If you"ve never ever looked into the real-life story of Colonel Sanders, the original founder and owner of KFC, climate it"s basic to make think a happy story because that the look at lovable, white-bearded mascot. If the true tragic story affiliated a many failure together a businessman, he absolutely knew exactly how to chef chicken the so numerous love today. Native the headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky and also beyond, KFC has become an worldwide success.

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To resolve the most basic misconceptions bordering Colonel Harland Sanders, the wasn"t a military colonel — or even from Kentucky in ~ all. Born in Henryville, Indiana, his father died when that was just 6 years old, leaving him to treatment for his younger siblings. With the years he functioned as a farmer, a streetcar conductor, and also an insurance salesman (via Biography). By the time Sanders was 40, he had actually moved come Corbin, Kentucky where he owned a little gas station that increased into Sanders Cafe wherein he cooked and also sold fried chicken (via Entrepreneur).

Nine years after opened his cafe, the chicken ended up being so well-known that branch Ruby Laffoon called Sanders a Kentucky Colonel in 1935. Because that those who room unfamiliar, Kentucky Colonel is a title of honor that is regularly awarded come notable citizens by the state. In 1952, Colonel Sanders began franchising his restaurant and had more than 600 areas by 1964.

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Colonel Sanders sold the service in 1964 because that $2 million and also continued to collect a salary because that his work as the challenge of the brand. The company went public 2 years later and was provided on the brand-new York stock Exchange through 1969. In 1971, Heublein Inc. Gained KFC because that $285 million. The next time it to be sold, KFC went for roughly $840 million in 1984 to PepsiCo Inc.

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By the moment Colonel Sanders died in 1980, he was worth just $3.5 million (via CelebrityNetWorth). Though he tried come sue because that $122 million ~ KFC sold to Heublein Inc. In 1971, the was unsuccessful and worked out out of court for just $1 million. Today, the KFC brand is worth about $8.5 billion and also sees $26.2 exchange rate in sales as one of the world"s height 100 most valuable brands (via Forbes). If you"re wondering how much it expenses to open up a franchise location, you need at least $1.4 million to invest, so crunch some numbers before you dive into quick food for the finger-lickin" great profits.