34-year-old Canadian rapper and private airplane aficionado Drake continues to live the sweet life v his own private 767 plane. A handsome freebie from Canadian freight for sure Cargojet, Drake’s plane has animal leather seating, quite taps, ample legroom, and also there’s no squabbling over armrests.

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Drake’s personal Boeing 767-200 heading right into Toronto. Photo: Getty Images

How lot did Drake pay for that 767?

Drake score his brand-new plane early on in 2019. Follow to Boeing’s website, a brand-new 767 costs about $200m, return that would be because that a brand new 767-300ER. Air Drake to be an ex freighter, convert to a personal jet (probably at great expense). Brand new, airways Mag reckons these cost about $185m, yet this would probably be a fair bit much less on the second-hand market.

However, through Drake himself valued at US$150 million, and also a customized 767 costing phibìc of that, it looks favor a champagne acquisition from a rapper with a (premium) beer budget.

Last year, an easy Flying’s Jo Bailey did some digging. It turns out the aircraft isn’t Drake’s exactly. It’s an ext like a automobile that belongs to your Dad that he lets you drive, and also you favor to think of as your own. Drake’s exclusive jet sugar daddy is Ontario-based Cargojet, who deal in time-sensitive, overnight waiting cargo services.

“We are an extremely excited to companion with Drake together our ambassador and also assisting him through his logistical needs and requirements,” stated Ajay Virmani, Cargojet’s President, critical year.

 “We have had actually a prolonged relationship through Drake, and this partnership has actually grown organically in between both parties. Cargojet and Drake space both great Canadian successes. We room thrilled to be partnering together.”

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Drake scores a jazzed up 2nd hand 767 ex-freighter

Like any an excellent Dad, while Cargojet’s gift/loan is indeed generous, it does have actually bounds. The 767-24QER (registered N767CJ) is customized, and it sure beats flying commercial. However it is likewise a rackety old second-hand freighter that’s gift tarted up v a fresh repaint job, faux timber panels, and a little of internal bling.

The plane was built at Boeing’s Everett site and is 24 plus year old. It previously belonged to Mid east Jet, a charter airline working out the Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. It was sold in 2018 to Elan Express. Native there, it discovered it’s method to Drake via Cargojet

Inside, the plane is appointed in a layout you’d expect from any type of self-respecting rapper. Critical year, Drake let his camera do the talking and also posted a clip of the plane’s interior on Instagram.

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Still, a large step increase from flying commercial

You need to admit it’s rather a step up indigenous Delta lull Plus. Gold walls are offset with cacao brown sofas and plush striped carpets. There seems to it is in plenty of locations to hang out, native dining locations to lounges, with huge TV screens throughout the aircraft. All good spots come drink some champagne and have a snooze.

With no overhead lockers come accommodate, the plane is spacious and also airy. Custom lighting adorns the ceilings, and also there room plenty of other luxurious touch – check out those traditional lamps! yet I don’t know, the shade palette, it’s a bit same same.

That said, Drake appears to prefer it. Because Dad provided him the keys, Drake has been making good use of his wheels. There have actually been new paint jobs, brand-new Instagram clips, and also just enough tweaks around the edge to keep civilization guessing. In ~ the end of the day, Cargojet is letting Drake usage this old Boeing in return because that publicity and brand awareness. Drake delivers the in spades.

Drake, operating as
champagnepapi on Instagram, has 72 million-odd pendant (more than Snoop Dogg but a lot less than Beyonce). How numerous of those 72 million followers finish up sending out a time-sensitive parcel via Cargojet, us cannot say, yet the freight organization must be acquiring something the end of the deal.

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As because that Drake, he it s okay to skip the airport terminal blues and easily keep an ideal social distance on his flights. When you room only among ten passenger on a 767, no-one have the right to hear girlfriend cough. Or, together it’s your plane, no-one would certainly care.