With the very anticipated "Friends" reunion hitting HBO Max on might 27, one can"t assist but think about A-list gibbs Elliott Gould, who famously depicted Jack Geller, Monica and also Ross Geller"s father, because that so many years. 

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But do no mistake around it — also if HBO hadn"t relocated forward with the manufacturing of the long-awaited reunion (which was placed on pause throughout the pandemic), you deserve to rest assured the Gould would certainly be law juuust fine because that himself. Through a an extensive and accomplished resume that boasts tasks such as "M*A*S*H," "Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice," Robert Altman"s acclaimed adaptation the the noir standard "The lengthy Goodbye," "Ocean"s 11," and also "Contagion," it"s no mystery that the Gould is a Hollywood heavyweight.

Born in Brooklyn, brand-new York, Gould was known throughout his hay-day for his bushy black color mustache and, "distinctive nasal, brand-new York baritone," per The Guardian. Together a youngster, the didn"t reap performing, every the outlet, but a dance teacher when he to be 12 broke through. "He just pounded me mentally. Once I wept, he did not treat me choose a baby and he got through come me," Gould called The Guardian. Today, the veteran actor has actually a enormous 190 exhilaration credits come his name. But just how much is that worth? Keep reading after the jump to find out!

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These days, Elliot Gould lays low. He owns a house in Los Angeles, Calif., where CBS Sunday Morning interviewed him in 2020 ~ above his "backyard patio." "Donald Sutherland, one of my best partners, great actor, said to me, "What good does it do to know everything when you don"t recognize anything?" Gould told the outlet on continuing to be humble. He likewise told castle that cultivation up through bare-bones Brooklyn roots meant he supplied to gamble, a lot. "My family had no money. And also I"m second-generation American. And also so, i would type of gamble. And also like, girlfriend know, a lot of world have that, you know?" Well, things have actually changed. According to Celebrity network Worth, the talented actor is currently worth an outstanding $20 million.

On a an individual note, the actor has been married 3 times, and also per People, he and also the iconic Barbra Streisand were "the "it" couple in the 1960s." They gained divorced in 1971 "after eight year of marriage and a boy together." top top CBS Sunday Morning, Gould attributed Streisand"s laser-sharp focus on herself and also her own ventures for prohibiting castle from farming together together a married couple. "We didn"t thrive together and the factor for the was since she became much more important 보다 us," that revealed. "Then I likewise said to her, "We go great. We made it very fast and nobody has actually what we have. There"s you and also me and also our kid.""