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McDonald’s Hawaii uses a special menu of item you can only discover in Hawaii. There room breakfast platters loaded with Spam and Portuguese sausage, a dessert food selection with warm haupia (coconut pudding) and taro pies, fried apologize pies (only state where you can gain the pies fried in the US!), and much more. Below are ours favorites, ranked.

The just time i eat fast food is in Hawaii. Fast food places right here are clean, business is friendly…and the Hawaii-only menu items space a treat. There room breakfast platters loaded through Spam and also Portuguese sausage. The dessert menu offers haupia (coconut pudding) and also taro pies. Bonus: go you recognize Hawaii is the only state whereby you can get McDonald’s fried apologize pies (not baked!) in the US?

Below, my favourite Hawaii-only McDonald’s food selection items, ranked.

1. Fried Haupia (and Taro) Pies

Haupia (sometimes called “coconut pudding”) is a timeless Hawaiian coconut dessert that has actually a consistency halfway between pudding and jelly. In ~ Mcdonald’s Hawaii, they ingredient haupia right into the pie crust and also deep fried food the entirety thing. It’s really good, the haupia is all hot and also molten, and also that fried pie crust is familiar in every the best ways.

They additionally make Fried Taro Pies! but you’ll never uncover both Fried Haupia Pies and Fried Taro Pies top top the food selection at the exact same time. It’s constantly one or the other, and they keep rotating them ago and forth….

2. Spam, Portuguese Sausage, Eggs, and Rice

My favorite savory point to get at McDonald’s Hawaii space the breakfast platters!! You have the right to mix and also match, pick only Spam or just Portuguese Sausage. Or you deserve to have that all…which is what ns prefer. This is mine go-to combo breakfast platter. Several rice (most crucial part!), scrambled eggs, 2 slices that Spam (which room pan-fried), and three slices the Portuguese Sausage (also pan-fried).

And don’t ignore the Aloha brand shoyu (soy sauce) packets the come v the breakfast platter. You know just how some people like to placed ketchup on your eggs? In Hawaii we put shoyu. Simply open the packet and drizzle the on peak of her eggs and rice. The best is once you can get everything (a bit of rice, egg, spam/sausage) in one bite. FYI, breakfast is currently served every day. 🙂

3. Fried apple Pies

Remember when McDonald’s discontinued fried to apologize pies and also replaced them v baked to apologize pies? anyone was for this reason upset. In Hawaii we took activity and brought ago the fried apple pies (thank goodness). McDonald’s Hawaii is the only location in the nation where you can obtain those beloved fried to apologize pies.

4. Saimin (Noodle Soup)

Saimin is Hawaii’s answer to ramen. I enjoy saimin an ext than ramen since it’s lighter (and won’t make you feel all tired and heavy after) however just together flavorful. Ramen soup is made out of a dashi-based broth, and the noodles space wheat noodles. Over there are numerous places come eat saimin in Hawaii (you deserve to even find saimin in ~ 7-11, however my go-to is Zippy’s), and also McDonald’s supplies a solid variation that will perform in a pinch.

They likewise cover all the crucial saimin toppings: kamaboko (fish cake), char siu, sliced egg, and seaweed. Just thing missing is the environment-friendly onion! #LuckyWeLiveHawaii indeed.

5. Hawaiian Iced Tea and also Kona Coffee

Of course us didn’t forget around the drinks. Just in Hawaii have the right to you try McDonald’s Kona coffee and also Hawaiian Islands passion Fruit Na Pali iced tea. Part McDonalds Hawaii locations also offer Fruit Punch…if you see it, make certain to shot it.

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Worth Noting

The Waikiki areas of McDonald’s Hawaii occasionally has actually fresh reduced pineapple ~ above the menu.Once in a big while, every the McDonald’s Hawaii locations bring ago the McTeri deluxe (which is a huge teriyaki burger) for a brief period.The one-of-a-kind Hawaii menu items are listed alongside the constant menu item, for this reason you need to look very closely to clues the Hawaii ingredient ^_^

Valley Isle Kombucha / Alchemy Maui


Afternoon Tea in ~ Halekulani Hotel (Oahu)

I would certainly love to see the mainland claims (Continental USA) have a summer menu of the simple platter and include on a morning tropic frozen yogurt smoothie option. Coffee can be one option. Worn down of see people choose only a soda or fizzy drink, as we recognize that milk or juice is a much better option. Also water is a much better option. No complaining, I just think the rest of us here in the claims (including Alaska) would certainly love to have a straightforward platter like this. The summer menus space nice and all top top the mainlands (Continental USA), yet for those whom can"t take trip to Hawaii and don"t want to do breakfast, i think it would be quite to have actually a Hawaiian menu. Possibly the adhering to year we could have an add on of new Zealand and also Australian breakfast menu.

Aloha indigenous da mainland,I to be born & increased in Hawai’i and let me phone call you over there is no McDonalds prefer Hawai’i McDonalds, i remember the first time I visited Mc’s (this was in the 80’s) i was ordering breakfast and the girl maintained asking me am ns ready,am i ready and also I asked i don’t see where your potogee sausage w/rice is,of food she had actually no idea what ns was talking about and I said yah yet we have actually it at all the McDonalds earlier home in Hawai’i(she apologized quiet not discovering what ns was talk about)so as soon as I go residence it’s nice to walk to Mc’s and also have a variety of options to select from,more importantly tho is when I walk to the 1in Kane’ohe and order the well known teri burgess w/mayo and also fries