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1909 Police record With one Adolf Hitler Autograph

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Adolf Hitler memorabilia Signed paper 1909

In respectable 1909, Hitler was a struggling artist/writer living in Vienna. The was about to it is in turned under for the second time by the Vienna Academy of well Arts the October. This item of Hitler memorabilia is a police document, handwritten (by Hitler) and also signed. It was compelled by regulation for Hitler to it is registered his adjust of address, which the did on august 22, 1909. He stayed in this apartment till September. Four months later, in December 1909, “freezing and half starved” he entered a homeless shelter. That ate at a soup kitchen operation by nuns. Later, in February 1910, he entered a house for poor men where he lived for several years.

He had actually arrived in Vienna from Linz, v a generous inheritance left through his parents. He had actually the idea that he was above regular work, and also rejected the idea (put forth by his relatives) the he must work in the polite service.

While he lived in the residence for bad men, he got a tiny monetary gift from an aunt and also began to produce art work of renowned landmarks which he replicated from postcards. He found he might sell these and also earn a modest living. To marketing his arts to Jewish shopkeepers and was assisted by Josef Neumann, his Jewish friend. In ~ the exact same time, it was throughout this period that he began to align himself with more antisemitic beliefs.

During these at an early stage years in Vienna, he many likely hosted the general antisemitic ideas that countless middle-class German nationalists shared. Only after human being War i did Hitler have actually the full-blown antisemitic ideology expressed in Mein Kampf and also his other writings. In Vienna, despite he was start to build his antisemitic beliefs, he had at least one Jewish friend and relied ~ above Jewish service people and shopkeepers come buy his art. This Adolf Hitler autograph file signed sold for $15,000.

An Adolf Hitler Autograph: Heinous yet Important historical Documents

Although daunting to face sometimes, if we perform not take it pains come remember our history we are, as George Santayana famously said, condemned to repeat it. Nate D. Sanders takes a pragmatic strategy to auctioning material that might be seen as objectionable: “I think it’s very heinous,” Sanders said, “but it is an auction item, it is a memento, it’s a item of memorabilia, and a item of history,” he said of the freshly auctioned 2 volume signed collection of Mein Kampf (My Struggle) which fetched $64,850 with two Adolf Hitler autograph signatures.

Hitler memorabilia Mein Kampf

We additionally sold this set of Mein Kampf books with one Adolf Hitler autograph because that $43,750:

Fascinating two-volume collection of Hitler’s ”Mein Kampf”, every volume signed ”Adolf Hitler autograph” by the Nazi Fuhrer adhering to his relax from jail for high treason, and also shortly ~ his public speak ban had actually been lifted. Both quantities are first editions, released by Franz Eher Nachfolger: Munich: 1925-1927. Every volume is inscribed by Hitler to Philipp Bouhler, among the very first members (#12) the the Nazi party and one the the leaders of the Beer hall Putsch in 1923, when Hitler and his cohorts test to overthrow the Bavarian government by gunpoint. Bouhler would eventually be appointed as one of the few Reichsleiters and as chief of the Chancellery because that Hitler wherein he led the infamous T4 program. Here, Hitler signs the fly-leaf of Vol. I and also the front totally free endpaper that Vol. II, sending out his finest wishes to Bouhler for the Christmas season. Volume I equates in full, ”To Herr Philipp Bouhler / in grateful acknowledgment of your loyal job-related for our movement on the occasion of Christmas 1925 / inscribed many sincerely / Adolf Hitler autograph / Munich, December 24, 1925”. Volume II converts in full, ”To Herr Philipp Bouhler / top top the chance of Christmas inscribed most sincerely together a sign of acknowledgment of your performance of duties / Adolf Hitler autograph / Munich, December 24, 1926”. Rebound in burgundy leather boards v gilt lettering, both quantities measure 6.5” x 9.25”. Irradiate shelf wear and white-out come title page of Volume I. Additionally with a brochure about Hitler from 1938, composed by Bouhler. An ominously signed set of books that futilely warned the civilization of Hitler’s intentions. Made even more scarce together signed in the mid-1920’s to a fellow Nazi leader.

Adolf Hitler Signed first Editions that ”Mein Kampf” — Both quantities Signed by Hitler in 1925 and 1926, Inscribed come Philipp Bouhler, Nazi #12 — ”…your loyal work-related for our movement…”

And one more copy for $15,625:

Incredible Adolf Hitler autograph copy the Adolf Hitler’s ”Mein Kampf”, inscribed by Hitler come a other inmate at Landsberg Prison. Hitler to be incarcerated in ~ Landsberg in 1924 because that high treason ~ the Beer room Putsch in 1923, once Hitler and also his cohorts check to fall the Bavarian government at gunpoint. This second edition that Volume ns is signed and also inscribed by Hitler, ”To Mr. Wilhelm Briemannin in remembrance of ours joint jail time in Landsberg a./L. devoted by Adolf Hitler / Munich December 20, 1925”. Volume is published by Franz Eher Nachfolger: Munich: 1926. Book measures 6.25” x 9.25”. Part rubbing of cloth and gilt titling top top boards and also sunning to backstrip. Little tear come pages 305-308. As whole in very good plus condition. A an extremely rare signed copy of ”Mein Kampf” prior to Hitler rose to power, even much more rare together inscribed to one of his jail mates. Probably the just copy hence inscribed by Hitler referring ago to his time in Landsberg, the an extremely place that he wrote ”Mein Kampf”.

