Jeffrey Marshall Foxworthy is a comedian, television personality, bestselling author, radio personality, and also a love husband and father. He’s among the many successful stand-up comedians in history.

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The evidence?

Jeff Foxworthy’s net worth is just the reminder of the iceberg. 

He’s recognized to have started what the comedy industry calls the “roast comedy.” 

His “You might be a redneck if…” one-liners really tickled his audience for years. World just loved hearing around exaggerated Southern culture absurdities.

As a result…

His comedy album You could Be a Redneck If… ended up being gold in 1994 and also triple platinum in 1996. 

After that, he has sold other major label comedy albums and also written bestsellers – all based upon his redneck jokes.

Also, Foxworthy released three children’s publications from 2008 come 2010 and a whole lot of cookbooks. 

His 2004 comedy CD Have your Loved ones Spayed or Neutered topped the Billboard comedy charts.


Foxworthy organized his country syndicated radio display ‘The Foxworthy Countdown,’ and also the quiz show ‘Are friend Smarter than a fifth Grader?’. climate he became a referee in NBC’s comedy competition series ‘Bring the Funny.’

He’s been busy carrying laughs anywhere the country!

And for every one of that, he has actually won numerous recognitions prefer the American Comedy Award, People’s an option Award, and also the Academy of country Music Awards among others. 

On top of every that… 

Foxworthy developed a comedy troupe v Bill Engvall, Ron White, and also Larry the Cable Guy. 

They went around the country for 3 years, carrying his comic genius through the ‘Blue Collar Comedy Tour.’ This ended up being the height of your comedic journey.

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But Foxworthy and also the gang weren’t done just yet…

After the tour, he developed ‘Blue Collar TV,’ a series for Warner brothers network and Comedy Central. Once the show took turn off well, the comedy troupe exit DVD movies inspired by their “blue-collar jokes.”

You have the right to say the his life revolved around comedy. 

He also met his wife, Pamela Gregg, at a comedy club! 

But Jeff insurance claims that his God is his optimal priority. The openly speaks of his Christian faith and bases his philanthropy top top his church’s teachings.