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When it concerns seasoned veterans in NASCAR, Clint Bowyer is around as seasoned as they come. The 41-year-old Emporia, Kansas native right now drives because that Stewart-Haas racing in the No. 14 Ford Mustang. Before that, the drove the No. 15 Toyota Camry for Michael Waltrip Racing, and, before that, spent roughly six years with Richard Childress Racing.

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He’s constantly been great behind the wheel, however over the years, he’s evolved into a good NASCAR driver. He’s had actually a ton that action-packed years throughout his expert career together a full time driver, so let’s go over few of his achievements and find out just just how much the auto racer is precious (Hint: It’s a lot).

Clint Bowyer racing Career

Believe that or not, Clinton Edward Bowyer actually began out racing motocross at the early on age of 5 years old, before moving into auto racing. For the eight years that followed, he captured over 200 wins. The wasn’t till 1996 that he jumped right into racing street share at Thunderhill Speedway in Kansas. He stacked up 18 wins and also 32 top-five finishes.

In 2002, Bowyer started racing in the NASCAR Weekly Series, posting 9 polls, 12 wins, and also 32 top-five finishes. He at some point went top top to be crowned the NASCAR Weekly Racing series Midwest Champion. He made his an initial ARCA starts in 2003, and that’s when he first caught the eye of Richard Childress. ~ his second-place finish at Nashville Speedway, Richard referred to as Bowyer to market him a job. Thinking it was a joke, Bowyer hung increase on him. He received a call ago shortly after and also realized it to be real.

In 2004, he started racing in the Busch collection for the Richard athletic Racing team. He only drove in fifty percent of the races, yet he lugged in a pole position and also seven top-10 finishes. He perfect his an initial full Busch season in 2005, whereby he worked his means up to a 2nd place finish. During this year, they announced the Bowyer would be make his full-time debut in the Nextel Cup Series. He also won his very first Craftsman Truck collection race at Texas motor Speedway.

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Clint started his 2007 season v a last-lap crashing complete at Daytona. He perfect the gyeongju on the roof the his car. The did well v the points this season, yet really shined in 2008 when he became the NASCAR Nationwide series Champion. Because that the 2009 season, he mainly focused on the NASCAR sprint Cup Series. Although the pushed incredibly hard, he finished up the season with an all at once 15th location standing.Bowyer accomplished plenty transparent his career, however his many impactful racing was with RCR.

Clint has won over 200 races and numerous championships. Bowyer even started his very own racing team in 2008, and also it’s appeared to pay off huge for him. He’s additionally made appearances on famous television reflects such as Duck Dynasty and also Diners, Drive-ins, and also Dives. Additionally, he owns a vehicle dealership in his hometown called Clint Bowyer Autoplex.

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Clint Bowyer net Worth

Clint has actually a enormous estimated network worth the $40 million. It’s approximated that in between June 2018 and June 2019, the earned around $7 million alone. That’s not also shabby for simply one year!

Most that his resources of income are indigenous his yearly salary and also winnings. The net worth is just an clues of exactly how much job-related this man has actually put right into his career together a racer. Clint additionally does a ton that charity work. It’s always awesome to see human being who use their fortunes for good!

Life together a professional stock car racing driver isn’t easy, but if you’ve gained the talent, the drive, and also you deserve to land proof deals, you take it quite far. Ns think Clint Bowyer’s network worth is right about where it must be, considering everything he’s specialized to the sport. He’s not rather done yet, so we’ll check out what happens v him in the upcoming seasons.