carry your old phones. If you do get new phones for the fam, you deserve to save part money buying through Metro as opposed to an at&t or T-Mobile plan.

Metro by T-Mobile Prepaid plans

This is the minute of the movie whereby the protagonist take away off their glasses, allows down your hair, and also you establish they to be beautiful all along. Hopefully, movies don’t actually carry out that no longer (*cough* Princess Diaries *cough*).

For metro by T-Mobile, prepaid plans room its bread and also butter. You’ll have actually a hard time detect a far better prepaid setup that includes 5 GB LTE mobile hotspot, in addition to 4G LTE coverage because that such an affordable price. Other carriers, choose AT&T and Ultra Mobile, can"t case the same speeds for prepaid plans.

Don’t believe us? We’re hurt, but that’s fine. Take a look for yourself.

Remember, all your fees and taxes are included in the price you see listed below for Metro. That"s not the situation with the competition.

Long story short, if you desire a prepaid countless wireless plan, and you live in a an excellent T-Mobile service area, subway by T-Mobile is more than likely your best bet. It offers solid speeds and decent enough coverage because that a price that’s together cheap or even cheaper than the competition.

Metro cell phones and also devices

Want the recent Apple or Samsung phone? you’ll likely uncover it at Metro.

Most prepaid cabinet phone companies don’t sell a good selection that the latest and greatest phones. That’s why us were pleasantly surprised by the phones Metro had to offer.

Feast her eyes on these popular tools that subway sells.

Along v LG, Motorola, and other brands, subway keeps it genuine with miscellaneous Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phones. Nice.

Thinking the upgrading your metro by T-Mobile phone?

You’ll need a sim card to connect your phone come the subway by T-Mobile network, yet that doesn’t median upgrading phones is as basic as swapping that sim card to your brand-new phone.

Instead, you’ll should visit a store or offer Metro through T-Mobile a speak to at 1 (888) 863-8768.

Unfortunately, girlfriend won’t find any brand-new Google phones here.

However, metro does permit for a lug your own phone (BYOP) option if you’re committed to the Google Pixel lifestyle. You’ll must visit a save to make certain your Google call is fully compatible and then acquisition a Metro sim card.

How an excellent is subway performance?

Metro hops ~ above the T-Mobile network for an excellent speeds and coverage, many of the time.

Metro provides T-Mobile’s network, which is the weakest that the large three networks once it concerns coverage, however still consist of 62% the the country. All in all, that really counts on the location. T-Mobile specifically shines in regards to urban coverage, however struggles in more rural areas.

Check out the coverage map to acquire a better idea that coverage in your area.

Coverage worries aside, T-Mobile’s network gets high scores as soon as it pertains to speed. In ours network testing, T-Mobile actually verified to market the fastest wireless speeds among the huge three carriers.

The Metro website states, “During congestion, metro customers may an alert reduced speed vs. T-Mobile customers.” This is what us in the industry speak to deprioritization. (Spoiler alert: nothing be surprised if Avengers: Infinity War start buffering right prior to you find out who dies. RIP.)

Metro customer service

Your patience could be tested—but sadly, that’s no surprise.

If you’re searching for world-class customer service, you won’t uncover it in ~ Metro. Or at any kind of cell phone call company, for the matter.

The sad truth is the wireless service providers are notorious for negative customer service, and Metro is no exception. Plenty of customers have complained around lackluster business both in the store and also over the phone.1

There space some four- and also five-star combined in there, though. So maybe there’s expect for metro customer business after all. One of two people way, it’s ideal to be all set to spend some time (and patience) as soon as you visit the keep or provide them a call.

Recap: Is Metro any type of good?

Out of every the prepaid wireless carriers out there, us think Metro is just one of the best choices. Here’s why.

Plans: You’ve got a choice between four solid plans. Each one provides a great amount that data because that a compete price, consisting of two countless options. Yet be all set to visit her nearest Metro keep to acquisition that arrangement (and probably your phone).

