Mark Ramsey and also Digger Manes are the 2 lead casts that the famous show on the discovery channel ‘Moonshiners.’ In the show, Mark and Digger create moonshine in different places and also mountains of America. Mark debuted ~ above TV through this show in 2012, while Digger join in 2014. The Moonshiner duo is the co-founder the brewing firm ‘Sugarlands Distillery,’ situated in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

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Growing up in eastern Tennessee, Mark has actually a many experience impending moonshine through the local experts. Top top the other hand, Digger has been distilling every his life. However, both the craftsman mastered distillation and making moonshine under the world-class moonshiner Popcorn Sutton. In this article, us dig into the facts around the 2 moonshiner’s age, network worth, and their marriage.

Mark Ramsey Wife

Many fans have asked about the married life of note Ramsey. Moreover, there space rumors around Mark and Digger being gay couples.

However, these rumors are not true in ~ all because Mark has a wife. That is married to Sally jane Clark. The pair appeared together at one of the moonshine-related events. Later, they jointly arranged a fan fulfill on the 13th that March, 2020, in Williamsburg.

Mark desires a low profile regarding his an individual life and his family. He has actually not pass on any type of info ~ above his wife and also kids in any kind of social media handles. Thus, no more details are available on Mark’s wife Sally and around the kids.

However, we have actually dug into Sally’s Instagram manage to discover out that the pair shares at least two beautiful daughters. Sally regularly posts pictures the her, Mark’s, and her daughter in her Instagram account


Mark and Digger: Birthday, Age

Apart from gift the actors member of the exact same show and sharing the same net worth, the two still have other points in common. The is their secretive an individual life. The star duo has even kept their birthday and also age a secret from everyone. However, looking at them, we can guess them to it is in in their mid-50s.

Some interesting facts top top Mark and also Digger

Mark Ramsey and Digger Manes are the crew of the show that to produce an illegal type of alcohol. However, the regional authorities insurance claim that no illegal impending is done in the collection as that portrays. ~ above the contrary, the present producers have put ~ above a disclaimer that the content shown is real.

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Furthermore, Digger calls mark with the nickname ‘Puss’ ~ above the show. This nickname has spiralled happy rumors among the followers. However, it is no true as note is a married man.