BILL Clinton served two terms as the 42nd president of the United claims from 1993 to 2001.

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The former president has actually made a hefty living greatly after the left The White House.


Clinton was countless dollars in debt after that left the White House

What is bill Clinton's net worth?

Bill Clinton’s estimated net precious is $80million follow to walk Banking Rates.

Combined through his wife, Hillary Clinton, the couple is worth approximately $120million.

In 2001, Clinton was numerous dollars in debt after he left the White residence from legit fees component of his impeachment defense and sexual attack settlements.

He make his revenue from publicly appearances and also book deals, earning $15million for the rights to his memoir.

Since leaving office, he has end up being a high-paid public speaker, making between $150,000 and also $700,000 per speech.


Bill and also Hillary Clinton have a daughter, Chelsea Victoria Clinton

Does bill Clinton have actually children?

Bill and Hillary Clinton have a daughter, Chelsea Victoria Clinton.

She to be born February 27, 1980 in small Rock, Arkansas.

She is one American writer and worldwide health advocate.

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In 2011 she was a distinct correspondent because that NBC News and also now works through the Clinton structure and Clinton global Initiative, stop a influential role.

Why was bill Clinton impeached?

In 1994, Jones filed a lawsuit against Clinton, throughout his time as governor of Arkansas, for sex-related harassment. 

While Clinton to be questioned during Paula Jones’ case, he refuse sexual relationships with former White home intern Monica Lewinsky, i beg your pardon was found to it is in a lie.

After hours and hours of debate, Clinton to be impeached because that lying under oath to a federal grand jury and also obstructing justice.

In November 1998, the lawsuit was resolved and Clinton agreed to pay Jones $850,000 in exchange because that the dues to be dropped. 

Clinton continued to be in office till January 2001, as soon as his second term finished as president.




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Impeachment: American Crime Story speak the story the Clinton’s impeachment. The drama centers around his affair and scandal through Lewinsky during the 1990s, through her recounting the events of their relationship.

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'Shooter' was in meeting with college officials & his parents before massacre


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