Performance: metro runs ~ above T-Mobile’s network, therefore you can expect great speeds and great coverage—although rural locations may have signal issues. There space two caveats, though: You’ll have the ability to stream video clip only in SD, and also your data speeds may be slower 보다 if you were a T-Mobile customer.

Customer service: What can we say? subway customer service isn’t the best. However sadly, it is true for most wireless companies.

Overall: subway is a competitive an option for prepaid phone to plan in particular. It can not it is in the ideal option for countless plans as result of less-than-great coverage, but you can get away with it in urban areas.


Q: ns behind on mine payments. Once will metro disconnect my phone?

If she behind ~ above paying your bill, there’s a good chance Metro will certainly disconnect your phone the work after your payment is due.

You might have the ability to call Metro and request a grace period. But keep in mind that your bill will be early out the exact same day of the month the following month—your late payment i will not ~ push earlier your early date.

For example, if her bill to be due on might 3 and you payment on might 10, your next bill will still be due top top June 3.

Q: that owns Metro?

Metro is own by T-Mobile.

Q: Does metro by T-Mobile use a GSM network?

Yes, Metro offers T-Mobile’s GSM network.

If you’re comes from T-Mobile or AT&T, which both run on GSM networks, her phone will most likely be great to walk as lengthy as friend unlock it and purchase a Metro sim card.

If you’re switching from Verizon, though, you might run into issues, since both of those carriers operation on CDMA.


written by
Tyler Abbott
Tyler has been obsessed through watching sports as successfully as possible since the development of the DVR. The is constantly on the lookout for the best tech in TV and wireless for this reason he can watch every the sports and still have enough time to hang out v his baby. He has written about streaming, wireless, and also TV because that over three years. He really hopes the Lakers will ultimately get better.
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Metro PCS: The business is terrible and the customer company is even worse. Save yourself the headache and also find one more carrier.

stack Smith

Been through metro for about 2 year now. Ns paid $6.00 a month because that insurance. Had actually a trouble with my phone so i wanted to placed a insurance claim in for a replacement phone. The money was never transferred over to the insurance allowance company. The rep available me nothing, no refund which i deserve. The reps all have disastrous english. They likewise seem really stupid. I will certainly switch shortly to an additional carrier but not cricket, they rental the specific same stupid reps.

Billy Manus

I think metro is great. I’ve been with them for 12 years. It’s affordable, where I live the signal is great, but I have actually learn a couple of things along the way. 1) Don’t purchase your phone native Metro, they’ll rip you off. You can conveniently purchase a offered phone in good condition turn off off eBay for 1/3 that the price. 2) never ever purchase the insurance, since they will create some clause where you can’t usage it. 3) Don’t pay her bills in the store, since they will certainly charge friend more. Stick through paying with the application or on your website, which is free. 4) Don’t expect a Ferrari as soon as you room paying for a Kia.

Moses Winston

Angelia Conner

I will certainly be changing my service back to at&t. When ya have salespeople dressing with fifty percent of their underwear showing, the remainder of the service gonna be bad too. The atmosphere is one abomination unto the Lord. Playing gospel church music and also living the lifestyle of Satan. Lord please conserve them before it’s as well late.


Been with Metro a pair years now and where i live it functions fine. We went to Tennessee this previous week and also in the Gatlinburg/Pigeon create area the business was certainly hit and miss. Go to the Island, and it was entirely gone, could not connect. IMO that’s entirely absurd as that’s a really busy area. Not certain if it to be depriortization or simply absence of signal/service yet it to be most definitely disconcerting. I’ve started looking into one more provider due to the fact that of this.

Jana Morgan

Been faithful to metro for two decades but castle don’t treatment a pinch around it. They simply downgraded mine data arrangement from 3GG to 2GB a month simply by switching end to a new phone. They’re becoming greedy and also don’t treatment of present financial instance of people to take advantage of them. Looking to move to a various carrier genuine soon!!!!

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