MARCO Rubio jumped into national headlines in 2015 once he announced his presidential campaign.

He has actually announced that he will run because that reelection to a third term in the 2022 United claims Senate election.

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Marco Rubio's politics career started in Miami in 1998.Credit: Getty photos - Getty

Who is Marco Rubio?

Rubio is a Republican member that the US Senate from the state of Florida first elected in 2010.

In April 2015, he announced he would be campaigning for president in the 2016 election but dropped out after coming in second to Donald trump in his house state.

After functioning as a city commissioner for West Miami in the 90s, that was elected to the 111th ar in the Florida house of Representatives in 2000.

Marco Rubio votes through the Republican party on many bills.Credit: AFP

He was at some point elected as speaker of the home in November 2006 and was speak for two years.

After leaving the Florida legislature in 2008 as result of term limits, Rubio taught at Florida global University prior to running for Senate.

His influence on Latin American policy has actually led him to been defined as a "virtual secretary that state because that Latin America".

Rubio is one "average Republican member of Congress", meaning he will certainly vote v the Republican Party top top the majority of bills.


Marco Rubio winner his senate re-election with 52 percent the the vote.Credit: Reuters

What is Marco Rubio's network worth?

Rubio has actually an estimated net worth of end $559,000

When to run for the Oval Office in 2016, Rubio to be the least affluent of all the GOP candidates as the only one that was no a millionaire or billionaire and also used the to relate come his constituents.

Rubio didn't pay off the critical $100,000 the his college student debt till he signed a book deal because that $800,000 come publish his 2012 memoir, an American Son, informing his story of cultivation up the boy of two Cuban immigrants.

However, at the very same time he additionally spent his money ~ above extravagant purchase 24-foot speed boat that price the very same as his book earnings.

Marco Rubio was the 2nd Cuban American to campaign for president of the joined States.Credit: Getty

Rubio's money management an abilities were enough of a worry to it is in flagged by Mitt Romney's campaign when he to be being vetted as a potential to run mate.

Rubio has owned as much as his mistakes: using an individual credit cards come pay for his campaigns, appointing his wife, Jeanette, as a treasurer the a political action committee, and also using the party money to attend a family reunion.

He has actually said that as result of his parents immigrant condition and restricted funds farming up that didn't discover money management an abilities and has had to discover through trial and error.

What to be Marco Rubio's upbringing?

Rubio was born in Miami come Mario Rubio Reina, a bartender, and Oriales Rubio, a hotel maid.

He has three siblings, Mario, Barbara, and also Veronica.

Both that his parents applied for U.S. Citizenship and were naturalized in 1975 while several of Rubio's other relatives were admitted come the U.S. Together refugees.

Rubio has said that growing up his family members had "little money come manage".


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He deserve his Bachelor of Arts degree in political science from the University of Florida in 1993 and also attended the University the Miami college of Law in 1996.

While studying law, Rubio interned for U.S. Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and worked on Republican senator Bob Dole's 1996 presidential campaign.

In April 1998, Rubio was chosen to a chair as city commissioner for West Miami start his politics career.