The N.C. Wildlife resources Commission uses various varieties of licenses and also permits that differ v regard come the tasks they authorize. This site provides information around the licenses and also permits available, the privileges they authorize and the connected fees. Every licenses are nontransferable.

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The Wildlife commission offers numerous ways to purchase a license. Please keep in mind that a $2 transaction fee, as mandated by NCGS 113-270.1B, may use at time of patent purchase.

By phone call (Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.): 888-248-6834

This counts on the type of activity that you setup to execute and likewise if friend live in the state of north Carolina. 

Do you plan to hunt, trap and/or fish (in coastal or inland waters) in north Carolina?How regularly would you take part in these tasks this year?Are girlfriend a resides or non-resident of north Carolina?

These are few of the questions that may assist determine which patent is finest suited for you. For example, if girlfriend live exterior of north Carolina and also plan come make only one fishing expedition to the state, then a non-resident, temporary license might be your ideal option. If you are resident and plan come hunt, fish and also use the public game Lands, then a resident Sportsman license may be your finest option. Please review License inhabitants Guide and License Nonresidents overview to recognize the patent that meets your needs.

At what age is a license required?

Youth under period 16 are exempt indigenous the needs of anyfishing license and also trout privilege license.Youth under period 16 space exempt indigenous the necessity of a searching license provided they comply with the following:Youth who have actually not derived a Certificate that Competency showing their perfect of the hunter security course must be accompanied through a properly licensed adult when hunting.Youth that have obtained a Certificate of Competency, might hunt without being accompanied by an adult, but must lug their certificate while hunting.Youths exempt from the searching license necessity must achieve a “License-Exempt large Game Harvest Report Card” when searching deer, be affected by each other or wild turkey.Youth searching bear must likewise obtain a "Bear management E-Stamp". Over there is no fee for the License-Exempt large Game Harvest Report card or Bear management E-Stamp for youth.Youth under age 16 room exempt indigenous the need of a trapping license.

What is a "privilege"?

Annual and also short-term licenses may have extr requirements called"privileges" the authorize particular hunting tasks (example: hunting for big game). This privileges should be purchased in addition to the appropriate yearly or short-term license. To determine which privileges are forced in addition to the license, choose Privilege Licenses.

What is "HIP"?

All licensed hunters searching migratory game birds (dove, rails, woodcock, snipe, or waterfowl) in north Carolina are required to have actually certification in the federal Harvest info Program (HIP). Certification deserve to be obtained cost-free of fee from any kind of Wildlife organization Agent* when you purchase a searching license. 

Lifetime license-holders may also obtain i know good certification by going online, or by calling 1-888-248-6834, or through visiting a Wildlife business Agent*. Persons freed by legislation from the hunting license need are not compelled to achieve the i know good certification.

*When issued at a Wildlife organization Agent, a $2 transaction fee may be applied to your full order.

Please visit the U.S. Fish and also Wildlife company website and learn more about HIP!


Do I require a fishing license for saltwater fishing?

Yes. As of January 1, 2007, any individuals 16 year or older who desire to recreationally finfish in any water designated as coastal or joint waters of north Carolina have to purchase a NC seaside Recreational Fishing patent (CRFL).

General information around NC coastal Recreational Fishing License deserve to be found and also the NC division of naval Fisheries website. If friend would like to purchase aCoastal entertain FishingLicense, click here.

What is a "Big video game Harvest Report Card" and Harvest identifier number?

Reporting huge game harvests is a necessity in north Carolina. Hunters should bring their large Game Harvest Report card (formerly known as tags) through them while hunting deer, bear and wild turkey. Upon harvest a huge game animal, hunters are compelled to instantly validate (punch out)the ideal crosshair price on the report card.Hunters need to report the kill within 24 hours by calling 1-800-I-GOT-ONE, by walk online, or by visiting a participatingWildlife ServiceAgent.

The huge Game Harvest Report Card has a Harvest id number situated aboveeach harvest authorization line. Hunters will be required to carry out a Harvest i would number as soon as reporting each harvest. This number will be provided to verify the the hunter currently holds an energetic report cardand to accessibility the large game harvest reporting system. Onceverified bythe system, the hunter will be asked a series of questions associated withtheir harvest. In ~ the end of the report process, the hunter will obtain an authorization number which should be videotaped on the suitable line on the big Game Harvest Report Card and also is compelled to legitimate posses the harvest.

Big video game Harvest Report Cards deserve to be acquired by walking online, by calling 1-888-248-6834, or by visiting a Wildlife company Agent*. Active large game hunting license privileges are required when obtaining a report card. Lifetime license-holdersmay achieve their large game harvest report map without a $2 transaction fee by going directly toLifetime license Information.Persons freed by regulation from the big game hunting license must achieve a huge game harvest report map for "license freed hunters"by phone call 1-888-248-6834 or by visiting a Wildlife business Agent*.(Note: license-exempt big game harvest report cards room not accessible online.)

Big video game Harvest Report Cards will always expire top top June 30 of every year. If your hunting license is still precious after thereport card expires, you may acquire a replenishment cardby phone call 1-888-248-6834, or by visiting a Wildlife service Agent*.*A $2 transaction fee may be applied to your complete order.


Due come documentation requirements, Infant and also Youth lifetime Licenses can not be to buy online. Infant and Youth Licenses can be applied for at any kind of Wildlife business Agent, by mail, or in person with the Commission.

Infant and youth applications have to be obtained at WRC Headquarters or processed at a Wildlife service Agent the work before the boy turns 1 or 12 years of age. Applications received on or ~ the child’s 1st or 12th date of birth CANNOT it is in processed as an infant or youth license.

A copy the the birth certificate must accompany applications for infant and youth licenses.

Applications are obtainable under forms & Applications.

Due come documentation needs Disabled Licenses can only be applied for by mail and in person. Applications are easily accessible under forms & Applications.

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Documentation Requirements:

Who is eligible for a volunteer firefighter, rescue and emergency medical services squad lifetime license?

• any volunteer firefighter who appears as a volunteer top top the certified roster of eligible firefighters submitted to the NC State Firefighters’ combination for five consecutive fiscal years consisting of the critical fiscal year. Any type of volunteer rescue or emergency clinical services formation members appearing on the certified roster of default rescue or emergency clinical services squad members it is registered to the north Carolina combination of Rescue and Emergency medical Services, in ~ for five consecutive fiscal years consisting of the critical fiscal year. The state budget year runs from July 1st to June 30th.

• Volunteer Firefighter, Rescue Squad and also EMS SquadLifetime patent FAQ (PDF)

• because of documentation demands the Volunteer Licenses deserve to only be used for through mail and in person at the NC Wildlife sources Commission Headquarters building in Raleigh. Applications are available under develops & Applications