Jami Gertz is an actress and businesswoman. Jami and her husband Tony Ressler own the Atlanta falken basketball team. She is most famed for her functions in the film much less Than Zero and the TV collection Ally McBeal.

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Her parents room Sharyn and Walter Gertz. She father, Walter Gertz, functioned as a builder and contractor.


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As of 2020, Jami Gertz age is 55 years. She was lugged up in Conservative Judaism.


Jami got her high school education at Maine east High School, and she walk on to new York university to research drama.

Body measurements

Career summary

Jami was found in a nationwide talent search by Norman Lear. She began her skilled acting career in 1981 playing a personality called large Girl in ~ above the best Track.

She also appeared in commercials for brands such together Diet Pepsi in the 1980s.

Her first television duty was in the TV series Square Pegs. She played Muffy Tepperman ~ above 20 episodes of the series, from 1982 to 1983.

In 1987, Jami play the role of Blair together Robert Downing Jr. In much less Than Zero. The movie is among her most famous films come date.


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She played the function of Star in the award-winning 1987 comedy fear film The lost Boys.

Jami operated at Lanvin in Paris together a scent designer. After she came ago to the USA native France, she bagged the duty of Dr Reeves in the extremely successful 1996 movie Twister. Twister grossed $494 million worldwide.

Jami is additionally a stage actress. She appeared in the manufacturing of the Wrong rotate at Lungfish in 1993.

Gertz played Dr Pomerantz in the TV collection ER in 1997. From 2002 to 2006, she played Judy müller in the 88 episodes of the TV collection Still Standing. She shown Debbie Weaver in ABC’s The neighbors from 2012 to 2014.

Jami Gertz movies and also TV shows

Jami has actually featured in more than 40 films and also television productions so much in her acting career. Right here are few of the movies and also TV projects that the billionaire actress has featured in and the personalities that she play in them.


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FilmOn the best Track (1981): big GirlEndless Love(1981): PattySixteen candle (1984): RobinQuicksilver(1986): TerriThe lost Boys(1987): StarLess 보다 Zero(1987): BlairSilence favor Glass (1989): Eva MartinJersey Girl (1992): TobyTwister(1996): Dr Melissa ReevesLip Service(2001): KatKeeping Up v the Steins (2006): yone FielderTelevisionSquare Pegs (1982–1983): Muffy TeppermanDiff'rent Strokes (1983): LindsayFamily Ties (1984): Jocelyn ClarkSibs (1991–1992): Lily RuscioSeinfeld (1994): JaneThis Can't be (1994): Love Sarah
Image: gettyimages.comSource: Getty ImagesDream On(1994): mrs HarnickRelated by bear (1994): LilyER (1997): Dr Nina PomerantzAlly McBeal Kimmy (2000–2002): Kimmy BishopStill was standing (2002–2006): Judy MillerModern family members (2011): LauraThe neighbors (2012–2014): Debbie WeaverThis Is united state (2016): Marin RosenthalDifficult civilization (2017): David's WifeAwards and nominations

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In 1997, Gertz to be nominated because that Razzie Award’s Worst sustaining Actress because that her role in Twister (1996).She wonWorst sustaining Actress award in ~ The Stinkers bad Movie Awards in 1996, because that her performance in Twister.In 2004, she mutual a Young Artist Award for the Most famous Mom & pop in a Television collection with mark Addy for their performances in still Standing (2002).

The beautiful actress is additionally a businesswoman. In 2010, Gertz began a production company called Lime Orchard Productions. The firm successfully created the film A far better Life in 2011.

Unfortunately, after five years of make the efforts to do the agency succeed, Gertz had to close up door the agency down, shedding the countless dollars that she invest in the business.


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She at this time co-owns the basketball team Atlanta Hawks, and she is additionally the ambassador the the club.

What is Jami Gertz net worth 2020?

Image: gettyimages.comSource: Getty Images

For those who have actually been questioning — is Jami Gertz a billionaire? Yes, the lost Boys actress is a billionaire.

Jami Gertz net worth as of 2020 is estimated to be a lining $2 billion, while her husband’s net worth as of 2020 is $3.8 billion.

How go Jami Gertz fulfill her husband?

Gertz met she husband Tony Ressler in 1986 once she was 21 year old. She met Ressler v her publicist Susan Geller.

Their love story began when Ressler asked the actress come brunch after lock met in ~ a dinner party in his apartment in Los Angeles.

Jami Gertz told Hollywood Reporter the her story is no the continuous beautiful actress marries a wealthy man story. She told the publication that she had an ext money than Ressler as soon as they met.


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She said,

Everyone thinks i married a well-off guy. However I made an ext money — way more money — than Tony when I met him. I paid because that our an initial house. I paid because that our first vacation. Ns married him due to the fact that I dropped in love v him.

The pair acquired married 2 years after castle met. Jami Gertz now has actually been married to her husband because that over 30 years. The pair currently has actually three sons together, Oliver, Nick, and also Theo.

Jami Gertz residence is a seven-bedroom mansion in a gated neighborhood in Beverly Hills, California. She has actually been life there v her family because the 90s.

Jami Gertz husband is the co-founder of a exclusive equity firm referred to as Apollo an international Management. He likewise established Ares administration in 1997.

Apollo worldwide Management has more than $300 exchange rate in legacy under management, and also Ares has more than $136 billion. Jami’s husband owns an approximated 33% the the firm's equity.


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Gertz and her husband space members that the investment group led by note Attanasio i beg your pardon purchased the MLB franchise Milwaukee Brewers.

The pair bought the NBA team Atlanta hawks in 2015. Gertz represented the falken in the NBA breeze Lottery for the 2018 and also 2019 NBA drafts.

The beautiful actress and also her husband are not only making expensive purchases with their money, however they likewise give come charities.

Image: gettyimages.comSource: Getty Images

In 2011, the Giving back Fund called Jami and her husband the number-one donor come charity the end of any kind of celebrity in the world.

Jami Gertz is one American film, television, and stage actress precious billions the dollars. Jami and also her husband own regulating shares in the Atlanta hawks basketball team. Jami is a mother of three boys, and without question, she is one inspiring instance that the is possible for women to have it all.

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glossesweb.com recently reported around the remarkable tennis player Naomi Osaka. Osaka is a commemorated icon almost everywhere the civilization for her accomplishments on and also off the court.

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Naomi Osaka became a professional tennis player in 2013 in ~ 16 year old. She has actually won 222 singles matches since she began playing tennis.

Source: glossesweb.com Nigeria

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