Financier and convicted sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein acquired an extraordinary lot of riches in his lifetime, which finished when he reportedly took his very own life as he awaited his sex trafficking trial.

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According come Town & nation Magazine, the sex offender was worth $577,672,654 as soon as he died.

His network worth originates from a will certainly the outlet asserted he signed simply two days before his death.

The funds were allegedly put in a trust called The 1953 Trust, every the Netflix documentary, Filthy Rich: Jeffrey Epstein.

Epstein"s Properties could Be Seized

Although Epstein is dead, his properties can still it is in seized by commonwealth prosecutors, The Miami Herald reported.

"There is precedent for together a move. In 2007, the department of Justice carried a polite forfeiture action against the estate of the founder the Enron Corporation, CEO Kenneth Lay, who passed away of a heart strike while facing charges of design a massive fraud."

As detailed by Town & country Magazine, number of of Epstein"s victims have filed lawsuits against the accused sex trafficker"s legacy in hopes of restitution.

The Beneficiary the Epstein"s riches Is not Public


Gettyimages | Stephanie Keith

As detailed by Town & nation Magazine, it"s tho unclear — at least publicly — who is going come inherit Epstein"s enormous amount of wealth.

"We have actually reason to believe that based on his actions that there might be some unidentified kids that are out there and also as such, castle would most likely be entitled to claim against the estate." Morse Genealogical services told The Miami Herald.

Epstein"s brother, Mark, is his next of kin and also could eventually be the receiver of his riches.

Epstein"s capital Was A Mystery

The concern of how Epstein amassed so much wealth continues to be shrouded in mystery.

As The reported, podcaster and also managing director of Thiel resources Eric Weinstein asserted that Epstein had actually an "enormous secretive office" in Midtown Manhattan.

Weinstein said that the office might hold the an essential to the source of Epstein"s wealth.

"If he to be a self-made gaue won genius that supposedly limitless wealth there will be comprehensive records there."

According to Weinstein, Epstein was the face of a "large infrastructure" and had "no plausible source of wealth."

Epstein could Have Been involved In A trafficking Ring

One of the most renowned theories on Epstein"s riches is the he was affiliated in a human being trafficking ring — perhaps selling women and also girls to famed clients the he would later on blackmail.

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As The reported, one apartment ~ above 301 eastern 66th St. Owned by Epstein"s brother can hold the answer to the previous billionaire"s wealth.

The apartment allegedly housed numerous underage models, and also Epstein"s friends, consisting of socialite Eva Andersson and also MC2 Models founder Jean-Luc Brunel,

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