Pawn Stars has actually clued viewers in on how much a Babe Ruth baseball, a suit when worn through George Washington, a Super key ring, and much more are worth because the mega-hit series first premiered on the history Channel in 2009. The display has given fans a behind-the-scenes look at the pawn shop industry and some of the cool things people buy and sell within it. In addition to sticking approximately as one of the longest-running fact TV shows and doubling in length from 30 come 60 minutes in 2019"s season 16, its success resulted in multiple spin-off shows, like Pawn Stars UK and the ill-fated Cajun Pawn Stars. The collection has also permitted the network chin to financial institution a reported $3 million every episode, follow to Celebrity net Worth

Basically, the history Channel win gold when it found the inimitable Harrison family members — the so late grandfather Richard "Old Man" Harrison, boy Rick Harrison, nephew Corey "Big Hoss" Harrison, and also family friend Austin "Chumlee" Russell — that run the Gold and also Silver Pawn Shop in ras Vegas. The 3 generations that Harrison men and their experts have undeniably had actually a spicy eye for differentiating valuables native straight-up junk. However, one may wonder how much money they"ve placed in their very own pockets if wheeling and dealing. Exactly how much room these Pawn Stars actually worth? You might be surprised.

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Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
Also well-known as the "Old Man," Richard Harrison was the sharp-as-a-tack grandfather and patriarch that the Harrison family. He i m so sad passed far at the age of 77 on June 25, 2018, ~ a long battle with Parkinson"s disease. Follow to History, Harrison had an estimated net worth of $5 million before his death.

The Old Man can be attributed for happen the Harrisons to ras Vegas, whereby the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop to be born in the so late "80s. The navy veteran had determined to try his luck in the Sin City after losing $1 million in the real estate market, per his history Channel biography. He"d opened up the shop up through a little investment of just $10,000, and the rest is history. After Pawn Stars began airing, sales in ~ the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop go up nearly 30 percent through an median monthly revenue of $750,000, according to The brand-new York Times. Luckily, network executives had listened to the Old Man"s son, stack Harrison, who"d insisted that Pawn Stars would certainly make for an excellent television. "People would tell me the nobody desires to clock a show about four fat males in a pawn shop," he told Fox News in 2019. "All of a sudden ns was ~ above TV and we had actually the highest-rated premiere history ever had actually at the time."

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While stack Harrison has actually an approximated net worth of $8 million (via History), that didn"t constantly live v a hefty bank account. "My dad was in the military, which intended he was overseas a lot and I had a working mom," he told Forbes in 2013. "Being a middle-class family ago in the 1970s intended we only had actually one TV ... And also it wasn"t in your room ... So when I to be 8-years-old, ns began emerging a enthusiasm for reading history, and it"s never ever stopped." 5 years later, a 13-year-old Harrison to be already learning the family organization with his father. Follow to CBS News, he to be a full-time member the the Gold and also Silver Pawn Shop team by age 23.

But the real concern is, how much go the show aid boost Harrison"s own pocketbook? Well, the sounds prefer a lot. Explaining to CBS News that he"d originally hoped for "a season or two to aid our business," Harrison admittedly never ever thought the display would go on come air "in 152 countries and 38 languages." The truth TV star later on told Fox News, "When Pawn Stars started, the shop was averaging around 70 civilization a day, and also now, we mean thousands."

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Corey "Big Hoss" Harrison has actually proven he"s inherited few of dad Rick"s top-notch negotiating skills. According to Screen Rant, he when received a portion in equity of the family business after threatening to leaving if lock didn"t provide him part ownership. Clearly, this has only aided his bank account as he reportedly has an estimated net precious of $5 million. It does seem choose the younger Harrison kind of earned the though, considering he started working in ~ the shop as soon as he was simply 9 year old, ultimately working his way up the ranking to becoming manager that its day-to-day operations, according to his history Channel biography.

While the family service has to be lucrative, Harrison has likewise tried other methods to carry in money. He and also longtime friend-coworker Austin "Chumlee" Russell have actually been recognized to cash in $1,000 a night for club appearances, according to CNN. Together dad rick told the media outlet in 2011, "Club owners recognize that as soon as they start tweeting their location for the night, hundreds of world show approximately see them." Corey Harrison also purchased the Beauty Bar las Vegas with a girlfriend in 2014 (via the Las vegas Weekly). When the company temporarily shed its liquor license 5 years later, the fact TV star told Las las vegas Review-Journal that he"d currently sold off his shares the previous December. Possibly he realized he should just stick to the family members business? 

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When household friend Austin "Chumlee" Russell isn"t out doing his point in the club v Corey Harrison, he"s quiet depositing many of dissension bills right into his own financial institution account. According to Celebrity net Worth, Russell has accumulated an approximated net precious of $5 million ... An interpretation this guy quite literally hit the jackpot once he ended up being besties v the Harrison family. Still, the television personality, who"s well-known for his love of sneakers and also designer duds, has remained pretty humble around his fame and fortune, telling the Las las vegas Sun in 2014, "I am really lucky, and I realize that every day i wake up." he added, "I"m as with the others, speak this out. What"s next? I have actually no idea best now. I"m just enjoying the ride."

