Getting an annual pass—now referred to as “Magic crucial pass”—for Disneyland is just one of the greatest decisions a Disney traveler have the right to face. She looking at $400 to $1500 a year ideal off the bat, plus—for non-locals—the expense of the vacations you’ll have actually to arrangement to gain value out of the pass.

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In this post, we evaluation the major types the Disneyland yearly passes, comment on whether or not a Disneyland Magic an essential annual pass is “worth it”, and discuss every the different perks you need to understand when considering a Disneyland yearly pass.


Types of Disneyland annual Passes (“Magic Keys”) & Prices

First, we’ll talk about the significant types of Disneyland yearly passes (now called “Magic Keys”). This is simply to familiarize you v the options. We’ll cover deciding in between them next.

Dream Key

The Dream key annual happen is the most considerable Disneyland yearly pass available. Girlfriend get:

reservation-based accessibility to both layout parks every job of the year

the ability to organize up to six park bookings at a time

15% discount on select dining and 20% discount on pick merchandise

free standard template park parking

The Disneyland Dream an essential annual pass prices $1,399 because that adults and also children.


Believe Key

The Believe crucial annual happen is the second tier annual pass in ~ Disneyland, you get:

reservation-based accessibility to both design template parks most DAYS of the year (i.e. Blockout dates apply)

the ability to host up to 6 park appointments at a time

10% discount on choose dining and also select merchandise

50% off standard layout park parking

The Disneyland Believe vital annual pass expenses $949, a $450 drop from the Dream Key.

A “blockout” or “blockout day” is a job on which your pass can not be supplied to access one or both the the parks. The Believe key blockout calendar is here. Over there are around 50 work blocked out in the year, mostly about holidays.

Enchant Key

The Disneyland Enchant an essential annual pass has a more restricted set of benefits all around. The pass offers:

Substantial blockouts during holidays, optimal season (summer), and also most Saturdays

The capability to host four layout park bookings at a time

10% off select dining and merchandise

NO parking

You can view the complete blockout calendars here. The Disneyland Enchant key annual pass costs $649.


Imagine Key

The Disney Imagine an essential annual happen replaces the old Disney “SoCal Select” annual Passport, and also is only available to southern California Residents. It offers:

the capability to host two theme park reservations at a time

10% off select dining and also merchandise

The Disneyland Imagine vital annual pass costs $399.


Paying for her Magic Key

Currently the only means to to buy a Magic key is virtual or in the Disneyland app. Right here are part notes on current (and possible future) discount and payment plan options. After ~ this section, we’ll talk much more about whether or no a Disneyland Magic vital is worth it.

Disney holidays Club yearly Passes & Discounts

DVC members get a $20 discount on the Disneyland annual passes, except the Imagine Key, i m sorry is no discounted.

Disneyland annual Pass renewal Discount

Note: While we assume rebirth discounts will certainly stick around, we’ll need to wait and see just how Magic key renewals room handled in respectable 2022. The following paragraph reflects exactly how things worked with the old passes.

Renewing your Disneyland annual pass commonly comes with a discount of $10 to $75 (depending ~ above the pass). This discounts change regularly. Save in mind girlfriend will have a specified renewal window—typically the critical 30 or so days of her pass validity—to renew. If you miss out on this window, you’ll have to pay complete price for a brand-new pass.

Monthly Payment Plan

Residents the California also have the alternative to make monthly payments instead of paying the full amount in ~ once.


Is a Disneyland annual Pass (Magic Key) worth It?

In this ar we’re going to analyze the Disneyland yearly passes (aka Magic Keys) from the very least expensive to most expensive. For the services of this examples, we’ll be compare the full annual pass price come the full price of Disneyland park tickets. Here are the park ticket prices we’re using (keep in mind Disney updates price regularly, therefore these may be the end of date):

Ticket length No Park Hopper Park Hopper
One day (Regular) $139 $194
One job (Peak) $154 $209
Two Day $235 $290
Three Day $310 $365
Four Day $340 $395
Five Day $360 $415

Let’s begin with some an extremely important context prior to we go with each pass alternative individually.

Annual Price Increases

Pretty lot every year, yes sir a price increase on yearly passes. Castle vary, however are normally at the very least a few percent, which can include up when you’re talking about hundreds or countless dollars to begin with. Simply keep in mind the if Disney is raising prices year after year, you’ll want to evaluate your needs year after year.

