James Carter walker Jr., popularly well-known as Jimmie Walker, is a talented actor and comedian.

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He is renowned because that his portrayal that James Evans Jr. ~ above the CBS television series Good Times (1974-1979), because that which he was additionally nominated for gold Globe awards finest Supporting gibbs In A Television series in 1975 and also 1976.

In the last years, Walker has been doing numerous comedy gigs and also reality TV shows, keeping his audience entertained.

Despite every that, the one thing the actor has actually never opened up up around his life is his love life. He has actually shown small interest in gaining married or being in a relationship over the years.

But there is no he been married to a mam to date at all? and also if not, that is he dating at present?

Is Jimmie Walker date Now?

Presently, over there is no news ~ above his dating standing or his possible girlfriend – making him allegedly single.

The actor seems very much concentrated on his career as a comedian and character actor. He devotes his 5-6 months yearly to a single standup tour, leaving him through very tiny time to look into his an individual life.

Walker likewise has an extremely strategic see on marriages and relationships, which the expressed during an interview through Closer Weekly in respectable 2018.

He described marriage was nothing however a sham that would at some point lead world to it is in angry, hostile, and prone to destruction and losing what that has operated for.

He said, “I just don’t think it works. The majority of mine friends room divorced, hostile, and also angry. They shed the home they worked their to get. I don’t watch the funny of it.”

That gift said, Walker has actually admitted having many relationships and also girlfriends end the years during his figure in The Wendy Williams Show in June 2012.

He was Rumored of gift Married come Jere Fields

Speaking of his past relationship, he to be popularly linked with American actress Jere Fields and was additionally rumored to be married come her.

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But over there is no proof or any type of official words no from walker nor fields confirming they to be married.

The rumors started after they appeared as a couple on the Tattletales show in 1982. Tattletales was a CBS game present where celebrities appeared in addition to their spouses to answer miscellaneous questions and win money because that the audience.

Therefore, when Walker and also Fields appeared on the display together, it provided birth come confusion amongst many people, and people felt the the 2 were married to each other.

But the actor cleared all the rumors of his marriage with areas for once and for all once he showed up on The Wendy Williams present on June 27, 2012. He shown he had actually never been married and never fathered any kind of children.

His date Rumors with Ann Coulter

Amongst his countless dating rumors, his dating rumors v far-right politics commentator, Ann Coulter, do headlines. The gossips began to spread roughly 2013 after your close bond.

But the speculations were calmed down automatically by Coulter the very same year throughout an interview with Huffington Post.

She stated they to be nothing much more than great friends and jokingly said that walker was behind the alleged relationship rumors. 

She added, “Yeah, he is the one dispersing that rumor. No, us are an excellent friends, we perform a lot of stuff together. We room dates. And also yeah we’re probably at the TV land Awards dinner i beg your pardon is for this reason fun and also he is so hilarious, therefore I watch him a lot when I’m in L.A. But we space not technically dating.”

However, the rumors didn’t end there. The news that them dating again came back in 2017 when an excellent Times producer Norman Lear satellite down v Black-ish creator Kenya Barris and also shared that walker was dating Ann Coulter.

In addition, that revealed walking on a dual date with Walker and also Coulter. The politics commentator again concerned the rescue, together she addressed the issue through Twitter, claiming there was no romance between them.

How Old Is Jimmie Walker?

Walker to be born on June 25, 1947, in Brooklyn, brand-new York, making that 74-year-old in ~ present.

The comedian prospered up in The Bronx, new York, and also later attended Theodore Roosevelt High school in brand-new York City for his education.

What Is Jimmie Walker’s net Worth?

According come Celebrity network Worth, Walker has actually a network worth the $800 thousand. He continues to earn much more bucks, together he is still proactively doing standup shows throughout the country.

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