REPUBLICAN city council Kelly Loeffler is reportedly worth countless dollars and also is the richest human being in congress.

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Before her journey into politics this year, Loeffler worked as a peak executive for a share exchange company and co-owns a WNBA team.


Kelly Lynn Loeffler is an American businesswoman and politician serving as the small United says Senator for Georgia because being appointed in December 2019.

The politician stands in ~ 5feet 9inches tall.


Loeffler is a Georgia senatorCredit: EPA

A Republican, Loeffler is a staunch trump supporter and once claimed that she doesn't disagree with anything the president has said or done, according to Fox.

Loeffler has even appeared to align herself through Georgia Republican and congressional candidate Marjorie Taylor Greene, who has endorsed QAnon conspiracy theories.

She was sworn in to the U.S. Senate in January 2020 after Georgia branch Brian Kemp appointed her to to fill the seat of U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson.

She is a staunch trump card supporterCredit: Rex Features

She finished second in the November 3 election, advancing to a runoff with Democrat Raphael Warnock scheduled for January 5, 2021.

Is Kelly Loeffler married and also does she have actually children?

Loeffler is married come Jeffrey Sprecher, who is the founder and also CEO the ICE.

With a 15 year age gap between them, the pair married in 2004 as soon as Loeffler to be 34 and Sprecher was 49.

The two never ever had any children.

The pair reportedly live in a 15,000-square-foot estate in Atlanta.


Loeffler married Jeffrey Sprecher in 2004Credit: Getty pictures - Getty

What does she do?

Before her shift into politics, Loeffler offered as a height executive at the the Intercontinental Exchange, i m sorry she join in 2002.

Loeffler previously organized roles in equity research at wilhelm Blair & agency and Citi worldwide Asset Management. She likewise managed investor relationships at Crossroads invest Advisers, L.P.

She has also worked at companies like Citi and Toyota before she came to be a Senator.

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Loeffler is a co-owner the the WNBA Atlanta Dream, the an initial woman-owned sports team in Georgia.