Make sure You compare Magic Keys

Here’s the wrong means to analyze the Dream Key. “Our family is making four, three-day trips through park hopper this year. That will certainly cost around $1,500. So we all should definitely get the Signature to add Passport for only $1,399!”

There’s so much wrong through this. But here’s the obvious—if her visits are only on dates covered by the think Key, you deserve to save $450 per human being by obtaining that happen instead! Yes—you can save money top top parking, dining, and merchandise v the Dream Key, however that brings us to the next question…

Does Every family Member require The same Pass?

Keep in mind that as long as one family members member deserve to be in the car for parking and make all the dining and merchandise discounts, it can make sense for one household member to have an annual pass while the others have either lesser overcome or even just constant tickets.

We’ll check out this an especially below once we talk about the SoCal-only Imagine Key—which is the cheapest way to unlock dining and also merchandise discounts for her family—and the Dream Key—which gets greater discounts 보다 the overcome beneath it, along with free standard parking (which expenses $25 every day).

Basically, every Disneyland yearly pass decision comes down to three concerns for friend family:

Do we visit sufficient to require an yearly pass to begin with?

What is the best pass for us all to get, offered the blockout dates?

(New) execute the restrictions on the variety of park bookings at one time influence us?

Do us visit enough and also spend sufficient for one family members member to get a better pass because that the benefits and discounts top top dining, merchandise, and also parking?

Keep those inquiry in mind as we go with the passes and also when do the decision because that yourself and your family.

Is a Disney SoCal Select annual Passport precious it?

We’ll begin with the Imagine Key, i beg your pardon is accessible only to residents of southerly California.

Now, obviously there room true locals because that whom this happen is an easy choice. The live in Orange County, they visit once every few weeks, and they favor the freedom of coming and also going as they please. They don’t mind the blockout days or the limitations on the number of reservations they deserve to hold since they can be flexible.

If you’re on the fringe of the group, here’s how it breaks down. A $399 Imagine key pass is going come be precious it if friend make 3 one-day access time to the parks there is no park hopper, 2 one-day visits v park hopper, or 2 visits with at least one multi-day visit. Again—keep in mind you’ll have many blockout dates to arrangement around.

If you’re just taking one trip in a year, it’s a tougher sell. At 4 days with park hopper, the $395 ticket price is close sufficient to the $399 Imagine vital pass price that the discounts and also option to use your pass various other days is walk to do it worth it.

A three day park-hopper ticket costs $365, a $34 savings. To take benefit of the annual pass, you’d basically have to spend $340 on dining and merchandise throughout those 3 days. Because that one human being that’s no too hard, but…

But if one household member that a household of four buys an Imagine an essential just because that a solitary trip, they have the right to make every food and merchandise purchases because that the family. This renders the $340 safety much easier to hit. For households of three or four, it’s more than likely worth one member gaining the Imagine crucial Pass because that a three-day trip.

Be cautious with this though—once one family member has an yearly pass, you might start itching for more trips. If you’re walk to it is in making lot of visits, just acquire everyone the yearly pass to start with.

Is A Disney Enchant an essential annual pass Worth It?

The Enchant crucial pass prices $250 an ext than the Imagine crucial and, at $649, is the entry-level option for many guests (all guests outside SoCal). Really, the right way to think about the Enchant vital is to to compare it both upwards (to the $949 Believe an essential pass, which we cover next) and downwards (to the Imagine Key) and see if you fit in between

The Enchant an essential is blocked out an ext dates 보다 the Believe vital (check the calendar), but that might not issue if you planning around them. It also doesn’t get the 50% off typical parking that the Believe vital gets, however the worth of this should be pretty basic to calculation for you yourself (figure $12.50 every day that parking).

The final significant difference between the two passes is that the Enchant key can organize only 4 reservations at a time, if the Believe crucial can hold up come six reservations at a time. That could it is in a difficulty if you’re planning, say, 2 three-day trips. Yet here’s the thing…

If the parks space going to be so busy they hit reservation capacity, the Enchant crucial is probably going to be blocked out anyway. Am i so certain of this that I’d rush to buy an Enchant an essential even if I had no versatility in the trips I might take? maybe not, but it’s pretty close.

