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David Cassidy, the well known actor who performed Keith Partridge, and other roles, has died after organ failure. He was an American singer and actor. According to celebrity, David Cassidy net worth of $500 thousand at the time of his death. David Cassidy to be born ~ above April 12, 1950, in NYC, brand-new York.

David was well-known for his role as Keith Partridge in the 70s musical sitcom The Partridge Family. Cassidy was a far-ranging heartthrob in his heart in the 70s. He to be the son of the singer and also actor Jack Cassidy. Farming up, he incorporated by show service like Cassidy’s mother, Evelyn Ward. She was likewise an actress.

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David Cassidy

Birth and DeathApril 12, 1950, Nov 21, 2017 (aged 67)
Country the OriginUnited says of America
Source the WealthActor, singer, songwriter, musician
Net Worth$500 Thousand
FatherJack Cassidy
MotherEvelyn Ward
Height5’6.5 ft. (168.9 cm)
Weight132 lbs. (60 kg)
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye colorBlue


David Cassidy released number of hit albums and had a prospering solo artist job for countless years. Through the mid-70s, however, Cassidy’s teens fans had actually moved on. Later he had a effective run in ras Vegas, beginning with the show EFX in 1996.

He go on come create more point appearances and stay somewhat relevant from the people’s eye. He mutual his life experiences with readers in his very own 2007.

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What is David Cassidy network Worth

Just how much money go David Cassidy network worth? at one stage, David Cassidy was one of the wealthiest young entertainers alive. Yet by the mid-80s, David Cassidy was basically bankrupt. The earned a same amount that cash, yet he invested it all.

According to The Telegraph, he blamed his very own manager because that being bankrupt, and also he stated that castle wasted his money. He continued to work-related on and off throughout the 1990 s, doing theater and attempting come compose tv Shows, in enhancement to hosting nostalgia TV. 

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Nevertheless, the majority of the money he made during this period dropped again in ~ the dot com crash in 2000. And after that points are acquiring worse because that Cassidy, who had divorced many times. After his final divorce settlement, in addition to being arrested because that DUI, the to declare bankruptcy in 2018.

He ongoing to execute somewhat, however it wasn’t rewarding. He declared he’d dementia not long ago. In ~ this time, David Cassidy’s is net worth is usually $0. Cassidy moved to ft Lauder dale, Fla., In 2002. He filed for bankruptcy in 2015. So in ~ last, it additionally disclosed that Beau his child inherited his father’s one million dollars life insurance money coverage payout and $450, 000.

Personal life

Cassidy’s first wife to be actress Kay Lenz, whom he wed top top Apr 3, 1977, and also divorced ~ above December 28, 1983. In 1984 Cassidy wed his second wife, equine breeder Meryl Tanz. They met in 1974 at a horse sale in Lexington, Kentucky. In 1988 this marriage ended in divorce.

Cassidy’s daughter, actress Katie Cassidy, to be born in 1986 in a partnership with fashion model Sherry Williams. After ~ David and Williams finished your relationship, Katie elevated up with her mother and her stepfather, Richard Benedon. In Feb 2017 David has spoken of his absence from Katie’s lifetime.

He stated I wasn’t she father. I have actually never had a relationship with her. Ns was her biological father, however I did not raise her. She’s a completely different life. She’s very talented. I am proud that her. That is tough for me to accept exactly how old she’s currently. On in march 30, 1991, Cassidy wed Sue Shifrin.

It had been Cassidy’s 3rd marriage and Shifrin’s second marriage. They will do one kid, Beau, born in 1991. Earlier in august 2013, Cassidy’s Los Angeles publicist evidenced that the couple had split, In February 2014 v Shifrin’s filing because that divorce.

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Legal and also Financial Problems

On Nov 3, 2010, Cassidy was an initial arrested for DUI in Florida. And arrested for DUI the 2nd time in Schodack, NY on respectable 21, 2013. He to be exposed to an alcohol breath check coming a blood alcohol level that 0.10, i beg your pardon is over the NY Legal standing limit the 0.08.

Cassidy to be charged, required to jail. He admitted that he’d an alcohol trouble in 2008. Cassidy to be arrest on apprehension of DUI for a 3rd time in California on January 10, 2014. Later he do an illegal right turn against a red light. 

He was organized in jail and scheduled to show up in court top top February 5. He, instead, sent his lawyer to the hearing, and also once that was uncovered That Cassidy remained in a city surrounding in a steed race quite than showing up in court. The court day was rescheduled. For bankruptcy, David filed in February 2015.

In respectable 2015, it declared that a financial institution will auction off David’s former $3 million mansions in Florida. In 2017 after the fatality of David, the disclosed the he’d left his estate to his child Beau. The estate originally reported gift worth only $150, 000. 

Illness and Death

On February 20, 2017, following a power in which Cassidy had trouble mental the text of songs he performing for nearly 50 years. He showed up to fall off the stage, the announced the he to be living with dementia and was retiring from all additional performing. 

Later in 2017, Cassidy dropped down ill at a record studio and also hospitalize. In a later telephone conversation through an A&E producer, that told that he had just met through his doctor. The he had actually liver disease, and that his life had actually “altered dramatically.

Cassidy consists of that he had actually been unconscious and near fatality for the first couple of days ~ the incident. But that his memory had actually returned. Cassidy additionally recognized the there to be “no sign of dementia in ~ this phase of his life,” adding that “it was totally alcohol poisoning.

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Anyhow the truth is, i lie about my drinking. Friend know, ns did it to myself, man. I did it come myself come cover increase the emptiness and the sadness. Cassidy had proclaimed to his family and also others that he had actually left increase drinking. On November 18, 2017, it asserted that Cassidy had actually hospitalized.

He was dealing with kidney and liver failure and critically ill in a median induced coma. He passed away from liver failure on November 21, 2017, in ~ the age of 67.