Eating in ~ celebrity restaurants isn't constantly the many pleasant of experiences, at the very least for one's wallet. There are some eating establishments that earned your reputations because they develop some truly delicious food top top a regular basis. 

Wolfgang Puck could be a jovial Austrian guy with a vast personality, yet he earns the respect of many modern-day chefs. What around Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen in ras Vegas, though? and how much does it cost to eat there?

How much does it price to eat at Hell's Kitchen? It's ~ above par with other "strip" restaurants.

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When it concerns celebrity restaurants, specifically ones that are on the key strip in famous cities, they're frequently deemed traveler "traps" for a reason — they're all about making large $$$. Many people have overpaid because that reheated restaurant depot products fancily arranged on a key in southern Beach, Miami, or time Square in new York City. Ras Vegas has actually no shortage of this eateries, either.

Hell's Kitchen in Vegas, however, has actually been receiving a the majority of positive reviews from people who've posted around their experience there. It right now enjoys a 4.5-star rating on Yelp, which absolutely isn't the end-all-be-all for a restaurant's quality, however almost every one of the reviews praised the truth that the restaurant gets the basics under pat very, very well and also that the part sizes are an ext than ample.


The prix fixe menus generally range from $75 come $95. That meal through a alcohol pairing can run approximately $135.95, according to Yelp reviewers.

Like every restaurants, however, just how much a meal prices depends ~ above what you're ordering, and the Hell's Kitchen food selection offers a nice wide selection of go-to dishes that have been greatly featured top top the popular food preparation reality series.

For drinks, cocktails are about $18 to $19 a pop, with a $9 mocktail option. Party of wine will certainly run girlfriend from $75 to $240, with glasses costing everywhere from $16 come $50 each. Here's a Yelp user's photograph of the drink food selection posted below.


For the lunch menu, prix fixe will run you $65.95 a head for three courses and $115.95 with booze. Political parties at the restaurant expense $13.95 each, and prices for several of the restaurant's signature dishes cost method more. Want that Beef Wellington you experienced on the show? That'll operation you $63.95. The Jidori chicken scallopini prices $32.95, and also a 12 oz. Dry-aged brand-new York strip prices $59.95.

The cheapest salad ~ above the menu, the Caesar, expenses $19.95, $25.95 v grilled chicken. The pumpkin soup prices $14.95 (seasonal, as different seasons bring on various soups).

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If you're walking in for dinner, the prix fixe options begin in ~ $75.95 sans booze (which includes dessert) and have many of the same offerings as the lunch menu.