And nothing forget, holding 4 reservations at a time no an awful restraint. If you were planning six days precious of visits, say 3 in April and three in November, then once you went to the an initial two work in April you’d have the ability to book every one of your November dates (assuming you nothing make any type of intermediary bookings).

Is a Disney Believe an essential annual happen worth it?

For SoCal residents, the luxurious Passport is a $550 upgrade from the Imagine vital to lose some blockout dates, broaden your reservation counting from two to six, and also get 50% turn off parking. Alternatively, it’s a $300 update from the Enchant key to lose some blockout dates, expand your reservation count from four to six, and get 50% off parking.

For me, this is a straightforward look in ~ the blockout calendar. I don’t journey to the parks (there room plenty of nearby reasonably priced hotels) so the $12.50 per visit doesn’t factor into my analysis. And also like ns said, if you parks are hitting capacity, the Believe and also Enchant keys are most likely blocked out anyway, therefore I’m no sure exactly how much the appointments matter.

From a blockout calendar perspective the Believe vital is better than the Enchant Key, yet you’re still lacking the major vacation windows. The Enchant key loses most Saturdays and the entire month that July, yet otherwise, honestly, that calendar is yes, really workable.

Keep in mind if you’re only visiting for one optimal date, a single-day ticket is probably a better choice 보다 upgrading her pass. If you’ll require a optimal multi-day ticket, it can be much better to upgrade.

If you have the right to work about the blockout dates, the Disney Believe key annual pass is worth it if friend make three two-day (or longer) trips to Disneyland in a year.

Is a Disney Dream an essential Worth It?

For $1,399, a $450 premium over the believe Key, Dream key holders eliminate blockout dates, obtain an extra 5% turn off (15% total) dining and also an extra 10% off (20% total) merchandise, and get free standard parking. They deserve to hold 6 park bookings at a time.

Honestly, that pretty tough to justify the Dream Key. Ns say this together an out-of-state human who plans come make about five non-driving vacations to the park every year for the foreseeable future. The blockout calendar for the reduced Believe key isn’t tough to job-related around, and also an extra 5% turn off dining and also 10% off merchandise only justifies the pass on its own if ns spend about $6000 per year on those things, which i won’t.

Disneyland yearly Pass Food and also Merchandise Discounts

For starters—the Disneyland annual pass discounts ~ above food room much more generous than those at Walt Disney World. We were very impressed v how frequently discounts were accessible and offered, to the allude of being surprised when we finally found some place without a discount.

The Dining Discount Is 10% come 15% nearly Everywhere, not included Alcohol

The complete dining discount chart if uncovered here. Uneven Walt Disney World, the dining discount uses to practically everywhere that sells food—including rapid service. Also, as well as Downtown Disney locations, the higher-level passes nearly always obtain their complete discount. Moreover, the chase Disney Visa map dining discounts don’t compare to the annual passholder discounts.

Merchandise Discount Is consistently 10% to 20%

The 10% come 20% goods discount is together advertised, the only exception being that details Downtown Disney shop cap out at a 10% discount, even for Signature Passport holders.

Other Discounts and also Perks

Event and Tour Discounts

Annual passholders gain 15% turn off the major tours in ~ Disneyland. They likewise receive tiny discounts on part ticketed events, choose Mickey’s Halloween Party.

Annual Passholder Room Offers

Annual Passholders periodically have access to special Disney hotel offers. These generally have an extensive overlap with publicly available discounts, v the yearly passholder benefit being contempt expanded dates or an extra 5% off.

Exclusive yearly Passholder Merchandise

Annual passholders have accessibility to to exclude, “Annual Passholder” branded merchandise throughout Disneyland resort. Many commonly, this gear going to be uncovered at the main stores of the parks. Sometimes other items are passholder-exclusive, prefer this Steamboat Willie popcorn bucket.

Other special Events

Passholders also occasionally gain invited to various other special events. One recent example of this (part of our Disney World yearly passholder perks, to it is in clear) was the passholder preview that Star Wars: Galaxy’s edge in Florida.

Early RunDisney Registration

RunDisney events do still offer out, though no as conveniently as they offered to as prices have risen. Us like at an early stage registration just since it totally removes the stress and anxiety of booking. If you’d like to read around some RunDisney events, we have actually a few reviews (albeit native Walt Disney World):

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