Passenger Notices:

All passengers should wear challenge coverings at all times within Staten Island Ferry terminals and aboard the ferry.

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Lower Level Boarding closed. human being using wheelchairs and also people through bicycles must proceed to board on the lower level, please get in near the security booth.

Staten Island Ferry terminal restrooms room open day-to-day from 5am to 1am.


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Ferry Schedule

Service is free. Take trip time in either direction in between St. George and also Whitehall is around 25 minutes.

Staten Island Ferry schedule as of august 16, 2021

Please note: every schedules space subject to adjust without notice. For durations of diminished visibility or heavy weather, schedule may be adjusted.

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Holidays: The ferry operates on the weekend schedule in observance that the adhering to holidays: new Year"s Day, boy name Luther King, Jr. Day, Presidents" Day, Memorial Day, labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and also Christmas Day.

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Reasonable house Requests native the Public DOT’s plan is come comply with all applicable laws. This includes, yet is not restricted to, the American’s v Disabilities act (ADA) and the Rehabilitation Act.

Please submit her request digital if friend need assistance to take component in our program or services. You may also reach out to the ADA Coordinator/Disability organization Facilitator:

Title VI, civil Rights, discrimination Complaints dot is committed to compliance through all Civil civil liberties regulations. Persons who think they have actually been discriminated against (i.e. Excluded from participation in, denied the benefits of, or access to, period programs or services) on the communication of race, color, nationwide origin, sex, age, disability, or revenue status have the appropriate to file a complaint. Discrimination complaints can be filed online or by mail. Friend may also contact 311. Her complaint must be submitted within 180 work of the alleged discrimination.

To document a complaint by mail: room of TransportationOffice of the CommissionerAttn: Customer complaint Representative1 Ferry Terminal DriveStaten Island, NY 10301

Download the location VI notice in English, Arabic, Bengali, French, Haitian Creole, Korean, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Urdu, or Yiddish (pdf)

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