Net Worth:$820 Million
Born:February 18, 1965
Country the Origin:United says of America
Source of Wealth:Hip-Hop Producer/Entrepreneur
Last Updated:2021

As that 2021, Dr. Dre’s net worth is approximated to be $820 million, which provides him the third richest rapper in the world.

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Dr. Dre is an American rapper, producer, and entrepreneur. He began out as a producer for the rap team N.W.A in the ’80s, at some point going solo and also moving right into entrepreneurship.

He’s functioned with few of the best hip-hop artist of every time, and also sold his brand ‘Beats by Dr. Dre’ come Apple numerous years ago for $3 billion!

Early Life

Dr. Dre, real name Andre Romelle Young, was born on the 18th February 1965, in Compton, California.

His parental married in 1964, be separated in 1968, and also divorced in 1972. His mother later on remarried and also had 3 children: 2 sons Jerome and Tyree, who space both deceased, and one daughter, Shameka.

Dre at first attended Vanguard junior High college in Compton. However, as result of the rise in gang violence, he relocated to Roosevelt small High School, i beg your pardon was located in a more secure district.



In the mid 80’s, Dre was working at a regional club, night After Dark. Dre would DJ in ~ the club, after previously watching countless others perform there. The was right here that Dre met, DJ Yella, a future member that N.W.A.

The club had a tiny recording studio in a ago room, i m sorry was offered by Dre, and N.W.A to document some initial demos.

In 1986, N.W.A was formed, consists of other rappers ice cream Cube and also Eazy-E, and DJ Yella and also MC Ren. The group’s debut album, ‘Straight Outta Compton’, became a large success.

Dre left the group in the beforehand ’90s, after assorted disputes, and also decided to go solo. He released his first single in 1992 under fatality Row Records, started by Suge Knight. His debut solo album was titled ‘The Chronic’.

In 1996, Dre left death Row Records, founded results Entertainment, and released the album ‘Dr. Dre presents the Aftermath’.

Dre has functioned with the majority of the best artists in rap and also hip-hop. He’s end up being one the the richest rappers in the world, in spite of all the issues he’s faced, consisting of disputes, lawsuits, loss, and infringements.

As of 2021, Dr. Dre’s net worth is $820 million.


Here are several of the ideal highlights of Dr. Dre’s career:

Hustler of the Year, bet Hip Hop Awards (2014)Grammy Awards – ideal Rap Solo power (‘Let Me Ride’, 1994)Grammy Awards – ideal Rap performance By A Duo or team (‘Forgot around Dre’, 2001)MTV Music video clip Awards – finest Rap video (‘Keep their Heads Ringin’, 1995)MTV Music video Awards – ideal Rap video clip (‘Forgot about Dre’, 2000)Straight Outta Compton (2015)Beats through Dre was sold to Apple because that $3 exchange rate (2014)

Favorite Dr. Dre Quotes


“Everything in mine life has actually been about sound and making music, therefore Beats represents just that – the advancement of sound and also the dedication to whatever I’ve to be doing from the day i started.” – Dr. Dre


“When the ideas are coming, ns don’t protect against until the concepts stop due to the fact that that train doesn’t come follow me all the time.” – Dr. Dre


“You acquired to establish that as soon as I was two decades old, I had a house, a Mercedes, a Corvette and also a million dollars in the financial institution before I can buy alcohol legally.” – Dr. Dre


“People are always coming up to me, thinking I’ve gained some magic wand that deserve to make them a star and also I want to tell them the no one can do that. Making hit records is not that easy. However it take it me time come realize the myself.” – Dr. Dre

3 Success Lessons from Dr. Dre


Now you recognize all about Dr. Dre’s net worth, and how he achieved success; below are 3 success great we deserve to all discover from Dr. Dre:

1. The Money’s Gonna Come

Dr. Dre proclaimed that you shouldn’t it is in worried around the money. That’s not why you need to be fully committed to something. You have to do it because of the love you have for it.

If girlfriend make that ‘your why’, the money will come eventually. Don’t follow the money, chase your passion.

2. Things Change

Things are constantly changing. In fact, Dre’s initial score was simply to win. But, he’s said that several things readjust over the years, and your objectives start to shift.

You could want to make a keep in mind of that. Just due to the fact that something was her goal in the beginning, doesn’t typical you need to keep it the way. Your goals deserve to change. Your priorities deserve to change.

3. Get back to Work

Dre likewise said that out of his entire career, there’s only been a grand total of 2 weeks when he’s been the end of the studio.

Two weeks!

He has so lot love because that what the does the he’s always working, and also he doesn’t care about the distractions or the other tasks that friend are getting up to.

Do you want to win? Get ago to work.

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Dr. Dre has had incredible success in his career. He’s also had a many setbacks. The $3 billion Apple deal was the icing top top the cake for his career, and who knows what’s next for the doctor.