Joe Kenda is a former experienced police investigator with plenty of years of experience. He is a native American. Furthermore, that is the leader the murder examination unit in Colorado, a unit that handled one of the longest case closures in the world- a whopping 25 years. Additionally, Joe is the leader the the examination Discovery’s Homicide Hunter.

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Today we room going to take a to crawl look at Joe Kenda network worth, his personal space consisting of his wife, kids, and even reveal his age.

Homicide Hunter Joe Kenda network worth and salary

After retiring together a homicide detective in 1996, he came to be a bus operator for disability institution. Later on, in 2011 he started he began taking part in genuine life investigation for a TV show known together Homicide Hunters.

He has because then showed up in numerous shows. He also appeared in a movie called ‘Handsome’ which to be released in 2017. Kenda makes a decent salary that can money his lifestyle. He has actually made part fortune from his work. Joe Kenda network Worth at this time stands at $600,000.


Homicide Hunter Joe Kenda’s net Worth is $600,000

His married life and also wife, mar Kathleen Mohler Kenda. They have Two Daughters

Joe is a married man. He has a beautiful wife whom the married due to the fact that 1967. Her surname is mar Kathleen Mohler Kenda. However, he date while in high school.

The couple dated for numerous years. If Kenda was a college student at the college of Pittsburgh, he obtained married to Mary. The wedding ceremony was done 26 of December 1967.

Joe Kenda and also wife mary Kathleen Mohler Kenda has been married for an ext than 50 years now. Together, they have actually two kids, they all live in Virginia.

Kenda has two daughters with whom they had actually with mary Kathleen


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Age, birth date, birthday

Dating earlier to high early life, Kenda to be born in Pittsburgh, top top 14th of November 1946. His main names are Joe Kenda. There is no information about his parent yet.

However, most of his siblings operated in a coal mine. As abovementioned he developed an interest in homicide at a very young age. Together of 2017, Kenda is 71 year of age. The is still solid and active, and healthy as well.

Wiki Bio

From a very tender age, Kenda knew the destined to end up being a homicide investigator. He thought that killing is the worst crime the all, and he want to capture people who committed such an inhuman act. So, in 1973, he began working top top the cases. That jump-started his career together a detective in 1977.

After that, he solved an ext than 380 homicide instances while working under the Colorado Springs Police Department. His capacity to study and analyze person nature is the main reason because that his success together a detective.

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— Joe Kenda (
LtJoeKenda) November 9, 2017

He has his very own ‘murder books’ i m sorry comprises the a pair of annoying instances that haunt him up to date on the show.

He has actually shown great performance throughout his career, and this has actually earned a great deal of respected and love native his pan throughout his life.

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As aforementioned, Joe is an American nationality. He has a white background. He is a Christian. His sign is Zodiac, something no so many people know about. Also, that is happily married; he has actually a wife and kids.