Frank Fritz network Worth: frank Fritz is an American truth star and also antique collector who has a net worth the $6 million. That is ideal known because that co-hosting the reality series "American Pickers," which started airing top top The background Channel in 2010. Fritz hosts the display with his longtime girlfriend Mike Wolfe, and it adheres to the two guys as lock travel around the country in find of antique and rare pieces. Among The history Channel"s most well-known shows, "American Pickers" has actually consistently done well through multiple age groups, and also it has also been the peak ranked non-fiction present on television. "American Pickers" has actually aired more than 300 episodes end 22 periods as the this writing. Open minded has also published 2 books, "American Pickers guide to Picking" (2011) and also "How to pick Vintage Motorcycles" (2013).

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Early Life: candid Fritz to be born top top October 11, 1965, in Davenport, Iowa. His parents, Susan and also Bill, split up as soon as Frank to be young, and Susan married Richard Zirbe in 1974. Together a child, Fritz appreciated collecting rocks, beer cans, and also postage stamps, and he loved riding dirt bikes. As soon as Frank to be a teenager, he operated at coast to coastline Hardware and Quad-City automatic Sprinkler since he want to conserve up sufficient money come buy a $4,100 Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Fritz met future "American Pickers" co-host Mike Wolfe at Sudlow intermediate School, and they both i graduated from Bettendorf High college in 1982.

Career: after ~ graduation, Frank spent 25 years functioning as a fire inspector, and also he started picking up firefighter and also firehouse-related trinkets. After he bought one item because that $15 and sold it for $475, he assumed he might make a living that way. In 2002, Fritz shifted far from his fire safety occupational to focus on collecting antique and vintage items, opening the antique shop candid Fritz find in Savanna, Illinois. His reputation for recognize vintage toys and also cars made him famous with collectors and also designers, and he recorded the fist of The history Channel. "American Pickers" attracted an ext than 3 million viewers when it premiered ~ above January 18, 2010, making it the network"s highest-rated debut due to the fact that the "Ice roadway Truckers" premiere in 2007. As well as his job-related on "American Pickers," Fritz has also appeared on the TV series "Rachael Ray," "Cincy Entertainment," "American Restoration," "Late present with David Letterman," "Pawn Stars," "Who wants to it is in a Millionaire," and also "Today," and also he lent his voice to an episode of the animated collection "American Dad!" in 2017.

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Frank Fritz

Net Worth:$6 Million
Date the Birth:Mar 3, 1965 (56 year old)

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