Adolf Hitler 1925 Signed Copy of ”Mein Kampf” — Inscribed to a other Inmate throughout His Imprisonment for High Treason — ”…remembrance of ours joint jail time in Landsberg…”

We sold an Adolf Hitler autograph ~ above a large photo that the Fuhrer because that $11,250:

Very rarely Hitler autograph and also dated photo, date 24 august 1940. Photograph is matted and framed in a sturdy black color cassette may be that when belonged to Nazi aviator Flugkapitan Hanna Reitsch, the just woman awarded the steel Cross very first Class and also the Luftwaffe Pilot/Observer argorial in Gold v Diamonds during civilization War II. Her name is engraved come plaque affixed to cover the case. Photograph depicts Hitler posing sternly, sit on a chair in a non-military suit. With date inscribed follow me bottom in German together with his ”Adolf Hitler” signature in black ink. Framed through a metal plaque of the Nazi party emblem, the eagle atop the swastika symbol, the opposite photo against red plush towel matting. Through provenance indigenous Charles Hamilton, handwriting and also manuscript expert. Letter reads in full, ”I certify the I have actually examined the frontal portrait that Hitler in civilian clothes, take away by Heinrich Hoffmann in 1938. This certain photograph is encased in a black leather, folding cassette containing a metal plaque ~ above the exterior, bearing the engraved name of Flugkapitan Hanna Reitsch the the German Luftwaffe. Based upon my thorough analysis, ns certify the both the date (24 Aug. 1940) and also the signature written over the date are the authentic composing of Adolf Hitler. Further, this photo was obtained from a Canadian Collector and used together the basis for the writing exemplar of Adolf Hitler illustrated on page 191 of my publication ‘Collecting Autographs and also Manuscripts’, published by the university of Oklahoma push in 1961. Lastly, ns am the author of the standard occupational on Hitler’s handwriting entitled ‘Leaders and also Personalities the the 3rd Reich”’. Adolf Hitler autograph photo steps 6.5” x 7.5”; black situation measures 7.25” x 8.25” v some boy wear come case, else close to fine.

Scarce Hitler Signed photo — photo Taken through Heinrich Hoffmann Is Encapsulated in a instance Belonging come German Aviator Nazi Flugkapitan Hanna Reitsch

Lastly, we marketed two Adolf Hitler autograph documents:

Adolf Hitler autograph file “Af Hitler” as Fuhrer and Chancellor, datelined Berlin, 17 march 1938. With huge 3″ remote stamped seal depicting the German Eagle atop a swastika. In German, record translates in part, “Attached are the lists 190, 191, 192, 194, 197, 198, 199, 200, 201 / In the name of the German Reich. Ns am awarding to the 25 international nationals stated in the attached perform the order of the German Eagle…” likewise included in many is a photocopy of a 7 march 1938 record signed by Hitler awarding the Eagle to “Herrn Prescott Bush,” who shows up to have actually received the “honor” with other Americans including Henry Ford, Charles Lindbergh and IBM President thomas J. Watson; lot likewise includes a replica of the German Eagle. Solitary page paper measures 8.25″ x 11.5″. Two paper holes in blank left margin and document clip indentation at top right. Light soiling and little tear in creased top portion. Penciled notation in German on two lines in lower empty area, no in Hitler’s hand. Three folds. Very good condition. Sold for $2,685.

Adolf Hitler Signed 1938 Document, Awarding the German Eagle come Non-Germans — Lot also Includes Copy of bespeak Awarding the Eagle come Prescott Bush, Father and Grandfather the U.S. Presidents


Adolf Hitler autograph document, written upon his an individual Berlin stationery, through a gilt-engraved ”Der Fuhrer” showing up beneath a remote embossed Nazi seal, depicting the German eagle perched top top a swastika. Undated, despite from human being War II, as evidenced by the stationery. Signed ”Af Hitler”, Hitler below approves a ”Command of the Fuhrer”, Number 79. Steps 7.25” x 9”. Irradiate soiling and folds, all at once in very an excellent condition v a really dark and clear signature. Sold for $1,250.

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Adolf Hitler record Signed together ”Der Fuhrer”

To buy, consign or market in our Adolf Hitler autograph auction, please email or speak to (310) 440-2982.