Anyone have any type of news on dry prices in Kentucky yucky this season? and also anyone in ky still finding it? seems to be gone in my area.

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KYSENG...I to be from southern middle TN and it has been negative dry under here because the end of August.All of mine seed bed plants room down and out now and the wild center I have actually close to residence is too. I mean that many of the wild is down and also out too, with most likely a couple of exceptions.I simply checked v a neighborhood buyer and he offered me a price the 350.00 lb for dry at smaller quantities, stated he might do a little more if you had a couple of pounds.I only went hunting two time this year and also kept about fifty percent of what I found for eating myself. I may have actually 2-3 oz of rather that ns will sell this year, but think I will certainly wait until roughly Thanksgiving and check through my local buyer again.TNHUnter
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I havent been because that a week or so because of not having actually any brand-new places to go. I might go the end this weekend and also check a couple of lower spots ns overlooked this year however I"d be blessed to uncover anymore we"ve been pretty dried ourselves. Ns didn"t obtain to walk as lot as critical year but I quiet have approximately 1lb and also 7 ounces dry. I"m a 3rd year digger and also still learning that areas I formerly overlooked had some the the ideal seng I"ve uncovered to date. I"m close to ohio and also west virginia.. Tristate area i hope to discover some locations in WV to go next year. In mine area there is easy access to most wooded locations so ns don"t find much old old seng. I require to acquire lost in some real mountains lol thanks for reply and also have a blessed day.
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It"s roughly $350 right here in south central Ky. Also, for typical root.Higher prices room for the far better and pick roots. Have to be really great for greater prices.Small roots also though legal age at 5 years space a tough sell this year.Everybody is talking 10 year period next year on seng.See Billy Taylor"s comment on facebook.
billy just starting to buy he salary 400 and up call him ..if you have 20lb or more all an excellent he pay 500 or more
Ginseng started in lake Cumberland area the KY at $300, buyers wouldn"t even give a price till last part of September, it"s in ~ $350 as of today.

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Ginseng is a difficult sell this year,Don"t suppose a high price for average roots. It"s all around location and also quality.Most buyers room really conservative top top what they space buying. Where I"m in ~ in south main Ky $350 is a an excellent price and it needs to be kind ginseng. People are calling native every whereby trying come sell and also telling me the they are having a tough time marketing for any kind of price.