While starring on Pawn Stars was clearly a lucky break for Russell, he"s likewise branched out to other organization opportunities. The Las las vegas Review-Journal reports that he and brother Sage opened Chumlee"s candy in 2017, wherein fans can buy a Chumlee coco Bar and Old Man"s Coffee, or, if they"re lucky, even catch the reality star because that a photo at the whimsical store. Who wouldn"t want a candy bar v Chumlee"s confront on it?

Restoration experienced Rick Dale was featured top top Pawn Stars just before the History Channel gave the a spin-off present called American Restoration in 2010. The show initially focused on his own business, Rick"s Restorations, which restores vintage and also antique items, prior to highlighting various other companies in 2016. Still, Dale has the respectable bank account to present for his televised success. According to Celebrity network Worth, he"s earn an approximated net precious of $2.5 million. 

In one interview with The Spruce Crafts in 2019, Dale revealed that he caught the restoration an insect at the period of nine while working on a bicycle provided to the by his dad. Quickly enough, he was functioning on cars and eventually vintage items, saying, "It simply all came together." That very first bicycle may not have actually earned him that $2.5 million, however hey, you"ve gained to begin somewhere. And even though Dale"s spin-off spotlight didn"t last, rick Harrison himself raved about Dale"s specialization to Entertainment Weekly in 2010. "Rick is unbelievable," he said. "I"m telling you, he can make a pond look beautiful if he want to ... His organization is called Rick"s Restorations, yet it really need to be dubbed Rick"s Art."

Another Pawn Stars expert who"s not exactly strapped for cash is Danny "Count" Koker, that reportedly has actually an estimated network worth that $13 million (via Celebrity net Worth). How"d he do his fortune? Well, he"s led multiple business ventures, consisting of Count"s Vamp"d absent bar and Count"s Tattoo Co., follow to the Las vegas Review-Journal. Oh, and Koker was likewise lucky enough to gain his own background Channel spin-off series, Counting Cars. Between 2012 and 2016, that chronicled the daily activities of Counts Kustoms, i m sorry restores and also customizes cars and motorcycles.

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In one interview v the Las las vegas Review-Journal in 2013, Koker revealed the the business" popularity explosive after Counting Cars started airing, saying, "On any given day right here at the shop, you have the right to meet world literally from approximately the people that show up here." as for exactly how he acquired started in this niche career, Koker provided on his business" website that he"s a "self-taught mechanic grew up in Cleveland and also Detroit with family blood lines the gifted him with the innate love of all points automotive." He certain taught himself well. 

With his signature red shirt, Amish hat, and large-rimmed glasses, mark Hall-Patton quickly ended up being a well-known skilled on Pawn Stars. Rick Harrison himself nicknamed Hall-Patton "the beard of Knowledge," telling the Los Angeles Times in 2014, "The guy knows so much stuff; he must have a Xerox device inside his eyeballs."

Since fellow professionals like Danny Koker and also Rick Dale acquired their own spin-off series, fans may have actually wondered what Hall-Patton got out of showing up on the show. Well, supposedly not much — at least financially. Harrison told the Las las vegas Sun in 2010, "We don"t pay the experts and most live right right here in las Vegas." In lieu that a personal business to encourage on Pawn Stars, Hall-Patton"s day job is curating the Clark county Museum — a gig that has actually doubtfully earn him any kind of of the millions the others have collected over the years. While us don"t know precisely what Hall-Patton is worth, we do understand that the museum experienced an virtually 70 percent rise in attendance because 2012 (via the Los Angeles Times). Perhaps this earned the a bonus or in ~ the an extremely least a thank you card?

While shooting the pilot episode of Pawn Stars, Hall-Patton admittedly wondered, per the Los Angeles Times, "Who on earth is walking to clock this?" Still, he hasn"t bring away his climb to fame as well seriously, informing the publication, "I"ve checked out the Beatles; I recognize what genuine celebrity is. I"m simply a bloody museum director."

Pawn Stars do rare publication expert Rebecca Romney a household name as soon as she became the Harrisons" go-to human whenever someone lugged a dusty old book into the shop. Who have the right to tell if a book with wilted pages and also barely legible print is precious anything? Apparently, Romney can! and she should be pretty darn an excellent at it, since she has a net precious of $3.5 million, according to the Celebrity network Worth Reporter. Similarly to she co-stars" various other ventures, business in ~ the Bauman Rare books gallery gained a significant boost after Romney first appeared top top the present in 2011. "We carry out see a lot an ext volume because of Pawn Stars, i m sorry is yes, really nice," she told Deadline in 2014. "Not come mention, many thanks to the show, background sometimes just walks in the door."

While Romney at some point left Bauman Rare books "to pursue other projects, including a podcast on publications called Biblioclast," according to her website, she"s continued to add to her financial institution account by becoming a rare book dealer at Honey and Wax Booksellers in 2016 and publishing she own book called Printer"s Error the complying with year.