Lamar Odom is a basketball player that played in the NBA. That is widely known as a former LA Clippers player. Moreover, he began his basketball career through the Clippers.

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The player walk on come win two NBA championship titles v the Lakers in the year 2009 and 2010. together of 2020, Lamar is no playing in the NBA.

If you don’t understand Lamar native the NBA, friend probably understand him from reality TV shows referred to as ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians‘ and also ‘Khloé and Lamar.’ The player is the ex-husband the the renowned media personality and model Khloé Alexandria Kardashian.

The pair gained married in one month the knowing and dating each other.

Lamar Odom for the Lakers

Odom also played because that the United says team in the Summer Olympics and the 2010 FIBA human being Championship.

The strength forward assist the us win the gold medal in 2010 and also became the very first player to victory an NBA championship title and also a gold medal.

Besides that, the strength forward player has appeared in several television shows favor Modern Family, Entourage, and also movies choose Jack and Jill, van Wilder.

The former jersey number 7 has likewise emerged in Dancing through the Stars as a contestant.

Before going to details around the player, here are some fast facts.

Quick Facts

Full NameLamar Joseph Odom
Birth DateNovember 6, 1979
Birth PlaceQueens, new York
Nick NameLam Lam, Lamy
EthnicityAfrican American
EducationUniversity that Rhode Island
Father’s NameJoe Odom
Mother’s NameCathy Mercer
Age53 years Old
Height6ft 10in
Hair ColorNone
Eye ColorBlack
ProfessionNBA player
Current TeamEnemies in the BIG3
PositionPower forward, tiny forward
Active Years1999-2014
Marital StatusDivorced
Ex-WifeKhloé Kardashian
Net Worth$30 million
Social MediaInstagram, Twitter
MerchHardcover, Sketchbook
Last UpdateOctober, 2021

Lamar Odom | early Life, Family, and Education

The 40-year-old player to be born top top November 6, 1979, come Joe Odom and Cathy Mercer. He to be born and raised in Queens, new York.

Odom particularly had a complicated childhood through his mom suffering native cancer and was only 12 years old once she passed away.

On peak of that, his father to be a heroin addict and never verified him fatherly love or performed a father’s duties. His maternal grandmother, Mildred Mercer, elevated the previous NBA player.

Cathy Mercer and Joe Odom

Lamar to be an academically average student transparent school. In his an elderly year, he transferred colleges due to poor grades and also finally landed in St.

Thomas Aquinas High school in Connecticut. In his new school in his critical year, he ended up being Parade’sPlayer that the Year.’ Moreover, that was likewise named USA Today’sAll-USA an initial Team.’

He likewise played together with Kobe Bryant in the Adidas ABCD camp. The player go on to to visit the university of Rhode Island because that a university education.

Lamar Odom | Age, Height, and Weight

‘Lam Lam’ will turn 42on November 6, 2021. The basketball player weighs 230lb, i.e., 104 kg, and is 6 feet 10 inches high.

Lamar Odom | Basketball Career

College Career

The previous Laker wanted to to visit the University that Nevada, ras Vegas (UNLV) top top scholarship but was at some point let go on after suspicions rose on his high ACT score.

On top of that, authorities arrested him because that soliciting a prostitute. Furthermore, he also received $5,600 in illegal payment v a booster, which led to the university’s coach’s firing.

Playing for Rams in college Basketball

The new Yorker finally made decision on the University the Rhode Island. Because he go not provide a matriculation exam, he sat out the an initial season. Besides, he likewise vanished weeks before finals, which placed his college education and learning in the university in jeopardy.

However, ~ being influenced by his grandmother and Rams‘ assistant coach DeGregorio, that went ~ above to come to be the Most an important Player the the Atlantic 10 tournament.

He was likewise named First Team All-Conference and the Atlantic 10 Rookie that the Year in the one season that played with the Rams.

Professional career

Playing career with the LA Clippers.

The Rams player was the fourth in its entirety pick through the LA Clippers. The player score 30 points and 12 rebounds in his very first game in the NBA and also was called to the NBA All-Rookie an initial Team.

Playing because that the Clippers

While in the Clippers, the NBA player to be suspended twice for violating the NBA’s anti-drug policy. His 2nd suspension to be within eight months of the first. The 40-year-old admitted to smoking marijuana.

Besides, he ended up being a restricted totally free agent after playing 49 games in the 2002-03 season.

Playing career v the Miami Heat.

Odom played in addition to NBA players Dwayne Wade, Caron Butler, Eddie jones, and also had a good career with the Heats. Regardless of having a bad start, they ended up contending for play in the playoffs.

The Scorpio scored 30 points, 19 rebounds, and also 11 assists in a home against Sacramento Kings.

After the season, the Lakers traded him.

Playing career through the Los Angeles Lakers.

In strength forward’s first season together a Laker, he suffered an injury that required him to continue to be out of the an initial season.

Despite his irregularity together a player initially, he improved a lot of in his years with the Lakers. He scored his triple-double for the an initial time versus the Golden State Warriors.

The previous Clippers went on to victory his very first championship through the Lakers in 2009 after defeating Orlando Magic. After that, the Heats do the efforts their best to gain their former player back, however after lot contemplation, that signed a $33 million address the Lakers.

