SAN DIEGO (CNS) – The mean price the a gallon that self-serve regular gasoline in mountain Diego ar dropped two-tenths that a cent Monday to $4.348, the 4th straight job it has either dipped or remained the same.

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The mean price dropped two-tenths of a cent Sunday, three-tenths the a cent Saturday and also was unchanged on Friday, follow to figures from the AAA and Oil Price info Service. It had actually increased through one-tenth that a cent ~ above Thursday.

The mean price is fifty percent a cent much less than both one week back and one month ago, yet $1.128 much more than one year ago.

Saturday’s decline of three-tenths of a cent damaged a streak of 7 consecutive days in i beg your pardon the typical price adjusted by two-tenths of a cent or less.

`Hurricane Ida has actually had tiny impact on neighborhood gas prices since none of southerly California’s it is provided originates in the Gulf Coast, claimed Jeffrey Spring, the auto Club of southerly California’s corporate communications manager.

“Also, neighborhood refineries have actually increased production and also imports of gasoline commodities remains robust, providing the state ample inventory.”

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