Larry Caputo, likewise known as Lawrence P. Caputo, is a 62-year-old truth TV star. He to be born on respectable 31, 1965, in new York City, in a posh area that the United states of America. Larry came into prominence v his feature on TLC’s lengthy Island Medium. Before transforming out to be a fully-fledged reality star, Larry to be a hockey beat for practically 25 years. Read on come know about Larry Caputo’s new girlfriend and gay rumors.

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The superstar became an overnight sensation together a fact star in America since Long Island Medium became a hugely renowned show. The main characters in the display had a an extremely peculiar power. Lock could interact with the world in the afterlife. The considerable career that the medium has actually earned him a successful career.

Meet Larry Caputo’s new girlfriend.

A long-lasting marriage involved an end when Larry Caputo and also Theresa, chose on calling that quits earlier in 2017. The former hockey star shared a pic of a mysterious blonde top top Instagram in 2018. This sparked rumors.

Back in June 2018, Larry revealed the he had indeed uncovered someone special. Moreover, the photo had actually the caption, “Love my infant boo!” and the fact is the mrs is pretty good looking.

The name of Caputo’s girlfriend is Connie Talley Stauddy. The couple was spotted if shopping in the heart of Alabama. By the looks of it, Connie comes from Alabama’s Decatur, and also she is 53 year old.

Larry Caputo and also Connie Stauddy met every other and also fell in love as soon as Connie tried come reach out to Larry as she was attempting to gain a analysis from Theresa. The pair later remained in touch v each other and maintained a long-distance relationship. After a couple of months, Larry and Connie started dating each other.

As per sources, both Larry Caputo and girlfriend Connie have actually something really much in common. Both their very first marriages didn’t work out. Connie to be married come Robert Scott Stauddy, and she likewise has been going v a hard divorce.

Similarly, she was likewise a big-time fan of Caputo. Follow to Connie’s tweets ago in 2014, she has been an avid pan of the reality TV Show. So, that feels the she dropped in love with a man whom she secretly admired.

Larry Caputo and also Theresa Caputo’s Divorce, married life and kids.

Some love stories and also marriages room not meant to last long. And this is what occurred with Larry and also his ex-wife, Theresa. The couple met each various other while functioning in one oil company.


When Larry very first made his an initial wife, he assumed that Theresa was a good woman. That dated her for two lengthy years prior to proposing. The pair bound the node on September 16th, 1989.

After spending 22 years of married life, Larry Caputo thought around spicing points up in his marriage. This provided rise to the rebirth of vows in between the couple when the very first season of lengthy Island medium was coming to an end. Afterward, they traveled to the Bahamas and also had a splendid time v two of their kids.


The couple has two children, Lawrence Jr, and Victoria. Lawrence was born on October 3, 1990, in Manhattan, USA. In the year 2019, that will revolve 29 years.

Moreover, Larry Caputo has a Master’s in Communication and Media studies. That was additionally an alumnus from mount Saint Vincent. Because that a brief amount of time, Lawrence to be a captain the the hockey team of Lacrosse.

On the various other hand, Victoria to be born ~ above September 27, in the year 1994. Her birthplace to be the same as her brother, i.e., brand-new York. In the year 2019, Victoria will turn 25 years and is a very trained gymnast who also featured on lengthy Island Medium.

However, after staying together for nearly two decades, the couple divorced in 2018. Nevertheless, they continue to be respectful towards each other, and they also try their finest to help their kids become far better versions of themselves.

What is Larry Caputo act now? 

Before featuring on long Island Medium, the actor and also tv personality Larry Caputo ran a restaurant in America. Larry left the restaurant service when he to be 55 years old and also sold that to command a peaceful life through his new girlfriend.


When the show pertained to an end, he started an apparel brand and named it big Larry Apparel. With the brand, Larry Caputo tried to incorporate his passion and also love because that motorcycle, fashion, and also tattoos to develop cool apparel.

The star has actually made a hefty sum of money together net worth from his extensive career in the food industry, garments industry, and entertainment industry.


It is approximated that Larry Caputo has actually a net worth of $3 Million.

For a short period, the actor likewise took the mantle that a hockey coach and trained his boy team.

Is Larry Caputo’s Gay?

The happy rumors neighboring Caputo are merely simply that, rumors. The is a right who that is top a happy life v his girlfriend Connie ~ he divorced his wife Theresa back in 2017.


Larry Caputo’s net worth, age, and wiki-bio

The surname of the TV star Larry Caputo’s parental is no known, mostly since he never revealed any kind of information about his family during a stint on long Island Medium. He is a white American man.

Net worth$3 Million
SpouseTheresa Caputo (Divorced)

Connie Talley Stauddy (Girlfriend)

KidsLawrence Caputo Jr (Son)

Victoria Caputo (Daughter)

OccupationTelevision Personality, Restaurant Owner


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Larry Caputo has a net worth of $3 Million. His extensive career in reality television and likewise as a restaurant owner developed him a chuck net worth.