Odom played a crucial role in the 2010 NBA championship versus the Boston Celtics.

‘Lam Lam’ with Kobe Bryant

The 40-year-old kept boosting as a player with the Lakers and also gave his solid performance in the following season. As a result, he won the NBA Sixth man Of The Year award.

The player took a break from basketball once he to be a passenger in an SUV that caused an accident that turned out to it is in fatal to a teenage cyclist. In ~ the same time, his cousin the he to be close with, was likewise murdered.

Playing career through the Dallas Mavericks.

Lamar struggled to uncover his location in the Mavericks. On top of that, the wasn’t happy around the trade to the Dallas team, either.

He’d missed couple of games because of some an individual reasons and could not play in a game against San Antonio Spurs.

In April that 2012, news come out that he had actually departed indigenous the team after having a clash v Dallas Mavericks’ owner.

The Mavericks owner, Cuban, reported that it was the critical straw. Instead of letting the go, the team put him on the inactive list for the entirety of the season.

For the Dallas Mavericks

After that, that went earlier to the Clippers, wherein he played every 82 gamings in the constant season in the 2012-13 year. The Clippers and Lakers proved some interest in signing however instead specialized to other players.

Being the end of shape, he score his career-lows v the Clippers.

Playing career v the Laboral Kutxa Baskonia.

The American player joined the Spanish league for a 2-month deal. Nevertheless, because of his earlier injury and doctors finding the unfit for playing, he went back to the joined States. The former Lakers only played two seasons for the team.

Playing career v the brand-new York Knicks.

For the 2013-14 season, Odom joined the Knicks, however, that did not play in the final season of the team. The Knicks walk not gain into the playoffs the year, and finally, in July, waived the previous NBA player.

Playing job in 2019

After a long pause due to his wellness complications, he went back to basketball. The planned to enter the Chinese Basketball Association but later didn’t together he was not fit enough.

He join the Philippine clubMighty Sports in 2018 and, in 2019, played in rapper Ice-cube’s BIG3 league.

StatsCareer statisticsPointsReboundsAssists
12,781 (13.3 PPG)
8,059 (8.4 RPG)
3,554 (3.7 APG)

Lamar Odom | Marriage and Kids

The former Knicks player was with his girl friend Liza Morales because that a long time before he gained married.

The former pair had 3 kids, Destiny Odom, their an initial child born in 1998; their second child Lamar Jr. to be born in 2002, and their third child Jayden Odom was born in 2005.

Unfortunately, their last son passed far in his sleep as soon as he was an infant as result of Sudden Infant fatality Syndrome.

Lamar met his now ex-wife Khloé Kardashian in ~ a Lakers party. The pair obtained married within a month of dating each other.

The basketball player additionally made a continuous appearance in her reality television show ‘Keeping Up through The Kardashians‘ through Khloé’s family.

His popular skyrocketed as soon as he remained in the display that E! entertainment readily available them their present named ‘Khloé and Lamar.’ Nevertheless, the present was end after 2 seasons.

In 2013, Khloé filed for divorce versus the former NBA player amid his DUI charges as result of his addiction and also infidelity. However, she dismissed that in 2015 because of Lamar’s medical emergency and decided to assist him v it.

The version filed for divorce again in 2016, and also it was finalized by the end of the year. However, ex-spouses still maintain a familiar relationship.

Lamar is at this time dating health and also life coach Sabrina Parr through whom the got engaged in November of 2019. However, top top November 5, 2020, Sabrina evidenced that your engagement had actually been referred to as off.

What taken place to Lamar Odom?

Odom’s staff rushed him to the hospital top top October 13, 2015, as soon as he to be lying unconscious in ~ a brothel in Nevada.

The player had suffered several strokes, heart attacks, and kidney failure. On peak of that, he had used cocaine in the previous days causing his unconsciousness.

The American player got in comatose. He was on life support and a medical team relocated him come Los Angeles hospital from Nevada.

However, he recovered well and left the hospital ~ above January 8, 2016. later on, Odom talked about his struggle and also addiction to drugs and recovery publicly and called himself a ‘walking miracle.’

Lamar Odom | net Worth and Salary

The previous Clippers’ net worth is $30 million. The player had actually a value of $8.2 million once he was in the NBA.

During his job in the NBA, the 40-year-old had actually earned roughly $115 million in value alone. The Lakers payment him the most, and he additionally earned a lot indigenous deals and endorsements.

Book top top His struggle With Drugs, Sex, and Fame.

Besides that, the American player additionally has his film and music production firm named Rich soil Entertainment.

On peak of that, the has additionally made appearances in commercials and also quite a couple of Tv shows and movies. Also, Lamar newly published a publication titled ‘Darkness to Light: A Memoir.’

Also, check out from a fellow Laker 77 motivating Shaquille O’Neal Quotes.

Lamar Odom | society Media Presence

The new Yorker is on Instagram, with over 7 thousand followers. The is not quite energetic on his account and has much less than 20 posts.

The player has actually posted photos of that training through his former teammate Kobe Bryant and his brand-new fiancé.

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The basketball player is also on Twitter, v 3.7 million followers. Celebrities prefer Stephen Curry, Justin Bieber, LeBron James, and also Ellen DeGeneres follow him, consisting of many more celebrities and basketball players.